What Else Can You Put in a Tea Light Holder?

Tea light candles are some of the best candles if you need a romantic mood set up in a room. They could also be used for wedding decorations and so much more. However, what happens when you find yourself in no need of candles? Can the tea light holder have more uses? 

Yes, you can always repurpose the tea light candle holders for other applications around the house or venue. Most people would use the candle holders for decoration, such as adding flowers, plants, marbles, and other decorations. 

Below, we look at more ways in detail how a tea light holder can come in handy and why you should start using several around your house. 

Store Jewelry 

Some jewelry pieces, such as earrings, can get mixed up with others because of their size. You can use the small tea light holder to keep them. 

One way that people would do it is having specific types of jewelry in one tea light candle holder while others separated too. This helps with organization and ease of finding what you need. 

Even if it is not for storage, the jewelry will still look good in the candle holders. Take gold jewelry as an example. It would pop even from a distance that can capture attention when you walk into the room. 

Fill With Twinkle Lights 

You can still use the tea light holders for twinkle lights. So, you can use battery-operated twinkle lights rather than dealing with candles that need lighting with fire. 

Twinkle lights can be fun, especially if you want a warm color. You can always get different light colors and stage them correctly for the best light. Paint the candle holders where possible to make them stand out too. 

Add Plants To The Candle Holder

add plants to tea light holder

You can never go wrong with plants. They would easily work great for an empty candle holder. 

Look at the shape of the candle holder and pick a plant that can suit it better. Since it is a tea light holder, it is small, so go for small plants. We can recommend succulents since they can fit well in such a space. 

Set up several holders around a room to create a lush environment and simply make your room welcoming. 

Use The Holders as Shot Glasses 

You can always find a use for your candle holders, including taking shots. Looking at the size of the tea light candle holders, they are often small. This is enough to make them good for taking shots and having a blast. You can always clean them and use them as candle holders. 

So long as it is glass, then it would be safe for shots. Make sure the material is dink-safe to avoid any health problems. 

Add Flowers to the Holders 

It can be fresh flowers or faux flowers. They do not have to be big flowers to make a difference. All you need is to use colorful flowers that can spruce up the room so that it looks good. 

Walking in your garden should give you an idea of what can work as the best flowers. Just make sure to replace them in case they dry. As for faux flowers, cleaning them from time to time should be enough for overall looks. 

Add Pebbles or Stones

Add Pebbles or Stones to tea light holder

You can still try using pebbles or stones in your candle holders. 

We recommend going for colorful pebbles so that they can make the tea light holder look great. 

Some people even spray paint these pebbles to make them look great. You can use black, white, silver, gold, or any other colors. The idea is to come up with a beautiful pattern. 

Such use of candle holders would look great when you put them on a mantel or shelf. 


When we say a tea light candle holder, it does not mean it will be the smallest you can find. Sometimes you can get some bigger enough to work as a terrarium. 

If you have several large glasses, set up several terrariums around your home. 

Play around with different designs so that you have gorgeous terrariums while at the same time make them easy to maintain. 

You might have everything you need to set it up in your garden. 

Gemstones, Beads, and Pearls

Gemstones, Beads, and Pearls in tealight candle holder

This is often a simple and easy way to fill the tea light holder. The good thing about them is that they are available in different colors. So, you can make the decoration as random as possible. 

Once you have the beads or pearls in the light holder, you can also add some nice string or twinkle lights. You can imagine how the candle holder would look full of light and beads simultaneously. 

Use Ornaments 

Get yourself some seasonal ornaments and fill the candle holders with them. To create different themes, you can consider seasonal ornaments such as acorns, leaves, and more. It can be creating a winter theme where you can add salt and other ornaments to complete the look. 

The good thing about such an application is that you can easily change it to suit your current season. Put the light holder on your nightstand or shelf to see the best results. 

String Lights in a Candle Holder

String Lights in a Candle Holder

You can also have string lights in your candle holder. The light that comes from the string lights makes the room brighter while at the same time decorating it. 

Of course, being able to change the colors of the string light is even better. So, look for string lights with such capability. 

Get a few tea light holders, and you should have an amazing decoration in the house. 

Use Candy 

Candy is cheap and easy to find from any convenience store nearby. Get some candy and sweets, then set them in the candle holders. They will mostly look good, especially if you use a light in the holder and differently colored candy. 

We recommend using clear candle holders so that people can see the candy inside as the light shines on them. 

Sea Shells and Sand 

There is still the option of creating a beach theme in the house with sea shells and sand in the tea light holder. Start by filling the bottom with sand and then add a few shells at the top. Some can add a few pearls or beads to complete the look of your new decoration. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter 

Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter

Another fun way to make the candle holder is by adding glow-in-the-dark glitter. So, each time you turn off the lights, you can notice that you end up with a nice glow. It is definitely a cool accessory to add to the kid’s room for them to have something to smile about. 

Store Makeup

You can still find candle holders good for storing makeup essentials. It can be lipsticks and other makeup tools in the tea light jars. The best part is how you can categorize them, so you know where to find what. 


It is easy to see how you can always use candle holders for different applications. As much as the tea light candle holders tend to be smaller, they can still get many applications. The aim is to have fun with it. Take your time and see what works for you. If you can make it simple, the better. This is because, at some point, you may have to use the same for holding tea light candles. 

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