What to Put In a Vase With Decorative Flower

There’s no denying that artificial decorative flower looks great, but they can feel relatively lackluster without something to fill out the vase and liven up the arrangement. So whether you’re putting together an exhibition to celebrate an event or want something to spruce up your home decor, there are tons of awesome things to put in a vase with the decorative flower to make the most of them. In this article, you will deeply read about these things.

Why Need Vase Fillers?

They Bring Color To Your Home

Vases are a great way to bring color into your home, but they are different. There are many different shapes and sizes of vases, which can affect the look and feel of your space. Plus, the type of decorative flower you put in them matters too! So what should you do? Get some vase fillers. Choose from traditional green or purple urns to more modern gold cylinders with subtle patterns.

They Help Fill Empty Spaces

Vases are great to use independently, but they’re only sometimes enough. They don’t take up much space in your home, so filling an empty vase with a single decorative flower or decoration can be easy. But sometimes, you need something to fill the area around your vase and make it look like you have more flowers. That’s where vase fillers come in handy! They can also help add height and depth to a decorative flower arrangement that looks too flat.

They Can Be Used For Gifts

One of the best ways to use vase fillers is to give them away as gifts. When you give a gift, you want to make it unique and memorable. A vase filler will be something your friend or loved one can put in their home and enjoy for years. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference! Whether Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or any other day of the year, they have a perfect gift idea for you.

white stone as vase filler for plants

Creative Filler for Fake Decorative Flower


Beads are one of the simplest things you can add to a vase. They’re colorful, look good with any color decorative flower, and fit in most vases. As I did here, you can buy beads or put them on wire stems. To make it easy, just run the wire stem through the hole of your bead and then twist it tight with pliers.

If your wire has a loop at the end, thread the two ends together and tie them off with an overhand knot. Then cut off any excess from both sides of the knot. Now let’s get started!


Pebbles for plants vase filler

Pebbles are often overlooked, but they’re great for filling up space in the vase. They can also weigh down the stem and make it more stable, preventing it from tipping over. Pebbles come in all different colors and sizes, so you can find one that matches your décor!

If the color of your stones clashes with what’s in the vase, don’t worry- there are plenty of ways to cover them up without making everything look sloppy. One way is by tying some string around them or layering it with other materials like stones or sand.


fill decorative flower vase with water

Adding water is the essential thing you should do when arranging the decorative flower. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the flowers, or it can damage them. Plus, ensure you put only a little water in the vase because this will cause water droplets on your table and carpet.

Please fill the vase with enough cold or room temperature water so that it reaches about halfway up the stems of your decorative flower but doesn’t go over them.


Soil is the most crucial aspect of any arrangement. You can buy pre-mixed floral soil or make your own by mixing potting soil and peat moss together. The proportions depend on the type of flower you are using, but for most arrangements, one part potting soil and one part peat moss should do the trick. Add in some perlite or vermiculite if you want to add more drainage or if your mixture is too dense.

Water it down with water brought to room temperature before adding it to your vase. A little bit goes a long way with this mix, so be sure not to overwater!

decorative flower and planter

Potting Mix

Potting soil is typically used for planting live plants, but you can use it to fill your vase with a decorative flower. A layer of potting soil will help keep the base of the stem moist, ensuring that it stays fresh for as long as possible. You should also add gravel or pebbles at the bottom of your vase so that water doesn’t collect and rot the roots.

Finally, you can put your decorative flower into one of these pretty decorative flower containers and then place them on a table or shelf. The container can be ceramic, plastic, glass, or any other material you prefer.


Moss is one of the most popular items for faux flowers. It can be used as an accent or filler and comes in many different colors. Moss can also be pre-made if you are not looking to pick up moss at your local home improvement store. Moss will help your decorative flower bouquet have a more natural look and feel, but you must take care of it properly.

When filling the vase with water, ensure you do not submerge any part of the moss. If there is too much moisture in the vase, you may need to remove some from time to time.

Wooden Sticks

wooden sticks for table decoration

You’ll want something to put in the vases with your decorative flower. Wooden sticks are great because they’re all-natural and won’t leave any residue on your fake flowers. Plus, you can keep them for future use! Make sure they’re short, though. If they are, tape or glue down the bottom, so it doesn’t poke out of the top of your vase.

Don’t worry about their color; pick ones that suit your needs. Some people like to tie these sticks together in bundles before inserting them into the vase. But I prefer to add them individually since I have tiny fingers.

Floral Foam

Floral foam is the easiest way to make your fake flowers look more realistic. All you have to do is cut the foam into small pieces, put them at the bottom of your vase, and then arrange your flowers on top. This will help keep all your petals in place, making it look like they’re floating on water! It also helps keep any dust or bugs out of your arrangement. Plus, this type of foam also has a little fragrance to freshen up the smell.


If you’re wondering what to put in a vase with the decorative flower, look no further than these things! You can choose one or two or use them all if you like! After that, what feels suitable for your space and style is up to you. These inexpensive options are fun and functional, adding life and interest to your home decor without reaching into your wallet. Best of all, they won’t wilt like real flowers and will last until you remove them.

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