What’s the Best Month to Get Married?

When you set up a date to get married, the month and weather will be among the most popular considerations you make. For some reason, there are months more popular for weddings than others. We want to see which months are best known for weddings and which are also the least favorite. We also help you understand what to consider when choosing the right date or month for your wedding.

Popular Months to Get Married

  1. October

You will find October the most popular choice for couples compared to the other months. People also like to choose dates 7, 14, and 21 in October for their weddings. Some associate such dates with luck. This can be quite interesting to see how it unfolds for many people.

The fall theme is expected to be quite popular for such a month. Of course, you can always do a different theme to make the wedding stand out.

Whichever theme you go for, you will like the crisp air and cozy vibe of the month. Of course, during such a period, many photo ops present themselves. We all know weddings are all about the best photos. Even table decorations or any other wedding centerpieces can be easy to find.

  1. September

It seems couples enjoy fall weddings. It turns out that around 36% of couples get married during this period, which is why September is now on the list. You would get at least 15% of couples looking to get united will consider September, but why?

September is a month that has a fall feeling and still good weather to keep you feeling warm rather than chilly. In most parts of the country, September weather would be perfect as it is not too hot or too cold.

  1. June

Many people would enjoy the relaxation and vacation plans that come with summer. So, it should not be surprising to see many couples get married during June also.

Around 13 percent of couples who settle on summer for their weddings consider June compared to the other months.

But why June? Well, June stands out for having milder temperatures, but not too hot compared to July and August. So, you will like the clear skies, warm temperatures, and still the vacation mode that comes with the month.

  1. May

Springtime is also known for being a romantic season for couples. You will also come across many flowers blooming this month rather than during the rainy season, which is common in April. Having many flowers blooming can also mean spending less on the flowers.

Warm weather and just feeling revived are other reasons for getting married in May. This month at some point, was the number one spot for being the most popular month to get married. Even though it is now at number 4, it is still good if you consider it first.

May is also the month that kicks off the wedding season. The wedding season goes up to the end of October.

You may have to pay more during this season for a wedding venue. Of course, many people are looking to have their weddings, so venues increase their prices.

  1. August

The 2020 WeddingWire report found that 10 percent of couples would have their wedding in August. For such a figure, we find August to be the fifth most popular month to get a wedding done.

August is also time for vacations, especially for students and those working in the education sector. You can now have a lot more people free to attend the wedding without a problem.

As much as August is a warm month, you should consider the right dates. Choosing the dates towards the end of August can potentially lead to hurricane season, especially on the East Coast. As you can see, a few risks are involved for those living on that side.

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Least Popular Months for a Wedding

You must be thinking to yourself, which are now the least popular wedding months?

The answer is December, February, and January. These months are at the bottom of considerations for many people.

They are not commonly considered for weddings because of the low temperatures and increased snowing chances. It is common for couples to shy away from such cold weather and just wait for the warm months ahead.

However, this could also be the right time for those on a budget. Because of the low demand, you will find vendors offering many discounts on the venues, decorations, catering, and more. Nevertheless, you should consider your guest and find out if they will be happy about attending a wedding during the colder months.

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How to Choose the Right Date to Get Married

Now that we have settled on which months would be good for a wedding, the next thing is to settle on a date. Here is how to do it:

  • Consider the weather seriously

Of course, the weather can often determine if you will enjoy the wedding or not. Months such as September, October, and June are the most preferred because they will have favorable weather for a wedding. Records show that this is likely to repeat itself each year, thus the reason most people would consider these months.

  • Off-season dates might be good, but with a few downsides

If you are going to try and save on your wedding, then getting married off-season might be it. This is mostly from January to March. It is possible to save a lot more since wedding venues are low on demand.

Even though you get great deals on wedding venues, also consider the sacrifices you have to make. An example is finding your favorite wedding flowers. It might not be so easy for a florist to get the flowers you need. So, it can also get expensive again to find flowers when you aimed to save.

  • Consider symbolic dates

You do not just get married for the sake of it. There is the need to find the right date with symbolism to your relationship. It could be the month you met, or something grand happened to you as a couple to make it memorable.

Since weddings are supposed to be romantic and exciting, choose an event that made things better for your relationship.

  • How does a holiday wedding sound?

Some might prefer a holiday wedding as it helps them celebrate with friends and family. This is because they would be at home and can easily attend the wedding. An example is the Christmas season which often has so much love in the air.

Nevertheless, not all holidays are meant for weddings. A good example is Halloween. You may have to get a Halloween-themed wedding, which is not always the norm.

  • Check local events

Local wedding locations can also be used for local events other than weddings. So, check the calendar to ensure you do not have the wedding coinciding with other major events, including festivals, graduations, and sporting events. They can likely affect the availability and price of hiring the venue for your wedding.


You should now have the right information about the best months to get married. You can consider researching the different months and settle for those that will make your wedding fun and enjoyable. Different people want different things. So, do not be afraid to consider the off-season too. At least you get to save more on not spending so much on the wedding venue. Whatever you decide, make sure you are looking to have a good time.

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