What Is a Normal Floral Budget

Whichever flower you have decided on, you must spend the lion’s share of your wedding budget on floral arrangements. Flowers are a huge part of any wedding, whether it’s flowers of a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquet, posy bouquet, blue fake flowers centerpieces, etc. An average American coupe spends 2,300 $ on florist and decor.

Flowers are not confined to weddings; flowers are a crucial part of every event. You can use flowers for a bridal shower, birthday, valentines day, or a formal dinner at home.

Pro tip: Start planning and designing which flowers and centerpieces you will use once you finalize the event date. The selection of flowers needs to be matched with the centerpieces.

So what? If you’re skimping on wedding budget decor, you can use artificial flowers for your event. There are many beautiful artificial floral centerpieces for dining tables. You can select any centerpiece of your choice and blend it with faux flower balls or blooms.

The Standard Cost of Wedding Flowers

There are no significant variations in the prices of the blooms; it all depends upon the seasons and the number of needed flowers. For example, sunflowers and hydrangeas are commonly available flowers and would be variable abundantly and with little cost. However, the same flowers used for a winter wedding would cost you massive amounts of money as they’re not harvested in winter.

Bridemaid’s bouquet80 $
Buttonhole20 $
Pin on corsage25 $
Wrist corsage30 $
Blue fake flowers centerpieces120 $ – 600 $
Arrangement next to play cards200 $
Ceremony structure1500 $ – 4000 $
Flower girl petals25 $
Head table centerpiece1500 $
Flowers on cake150 $
Flower crown100 $
Sweetheart table decor500 $
artificial floral centerpieces for wedding

10 Tips to Save Your Floral Wedding Budget

What if you’re left with little money to spend on your event’s wedding flowers? Worry not; we have you covered; here’s a look at some handy tips to save up costs for your wedding flowers.

  1. Mix Expensive Flowers With Low-Cost Ones

You don’t need a large sum of money for an extravagant wedding; you must act smart. Try combining expensive blooms with non-expensive ones, such as roses with baby’s breath, garlands, a stock with hydrangeas, etc. Be a little experimental by blending the two to create the perfect blue fake flowers centerpieces.

  1. Incorporate Various Items With Florals

If you’re a little restrained on your floral wedding budget, then be experimental and produce florals with lighting and decor. Mix votives with lilies and display them with blue fake flowers centerpieces. Display it with picture frames, any beautiful memory which reminds you of your union, etc. You can also use planters with florals for a surreal effect.

  1. Reuse Your Reception Flowers

Once the couple says, I do, the wedding couple’s first dance begins. That is the time when wedding guests are lost in the moment. During cocktail hour, you can ask your catering staff or someone from your bridal party to take charge of moving the flowers from the backdrop to the wedding aisle. You can also use an artificial flower ball for your wedding bouquet toss to save some money.

blue fake flowers with sunflower for table centerpiece
  1. Mix and Match

So you’ve finally decided on the wedding date, decor, flowers, etc. Here’s a tip, use seasonal florals for your big day, as there are two pros. First, it wouldn’t cost you much as the seasonal flowers are available easily. Secondly, fresh flowers would remain fresh and retain their fragrance for longer. Mix and blend your fresh blooms with blue fake flowers centerpieces for a dreamy effect. However, asking for a non-seasonal flower would cost you a considerable sum.

  1. Voluminous Flowers

Always go for the big petalled flowers to occupy more space on the table. Flowers like cherry blossom, forsythia, garlands, etc., would occupy more space and create a voluminous look. It’s about your creativity; you can easily present the blue fake flowers centerpieces.

  1. Stick To Your Favorite

Use your selected flowers with blue fake flowers centerpieces for a magical effect. Sticking to only one type of flower saves you additional costs. It keeps your florist from ordering a bulk of other florals.

fake flowers for wedding centerpiece
  1. Use Potted Plants

Consider using potted plants for a misty effect. Try using succulents, terrariums, sweetheart hoya, etc., to make a statement about your lovely union. And you can also use them as a giveaway for your wedding guests and bridal party. Use your mini potted plants with fancy blue fake flowers centerpieces.

  1. Let Your Florist Know

It’s always advised to let your florist know about your budget and your options. Only a florist could help you have your dream wedding with your limited budget. Many couples don; ‘t know many gorgeous alternatives exist until they consult their florist.

  1. Choose Wisely

Let us save you some costs by suggesting looking for a gorgeous wedding venue. For example, a beach, a beautiful wooden gazebo, a gorgeous backyard, and a forestry patio for a dream fairy tale wedding would be an excellent idea.

  1. Prefer Quality Versus Quantity

If you’re a little tight on budget, worry not; you can focus on only a few critical areas for floral decor. For example, Choose flowers to go with blue fake flowers centerpieces, wedding aisle, etc., instead of decorating the whole venue with minimal flowers.

floral centerpieces

End Note

A wedding is one of our most beautiful moments; we plan this day in our heads long before we even set the date. Flowers are the most crucial part of any event; you can save the day by using your budget wisely. A wedding venue doesn’t need to be extravagant; it’ll be if you plan it wisely. Please look at our beautiful collection of blue fake flowers centerpieces from our online store. How are you going to plan your big day? Let us know in the comments below.

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