Who Usually Sits at the Wedding Head Table?

Being at this table can be a fun thing for many people attending the wedding. This is because you get extra attention and treatment during the wedding. Of course, sitting at this table also comes with the pride of being close to the couple. We want to look at what is a head table so that you can see how to have one during your wedding.

What Is A Head Table

A head table can be described as a decorated wedding table where newlyweds sit and sometimes with other wedding VVIPs. They can include the wedding party, parents, and other special friends during a reception.

Some guides refer to this table as table number 1. It is normally placed strategically so the guests can tell it apart from the others. Also, it helps the other guests have a clear view of the newlyweds.

Who Sits At The Head Table

It is always up to you, the couple getting married, to decide who gets the honor of sitting with you at table number 1.

Many things often come into play when picking the person who sits at table number 1. The most common people that sit at the head table are newlyweds and honor attendants, including the best man and maid of honor. You can also include the entire wedding party or the immediate family members.

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Options for Wedding Head Tables

As already explained, various dynamics can determine who to include on the wedding table number 1. So, here are the top options to consider.

  • Newlyweds and honor attendants

This kind of setup means you have a table with the newlyweds, the maid of honor, and the best man. This option is about keeping someone you trust close to you to keep you comfortable on such a nerve-wracking day. The laughs help in ensuring you feel free and safe.

It is generally good etiquette to have such important people of the day close to you at table number 1.

  • Having the entire wedding party at table number 1

It can also be good if you get the entire wedding party to sit at table number 1. This is actually the most popular type of arrangement. So, it would be a great way to have everyone who helped make the day successful enjoy the food and table decorations at the high table.

Sometimes you can find the wedding party members also having plus ones. This might mean introducing more seats for them too. Do not forget the child attendants, such as the flower girls and the ring bearers.

If you want the children as part of table number 1, consult the parents to be okay with it.

  • Sweetheart table

The name should help you know what kind of setup you should have. This option means only you and your partner are sitting at this table. It will have seats on one side and face the guests in attendance.

It is not the most common choice, but it can be good for those who want an intimate wedding. You get to whisper to each other and watch how people came to support you during such an important day.

  • Newlyweds and immediate families

This type of setup can often be tricky. This is because sometimes you would have divorced parents, or the wedding party would feel left out.

No matter how others feel, you have to remember what is important for you during the wedding. If the divorced parents seem not to be on the same page, you can always change the seating arrangement.

It can be a fun arrangement because you at least get to enjoy the day with family members other than the wedding party. You might have already had too much time with the wedding party, and it is now time for the family members.

A wedding planner can often do a good job of ensuring there is plenty of decoration for the table to make it stand out.

Should You Get a Wedding Head Table?

It can be interesting to go to a wedding and find there is no table number 1. Well, we are yet to find a wedding without one.

That being said, there is no official rule claiming that there should be a head table at the wedding. However, if you decide not to have one, then it is okay.

A good example is when you have an intimate wedding with less than 30 guests. It is not a must to have table number 1 when you can sit around and have an intimate time with the newlyweds.

A large wedding is best connected with table number 1 or a sweetheart table. Do this, and you should feel that even the many guests attending the wedding feel like family to you.

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Pros and Cons of Having a Head Table

This table is a nice piece to have as part of the wedding setup. You should know that the setup will have some pros and cons. Here is what to know.


  • You will be sitting with people you love. This includes the whole wedding party and sometimes the family members. It is all about what you decide to be the seating arrangement.
  • You can honor the bridal party by having them at table number 1. This is because the table is used to show prominence when at a wedding.
  • If you have only a few guests for the wedding, a single big table can work as the lead table and probably the only decoration. This means that you can save on hiring more unnecessary tables.
  • Another reason would be that you can honor your parents too. This is when you decide to have the parents on table number 1. Having your parents feel good as part of the wedding is always good.


  • You might have a problem determining who has to sit at the table and who misses out. It is not always easy to make this decision.
  • You might not have alone time in most such setups. That is only possible if you decide to have a sweetheart table.


Considering how people love to set up their weddings, it is possible to say that the wedding head tables are here to stay. You can expect that people will always come up with new ways to have a table that stands out. Working with a great wedding planner can help determine who sits at the table and how to make it fun.


Do you need a head table at your wedding?

As much as it is not a must, we can only say that it would be a nice part of the wedding setup. No one would want his or her wedding to lack such an important piece.

Is there an alternative to table number 1?

Yes. We recommend you practice table swapping. This is where you can have rotating chairs per table so the newlyweds can move around the venue and mingle with other guests.

Where will parents and grandparents sit during the wedding?

It varies from one wedding to another, but they are likely to have their separate table. However, parents are sometimes welcome to sit at table number 1.

What do you put on a wedding table number 1?

This kind of table receives more decorations and is also unique to it. It can be the various centerpieces that help people understand it is reserved for only the VIPs of the wedding.

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