Where Do You Hang Modern Candle Wall Sconces

You just acquired a new house, and you are ready to come up with some of the best interior designs. It can also include exterior design too. During the staging or settling in the house, you decide to incorporate modern candle wall sconces. As much as you have seen others with no candles, the wall sconces can still look good with candles.

So, what would be the best place to hang modern candle wall sconces? That is what we discuss below so that you correctly hang your candle wall sconces.

Living Room

People love spacious living rooms. This might mean using more modern candle wall sconces to ensure the space is evenly lit. But, of course, it still depends on the lighting goal you are trying to achieve.

modern candle wall sconces for home decor

Wall sconces are best installed slightly above the eye line. This is vital to ensure there is proper lighting while also improving aesthetics. However, you do not want the wall sconces to be too high or too low; we recommend installing the modern candle wall sconces between 60 to 72 inches from the floor.

The ceiling height can also be another consideration for your installation height. For example, let us say you have vaulted ceilings, then install the candle wall sconces at 66 to 72 inches from the floor.

Some people like installing these candle sconces higher; however, we recommend you also look at window frame height. Do not install the lights as high as the window frame, as sometimes it does not always look good.

What about the spacing? Experts recommend installing the wall sconces 6 feet apart. If you have a lot more space to cover, 8 to 10 feet of spacing should be good enough.

Still, keep the wall sconces 6 inches from the window and door frames.

In case you have a fireplace in the living room, it can also be the best place to install the modern candle wall sconces. Install the modern candle wall sconces over the fireplace. Most of the time, they will work as decorative pieces rather than for living purposes.

Considering it can be a focal point in the living room, make sure it still looks good. You may have to consider going through different designs and styles.


The kitchen space works quite well with the modern candle wall scones. You are likely to see people installing directional wall scones above the window frames. This can be quite interesting to see, but it might not be ideal for candle wall scones.

It might be necessary to install the candle wall scones lower, just as you would do with the living setup. Only install the wall scones above the frames if it is the plugged-in wall scone.

We recommend installing the modern candle wall scones around 60 inches from the floor. You can also consider 24 inches from the countertop, depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Maximize the space that would be between cabinets for installing the wall scones. Just make sure they are not in the way of opening your cabinets.


Some people just love nighttime reading in their beds. If you are that kind of a person, get modern candle wall sconces too.

Of course, they can be the best way to create a romantic scene in the bedroom and have a good time too in the evening. This would only happen when you can also install the wall sconces correctly.

Installing the sconce candle holders is a bit different from the other rooms. First, you would want them a bit on the lower side.

We like to have the wall sconce candle holders a couple of inches from the bed frame. Ten inches from your bed frame is often encouraged.

What about the height from the floor? Sixty inches can work for most rooms, but you can also install a few inches higher than your eye line when sitting on the bed. This allows you to get enough light for reading once you turn off the other lights.


Bathrooms are one place you will always find modern candle wall sconces completing the look of such spaces. If you can find the right design of wall sconces, then you can like the final look always.

So, what are the rules for installing such wall sconces in a bathroom?

If you want to flank your mirror, install the two wall sconces at 60 to 65 inches from the floor on each side of the mirror. The idea is always to have the light source to be slightly above eye level so that the mirror would be correctly lit.

In a bathroom, the lighting should always be perfect to avoid face shadows. If you want to use the modern candle wall sconces to light the mirror for makeup, then shadows are not what you want.

What if your partner is taller or shorter? For such a scenario, you can consider splitting the height difference or having them work with the standard installation height described above.

How about when you have to install the candle wall sconce above the mirror? For this part, installing it 75 to 80 inches from the floor is good enough. Also, it can depend on the mirror size and how it is installed. Keep it 6 inches above the mirror to also have better lighting in the mirror.

Above Built-in Spaces

modern candle wall sconces set

There will always be more spaces where you can hang the modern candle wall sconces. One of such space is above the built-ins in an office or study in the house. Make sure to use well-designed sconces to make the whole space look good.

You can install 6 inches above the built-in unit if the space allows it. We recommend a lantern type to protect the surrounding unit from the candle wax.


Lighting the stairways can take different routes to ensure that you always have an easier time going up and down the stairs.

It is often simple to light the stairs with wall sconces. You can have one at the first landing of the stairway and another as you reach the second set of stairs. It depends on how much space you have to handle the wall sconces.


We cannot forget about the entryway too. Just like other spaces mentioned above, we still recommend installing the wall sconces at 60 to 72 inches from the finished floor.

Depending on the layout of the entryway, you have to install multiple modern candle wall sconces in such a space. Keep the spacing between the modern candle wall sconces at 6 feet apart. Following the six-foot rule is not a must, but it helps create a better and neat look once you light the candles.

Since it is the entryway, you should also mind the door. Do not install it in the space the door goes through as you open it.

modern candle wall sconces with tealight candles


So far, we have tried to help you see how best to install modern candle wall sconces in different spaces. As much as we mentioned the height at which you are supposed to install the wall sconces, sometimes it can vary from one space to another. It often depends on the look you want to achieve and use for it too.

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