Where to Place Hanging Glass Tealight Holders

When you are looking to decorate your home, the chances are you may consider using candles. Candles alone will not do much as you also need the candle holders too. You are likely to get different types of candle holders depending on your choice of candles. This guide focuses more on tealight candles.

Tealight candles are quite good in terms of looking good in a space where you set them up. So, where best can you set them up? We look at possible areas where to set up hanging glass tealight holders to ensure good decoration in the room. Below are areas you are likely to find hanging tea light holders.


Having hanging glass tealight holders in a bedroom is familiar. People have often used their bedroom lights for reading before sleeping. Having tealight candle holders in the room makes sense.

There are multiple designs available in the market that you can use for bedroom applications. The aim is to have holders that can suit your needs better. We recommend getting wall-hanging holders so that it is easier to reach them when you have to turn off the light.

Another consideration is the hanging height. Start by sitting on the bed and find the height of your shoulders while seated. Install the tealight holders slightly above your shoulder height after sitting on the bed. You can find that most wall sconces for candles would be mounted 5’ above the ground.

Living Room

Mounting the hanging tea light holders in the living room is the most obvious place to do so. A company such as Sziqiqi features many designs of tealight holders you can use in the living room.

If you want to mount them in the living room, hanging them from the ceiling is the most popular option. You will need the right mounting gear to ensure the tealight holders do not come falling down.

As for the design, choose the tealight holders that already complement the decor in the space. It should be easy to get them and start the installation. Many people often find the installation easy, so it can be a great way of setting up the tealight holders.


Who would have thought to find hanging glass tealight holders in the kitchen? Yes, the kitchen needs proper brightness for cooking and other activities. However, sometimes you might be in the market for mood lighting in the kitchen too. For such a case, using the tealight holders would do a good job because such candles are good for glowing light.

So, where would you hang such candle holders in the kitchen? Consider hanging them from a ceiling or putting them on the wall. When you hang them on the wall, keep them 60 inches from the floor.

Dining Room

Now that you have decided to sit down for a meal as a family, it would be nice also to have hanging glass tealight holders. The work of such tealight holders ensures great lighting in the room for relaxation.

When people enter the dining room, they do not need to deal with bright light. You need a good light to provide for relaxation, and tealight candles can do that.

So, where would you hang the tealight candles? We recommend hanging them from the ceiling or wall, like in the other rooms mentioned above. Another option would be to place the tealight candles on the table itself.


Believe it or not, you will likely find hanging glass tealight holders in the bathroom. Anyone choosing a bathroom with hanging tea light holders wishes to create a romantic mood in the bathroom.

Some might be skeptical if hanging glass tealight holders would be a good idea to use in a bathroom. However, once you install the holders and add candles, you may find it convincing to keep using the hanging glass tealight holders.

Entryway And Hallway

Having the hanging glass tealight holders in the entryway and hallway is a good thing for the decoration of the house. Try to fix the hanging tea light holders out of the way so that people would easily go through the space.

If you decide to hang them on the wall rather than from the ceiling, consider installing the holders 72 inches from the floor. As for the horizontal spacing, they 6’ apart, so it does not look crowded in the space.

Ideas For Hanging Glass Tealight Holders

We have seen above that there are several places where you can have hanging glass tealight holders. With such glass tealight holders installed correctly, it becomes easier to enjoy tealight candle lighting. With that in mind, what are some of your options for glass tealight holders? Here are a few examples to consider.

Sziqiqi Stunning Star Glass Hanging Tea Light Holders

star hanging glass tealight holders
Source: sziqiqi.com

When looking to get hanging glass tealight holders, you are also hoping for something with a great design. This one is a Moroccan-style five-pointed star that makes it easy to work with different room decors. Since it has panels with different colors, it becomes easier to have a romantic addition to your home lighting.

The tealight holders have many applications, including home, wedding, garden yard, outdoor events, etc. Such versatility makes them good for buying now to enjoy them even more.

Sziqiqi 3.15inch Hanging Tea Light Holders With/Without LED

hanging tea light holders
Source: sziqiqi.com

One thing about hanging glass tealight holders is that they can come in different shapes and designs. This one is a creative but simple candle holder design. No one would want to have a boring design in their space. The good thing about the design is how it can work with different scenes. They include wedding decorations, Christmas decorations, and so much more.

These candle holders can work with and without LED candles. You can see that it will remain a versatile option always. The next DIY project for sprucing your living room or dining room with hanging glass tealight holders should be fun.

Sziqiqi Hanging Clear Glass Angel Candle Holders

angel hanging glass tealight holders
Source: sziqiqi.com

You will also like the angel hanging glass tealight holders. These hanging tea light holders help show that anything is possible. It is just among the many hanging glass tealight holders the brand makes.

You will not have to worry about its use because it will work great for both Christmas trees and home decorations. Others would find such a design good for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

Even though these candle holders are hand-blown, it is amazing just how they would deliver good looks. Also, they come with different uses other than holding candles. You can use them for storing ornaments or even small cobbles.

The tealight candle holders come with hemp rope vital for hanging them. This ensures you have everything to hang the glass tealight holders in different spaces.


You can now see hanging glass tealight holders is not a problem. Go ahead and set them up in any room you like. The hanging tea light holders would play an important role in making the tealight candles shine better in a room. Another reason is that they are versatile in what they can hold. So, you can always add a lot more things to the tealight holders other than candles. A good option would be flowers or cobbles for more decorations.

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