What Is Your Groom Thinking About on the Wedding Day?

The wedding planning process can be pretty stressful, but it can also be stressful differently if you’re the groom. In this article, you will learn about every groom thinking during the wedding planning process.

Groom Thinking No.1: I love my fiancée so much

The prospect of marriage is terrifying for a lot of people. I know it was for me. However, now that I am officially married, my thoughts are more like how lucky I am to have such an amazing woman as my wife and how grateful I am to have someone to share everything with.

Groom Thinking No.2: My future wife is amazing

My future wife is so understanding and patient with me. Even though we’ve been engaged for months, she still wants to hear about all of my ideas for the wedding- including some half-baked ones I just thought of moments ago. She encourages me to explore all options before I decide what things are more important to me than others. Because of her, I feel like my opinion matters in this process. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it in the end because she loves me no matter what.

Groom Thinking No.3: I can’t wait to marry her

We’ve both waited a long time for this moment. As soon as I proposed and she said yes, it felt like all my worries had just disappeared, and I knew everything was going to be okay. My mind is racing with plans for our future together. We’ll live in a beautiful home. We’ll have kids and start a family. Living the rest of my life without her makes me shudder, but it won’t happen because she will be by my side until we are old and gray.

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Groom Thinking No.4: She will look perfect on our wedding day

I get lost in wedding dress websites and daydream about what she will look like on our big day. The process has been stressful and even discouraging at times, but it’s something I will have with her forever. Even if we are just married for a year or two, it’s still worth every bit of work and all of the emotions we are feeling to make this dream come true. I understand they’re just looking out for me, but it’s exhausting. It’s hard to find ways to please the bride without having her fiancé try to please his entire family. So as much as he likes them all, he’s finally come to terms with the fact that he needs to start picking battles to save himself from a breakdown before the wedding day.

Groom Thinking No.5: We have so much planning to do

We have so much planning to do! I was so excited when my fiancé told me she had an idea of what she wanted. Then, everything became a reality, and I realized there was way more involved than I initially thought. I’ve learned that it’s okay if you don’t love every decision you make along the way. You can get through anything if you have your partner in crime with you.

The best advice I could give any soon-to-be groom?

Make sure you cherish every moment of this process because it goes by fast. Remember why you got engaged in the first place. Engagement is all about two people coming together as one and having their future intertwined. And never forget how blessed you are to have found someone who completes you like they were always meant to be yours. For some reason, I feel like my friends and family members think they know better than us regarding weddings.

Groom Thinking No.6: Our budget needs to be bigger than I anticipated

Don’t be surprised if you start planning your wedding and realize that you want a bigger budget than you originally intended. You’re no longer just celebrating your marriage; now, it’s become an event. There are many things you might want to do or provide for your guests who have committed to celebrating with you on this joyous occasion. Also don’t hesitate to invest in centerpieces as will set the tone of your ceremony. It can be hard to break from your original vision of what you wanted the day to look like but don’t feel pressured into doing something simply because others think it should happen.

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Groom Thinking No.7: Who are these people in my life who are helping with our wedding?

This may seem minor, but my friends and family members have become very protective of me now that they know I’m getting married. When I say that I have to wear this or that, they are quick to offer their opinion, usually negative. Just because I’m opening up my life to one person doesn’t mean everyone else gets a vote on how we should spend our time together.

Groom Thinking No.8: OMG, there are so many decisions to make

The dress, the menu, what people to invite. There are so many decisions to make, enough to drive a man crazy! I’m glad I have my beautiful bride-to-be to help me along the way. I’m going to enjoy this process and not sweat the small stuff – like how much will all of this cost?!

The rehearsal dinner is also vital for everyone to get together before the big day. We also need time for our friends and family to catch up. After not seeing them for months, it’ll be a blast to see them in one place. With that said, the last thing we want is an awkward silence at our wedding.

Groom Thinking No.9: How am I going to be able to afford this?

Doing your research before you start wedding planning is crucial to saving money in the long run. Figure out what type of ceremony and reception you want, what’s most important to you, and how much time and energy you want to put into planning it all. It might be tempting to say yes right away when vendors are asking for proposals but don’t make any hasty decisions without considering all of your options first.

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Groom Thinking No.10: Am I going to get all my friends together in one place simultaneously?

For many guys, it’s hard to get everybody together and make plans. You might find yourself emailing back and forth, trying to coordinate times when you’ll all be accessible at once, or perhaps sending a few people on vacation while other individuals are getting married. The wedding is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with some long-lost friends or meet some new ones!

Groom Thinking No.11: What should we do after the ceremony?

It can be challenging to track where your party members are during the reception, so having them all before can also feel overwhelming. Let’s take the pressure off by making sure that there’s something for everyone. If everyone loves dancing, set up an area for dancing and provide another space for those who prefer talking or enjoying food. If you give them options, people will easily find what they want to do.

Groom Thinking No.12: What kind of questions should I ask myself when hiring vendors?

When hiring a vendor, you need to ask yourself if they have the knowledge and expertise to do what you want. If they can’t provide an adequate explanation of their work, if they don’t have an understanding of what you’re looking for, or if they make assumptions about what you want without consulting with you first, then that’s usually a sign that things are not going to go well.

It would help if you also were sure to look at previous examples of their work before hiring them. If they can’t show you any examples of something similar to what you’re trying to achieve, then there is no way they will be able to help your event come together as beautifully as it needs to be.

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