What To Do If Your Taper Candle Holder Is Too Big

Is your taper candle holder larger than the candles you intended to use? In such instances, it is natural to feel concerned or uncertain about how to proceed. Don’t lose heart! This article will give you solutions and offer fantastic ideas on how to address this issue.

These approaches range from utilizing specialized candle reducers to undertaking DIY solutions. Furthermore, we will consider candle holders with inserts or adjustable grips. Not just that, we will put light on decorative fillers that can help fill the extra space. They will also add an appealing element to your candle arrangement.

By the end of this blog, you will have a clear understanding of the methods used to tackle big taper candle stands. With these solutions, you can create an enchanting atmosphere using your candle holder.

So, let us begin without any ado!

Use Candle Adapters or Reducers

Adapters or reducers serve as a simple yet effective solution to fix a taper candle holder that is too big. These handy accessories are designed to accommodate different candle sizes. Also, they allow you to resize your candle stand.

To use candle reducers, identify the appropriate size needed for your holder. These are available at craft stores or online shops with deals in candle accessories.

Once you have the adapter or reducer, insert it into the candle holder’s opening. The adapter or reducer narrows the diameter of the opening. This will create a snug fit for your taper candle. With this accessory, you can position your taper candle inside the holder.

DIY Solution: Double Up on Candles

In situations where a taper candle holder proves to be too large, a DIY solution can also help. All you need to do is double up on candles. This creative approach allows you to change the size of the candles. Also, it makes them fit within the larger candle stand.

To begin, gather two candles of the desired color and size. Next, take a non-flammable adhesive or a wax seal. Then affix the bases of the two candles together. This binding process increases the combined diameter of the candles. This fills the excess space within the taper candle holder.

Ensure that the candles are attached to each other. This will prevent any instability or risk of toppling over. Furthermore, it’s important to focus on safety when employing this DIY solution. This way, you can transform an oversized holder into a suitable display piece.

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Explore Taper Candle Holder with Insert

Look for a taper candle holder that comes with inserts or removable fittings. These versatile holders are designed to accommodate various candle sizes. Look for options that offer different-sized inserts to fit your taper candles. These inserts can be easily adjusted according to the specific candle size. With the right insert in place, you can ensure a secure fit as well as cut any concerns about wobbling.

By investing in such a holder, you can use it for a range of candle sizes. This will eliminate the need to buy multiple holders and save you money. Whether you’re using slim or wider tapers, a candle holder with inserts can be beneficial.

Create a Decorative Filler

This approach not only addresses the issue of size mismatch but also adds aesthetics. To create a decorative filler, use materials such as sand, pebbles, and colorful beads. These filler options occupy the extra space within the taper candle holder.

Start by placing a layer of the chosen filler material at the bottom of the candle holder. You can experiment with different textures and colors to get the desired look. Ensure that the fillers are non-combustible and won’t interfere with the candle’s flame. This technique allows you to use the oversized candle holder creatively and stylishly. This method doesn’t take you much time!

Consider Candle Holders with Adjustable Grips

Considering candle holders with adjustable grips can be a practical and convenient solution. The movable parts of these holders can be adjusted to fit different candle sizes. Before buying this type of candle holder, identify the size of your taper candles. Then, find a stand that offers adjustable features such as movable arms or clamps. Place the taper candle into the holder and adjust the grips while utilizing it.

Candle holders with adjustable grips can be used for various candle sizes. This eliminates the need for many holders.

In Final Words

By considering these ideas, you can overcome the challenge of a big taper candle holder. Also, if you are on the hunt for high-quality candle stands- Sziqiqi is the right place to visit. From sleek and modern designs to intricate pieces, they offer a wide range of options. Let their exquisite designs inspire you to create gorgeous candle arrangements. 

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