What Should You Consider in Decoration Piece for Centerpiece

Having a decoration piece and centerpiece is quite common, especially if you are hosting an event. It could be a small party of close friends or a wedding too. The idea is to get it right with your table decoration, plus any other centerpiece you might want to add.

So, what would make you choose one decoration piece over the other? We look at the main considerations to keep in mind for handling decoration piece and other related centerpieces.

The Guests Attending

Understanding what your guests might like at an event would drive you to choose the right decoration piece.

If these are people you have interacted with before, then you would know what to put on the table as a decoration.

Some guests might be allergic to pollen. In such a case, use flowers low in pollen or stick to a lot of foliage. In case you know someone is allergic to a certain flower, stop using it as part of the decoration.

What if you have not met them before? What would be the best choice for decorating the table?

One thing about decorations is that you can make them general rather than specific to your guests, and they will still look nice. Working with an event organizer who has experience setting up tables for people they have not met is another way to go about it.

Weather And Environment

The weather and overall climate of an area can easily determine how long the flowers may last.

As much as you do not have to use flowers alone, a windy place would also affect candles which can be part of the decoration. Check the weather to understand which decoration would do well in such a place.

Roses are a good example of flowers that can do well in various environments. They are hardy and would remain good for longer than options such as hydrangeas. This one can wilt within a few hours and become useless if not handled properly.

Lighting Conditions

candle lighting for decoration piece table centerpiece

Setting up a decoration piece can also be based on the lighting conditions where you want to hold the event.

Let us say you have to work with a dimly lit area; then candles can be a good addition. It can be flameless or any other type of candle you like. Still, add some foliage as part of the arrangement to avoid making it about candles alone.

Adding color to lowly-lit areas is also advised. This is because it brightens the area without using too many light sources.

How about when there is plenty of light? Sometimes it can be an outdoor event when the sun is out or an evening event with enough lighting in an area. For such, using fewer bright tropical flowers is better. Adding too much color to an already bright space is not ideal.

Table Capacity and Size

Another key consideration is the table size and capacity. Based on the size, sometimes using too many decorations is not recommended. You want to have more space where people can be served or place their items. That is why not all large decorations are recommended.

A small table will always feel crowded when you have many decorations on it. Let us assume it is a wedding; then you have to leave space for place cards, water pitchers, and more.

If you think going small is not ideal, try using a small rose bouquet on a small table. You might be surprised by how it remains to look elegant without necessarily making it too big.

Table Shape

Believe it or not, how the table is shaped can be a big consideration for the decoration piece. It can be interesting to see how you would handle scenarios where the tables have different shapes in the same venue.

For round tables, the decoration piece should also be round. This allows the guests to have a better look at them from all angles.

As for square tables, they can work with either round or square decorations. You want to place it in a position that allows the guests to talk to each other while seated at the same table.

Rectangular and oval shapes for tables can take on different shapes of decorations. For a long rectangular table, consider using bouquets of different heights to create a pleasing effect. You also have room to play around with color.

The decoration piece vase’s shape would also help determine the shape of your bouquet. So, choose carefully and arrange correctly to end up with a good look on the table.

Venue Limitations

flower decoration piece for table

Sometimes, venues might have restrictions and rules on how you can decorate a table. Before deciding on your decoration piece, consult with the venue managers to understand if there are any rules to follow.

Some venues may have restrictions on open flames, common allergens, or breakable glass. It makes sense to have lanterns to cover your candles to avoid the risk of starting a fire or use flowers with fewer to no allergens. It is vital to stick to the rules while at the same time coming up with good decoration.

Take the time to review the limitations to avoid any last-minute problems with the venue managers.

Event Type

Sometimes, an event can determine how you can set up the decoration. A good example is how you set up a decoration for a wedding is not the same as for a birthday party. As such, know your event first.

Weddings and anniversaries are known to utilize flowers more compared to other types of events. You could use white flowers for a wedding to show timeless love. It would be weird to have black flowers at a wedding.

Celebrations such as birthdays and graduations are more colorful and fun than flowers. You may add a few flowers here and there, but making sure there is plenty of celebratory colors is better.

The decoration piece takes a different turn in a sad event, such as a funeral. At this point, you have to show seriousness which might mean using simple flowers and darker tones for jewels. Use a simple and plain glass vase for the flowers and avoid over-decorating with colorful effects.

Number of Tables

The number of tables at the event may also determine how you set up the decoration piece. One thing about having more tables to work with is that you can have variety in terms of decoration.

In case you have less than 10 tables to decorate, sticking to one style can often be enough.

Having more than 10 tables can allow you to do more styles. However, ensure the styles blend into each other. This is key for a good overall look, even if you want more styling in one event.

Your Budget

One thing about the number of tables is that they can also determine your budget. If you must have to add a decoration piece for each table, then you may spend more.

Having a flexible budget would be important in ensuring you can still have good decorations that guests love. Not to worry, as you can always have something with a small budget too. It all comes down to the creativity you can put into the decorations.

hurricane decoration piece


Right now, you have an idea of what you should consider in a decoration piece for the centerpiece. Work with your budget to realize a good decoration that will give you value for money. If you are ever stuck, consider doing more research on table decoration or working with someone with experience in the niche.

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