What Is Glass And Metal Hurricane Candle Holder

Our glass and metal hurricane candle holders are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large variants. They hold pillar candles firmly, which are battery-powered flameless varieties or real wax. Most variants are cylindrical, while others have contemporary square edges.

This guide will discuss what hurricane candle holders are and why you should consider them when trying to spice up your home décor appeal.

Why Are They Known As Hurricane Candle Holders

Glass and metal hurricane candle holders achieve their name because they can easily prevent a candle flame from going off due to external factors such as wind/breeze. Their shape also resembles a hurricane, which can also be a name attribute.

Many sources indicate that these candle holders emanated from India. It was during Britain’s rule in the country. Back then, during the 18th century, they were known as candle shades.

You’re probably now wondering how to use glass and metal hurricane candle holders. But worry not, as we will show you exactly how to do that below. But before that, here’s a video you can watch to get a better understanding.

Source: Peppermint and Tobacco

How to Use Hurricane Candle Holders

Imagine a candle sitting on your dining table without the holder. Not only does it look less presentable, but it can also go off at any time. In addition, it won’t burn evenly due to external pressure.

Therefore, to use a candle holder like this one, you only need to place it over the candle if it has no base. But if it has a base, you must insert it inside the hurricane candle holder.

You can use glass and metal hurricane candle holders in all types of situations within your home. The option to use or not to use scented candles inside your hurricane candle holders is yours. 

However, our opinion is that they may compete with other scents in your home, thus, defeating their purpose. It is especially the case when using it on your dining table. In addition, a scented candle can mix with your food’s aroma, which may not be quite pleasing to you, especially as a purist. Meanwhile, here are some glass and metal hurricane candle holder ideas that could inspire you. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use hurricane candle holders: 

  • Melt individual candle’s base till wax starts to trickle.
  • Let the wax trickle into the candle holder. 
  • Keep it in position until the wax cools and solidifies, which should take a handful of seconds. 
  • To help ensure the candles are in place, lightly shake each one.

Now, here’s what you should look out for when using a hurricane candle holder in your home: 

  • Never leave it unattended, even if they’re safer than using candles on their own. Pets or children can still topple it over the surface and lead to a disaster. 
  • Always make sure that the candle fits perfectly inside the holder. This will ensure stability and reduce the risk of it toppling. 
  • For cleaning and removal of wax from your candle holder, you can use liquid dish detergent and some hot water. 
  • Take care of pets and children around the candle holder. They don’t blend very well and could be potential hazards. 
  • When lighting a candle for the initial time, burn it for an adequate time to produce a puddle of wax that fills the majority of the candle’s circumference. The candle will blaze more consistently and last longer.
  • Light the candles ahead of a meal or gathering so they will burn more rapidly and readily once you are prepared to utilize them.

How To Choose Glass And Metal Hurricane Candle Holders

Metal and Glass Hurricane Candlestick Holders

Open Or Closed Base

Some glass and metal hurricane candle holders have open tops and bottoms, cylinders you can place on top of your candle. Others have a closed base and an open top. Whichever choice you make, it’s both practical and decorative.

You don’t have to worry about your candle going off on a breezy patio table. Also, if you choose a hurricane candle holder with a conventional base, you can lift it off the table and take it to wherever you want around the house. Talk about convenience. And this is a feature that you might be interested in when selecting a glass and metal hurricane candle holder.

Type Of Bottom

Another important feature that will improve your usage with a glass and metal hurricane candle holder is if it has a felt bottom. It will prevent any form of scratching that might destroy your surfaces. However, you need to be cautious not to pick an option that might distort the appearance of your beautiful home surfaces.


For the size, it all depends on what appeal you love. Some people fancy very big candle holders, which just add a dramatic effect to the room. Others would prefer a more subtle and less-shouting candle holder, which would mean a smaller version. So it is often subject to different tastes and preferences. But remember that you also need to refer to the size of the candles you have. You want it to fit perfectly without looking like it’s bigger than the candle holder.


In terms of design, there are several available. But, again, this is subject to people’s tastes and preferences. Some might go for a vintage or antique look, while others will opt for a more modern design that goes with the times.

You can also go for a design and color that matches the appearance of your house. Different materials can make up the base of the glass and metal hurricane candle holder. Marble and brass are the more popular variants that you’ll find. They are heavy and add to the stability of the holder.

Glass designs for hurricane candle holders also vary, with some having ripple effects added to them. Again, the designs are many, and you can choose the one that pleases you and integrates with your home design.

The design will also depend on where you want to use the glass and metal hurricane candle holder. For instance, it would be best to use a crystal-edged design for your dining table, as it would stand out most in such a space.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Glass And Metal Hurricane Candle Holders

You can add hurricane candle holders to any room inside your home. They not only add to the beauty of the space as a decorative feature but also help to prevent the effect of winds and breezes on the operation of the candles. 

There are many benefits of using hurricane candle holders compared to the disadvantages.


  • They have a therapeutic effect on the environment they’re in.
  • Help to support candles to avoid disasters/accidents such as fires.
  • Prevents the candle from going off due to winds or breezes.
  • Adds to the appeal of the house/space.
  • Adds height to candles.
  • They have multi-purpose applications around the house.
  • Different lighting effects and ambience to the environment. 


  • Some are a bit costly.
  • Glasses may break if not handled well.

As you’ve seen, the advantages of using hurricane candle holders far outweigh the disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

As you make a buying decision to get a glass and metal hurricane candle holder, we’re here to lend a hand. Talk to us to help you get the right pick for your candle holder needs. As you have seen, the merits of having one are plenty. We also hope that you have learned how to use a hurricane candle holder and which ways you can use to choose the perfect one.

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