What Is Candle Display Called

A candle display is a general term for different candlestick holders. The candle holders are made of heat-proof materials that hold and display the candles in any environment.

Because of its functionality, the candle display can be made of metal, glass, or even cast iron. Depending on the type that you pick, you might find some are plain while others feature several decorative pieces.

Also, a candlestick holder can find its way into the church. It all can depend on how the holder is designed and decorated. Still, you would not mind how one looks good in your home for aesthetics.

Each time you shop for a candle display, you might come across different sizes and shapes of such a product. The idea is always to get one that suits your needs better. Below, we shall look at the various types of candle holders to help you see which would be ideal to choose today.

Votive Candle Holder

Votive Candle Display

A votive candle display is a small candle with a candlestick holder looking like a cup. It is possible to confuse them for tealight candles, but they are different in how they look, but they are both small.

The votive candles are good for making your home look good because they bring a warm and glowing light into the event or room. The best part is how such candle holders are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

The votive candle holders can also have scented candles. This would be a great pick in case you want to create a romantic mood in a setup.

The candles can each burn for up to 8 hours, depending on where you have placed them. In case there is a lot of wind, then they might not last long. Because of the light they give off, votive candles can be good for your anniversary dinner or any other event that needs better mood lighting.

Circle Candle Holders

Circle Candle Holders

This type of candle display works best for tealight or pillar candles. Looking at the design, you would like it for being different, sleek, and quite unique. That is why you can find it good for a house with mid-century decorations.

Such candle holders are usually made of brass or wrought iron materials. Such materials are durable and stylish at the same time.

They come in different designs, with the orbital design being the most common. Here, several circular candle display holders can be arranged at different angles to create one holder. You may feel the manufacturer was going for a space-inspired design with such a candle display.


Chambersticks for candle display

Compared to some other candle display holders, they are smaller and have a unique design. Their design made them popular for putting on a coffee table or bedside table.

They are meant for moving around with the candle over short distances. It is good that they also have a tray design for catching the falling wax to prevent it from accidentally burning you.

The most common chamberstick type is the sculptural chamberstick. It is a good design for the table setting or decorating on a shelf. You may want to add other sculptures on the same table as the chamberstick to make it also stand out.

A chamberstick with a snuffer is a vintage type where the snuffer makes it an interesting piece of decor. It is not just for the show, but it is still functional.

Candle Chandeliers

Candle Chandeliers

This candle display looks as you have already imagined. It is simply a chandelier with a provision for holding candles. Depending on the design, it can simultaneously hold as many as six candles or more. We find such candle holders good for hotels, living rooms, outdoors, bathrooms, and bedroom spaces.

The wagon wheel chandelier is one of the most popular choices in the market. Yes, it has a similar design as a wagon wheel, but of course more streamlined to make it good for its application.

Other than being made of metal, it can also be made of glass. Most people who want to make their room look luxurious would not mind going for glass candle chandeliers. Just make sure it is high-quality glass used in making the chandelier.

Wall Scones Candle Display

Wall Scones Candle Display

In case you ever want to hang your candles on the wall, consider using the wall scones.

These versatile candle holders make the candle out of reach for kids and can add more aesthetics to a room. They are mostly good for bathroom spaces and dining areas.

Such a candle display is easy to install and changes a room’s appearance in no time. Some even come with a mirror piece that enhances the charm a lighted candle would offer users.

You may notice some have a wood design. This is key in ensuring you have good-looking wall scones for your candles while also adding character to the room.

Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane Candle Holders for candle display

The name might make you wonder what such candle holders are about. These candle holders come with a glass shade that shields the candle flames from sudden wind or drafts.

Most hurricane candle holders are made with the best design in mind. That is why you might get some with an etched metallic design. Besides adding texture, the design adds a sheen to the table setting.

Most of them have a glass barrel top and a wood base. Using clear glass with different designs can be what you need to make the room look good.

Lanterns for Candle Display

Lanterns for Candle Display

Such a candle display would be nice to own because of its versatility. Considering that candle lanterns are available in different styles, you can always find a use for them. That is why you can find them both indoors and outdoors.

As for materials, lanterns are mostly made of metal and glass. This includes wrought iron, brass, and nickel. Wood is also a nice option for a material to use on such candle holders.

The rule of thumb is to always choose a design that best suits your style, and size is very important. Some even work with LED candles. So, you have a candle holder with plenty of uses.


Candelabras candle display

Candelabras loosely translates to candle-tree in Latin. This candlestick holder will have several branches just like a tree, spread in different directions to hold the candles.

Because of their majestic designs, expect them in different formal settings, especially during dining. That is not all as you can still add them to your living space. Adding them to the center of your dining table has a way of showing appeal and charm.

Candelabras are also good for the holiday season or when celebrating anniversaries. You can now entertain your guests and light the candles to improve the mood setting.

We have seen cases where candelabras have crystals too. These crystals would largely help amplify the light’s magnificence and how good the candelabra looks.

Taper Candle Holders

black Taper Candle Holders

As the name suggests, this would be best reserved for tapered candles. The design is all about giving the taper candles the right stable base to keep them upright.

Most taper candle holders have a socket and a broad base. The socket is where you insert the candle, which is usually around an inch. Most people have no problem fitting and holding their taper candles in such a candle holder.


Seeing there are different candle holders in the market, now you have the chance to pick the right one for you. Always look at the candle types you have, then choose appropriately. The good thing is how some candlestick holders can work with different candle types. So, the more versatile the candle display, the better for you.

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