What Else Can Be Used As Silver Candlestick

Candles have been used to light houses for thousands of years. Every culture introduced candlesticks in different designs and materials. But now candles aren’t used for lighting purposes. Instead, candles give an artistic view and ambience and are used for decoration purposes.

Silver candlesticks were introduced in Europe at the end of the 18th. Silversmiths designed amazing candlestick designs using the new silver deposits and advanced technology. 

It’s because silver looks charming, is malleable, and doesn’t burn. But, if you consider the cost, silver is far more pricey than other metals like gold and brass. Silver adds an antique value to the candle holders, but we have better cheaper options. These options provide stylish and artistic looks at a lower cost. 

7 Alternatives To Silver Candlesticks 

Ceramic Candle Holders

Ceramic Candle Holders

Ceramics have gone outdated before. But now it’s the most in-demand material in interior decorations. Ceramics is extraordinary as its heat resistant, enduring, and secure. These qualities make it an excellent alternative to silver candlesticks. You must be careful while buying ceramic candlesticks as some have different qualities. 

The qualities change depending on the materials, firing temperature, and style.  If we put the ceramic candle holders from expensive to cheap. They will be porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware. Ceramic candle holders come in various shapes, designs, and colors. They give an artistic view of your room, house, or table. While buying, confirm that you get a glazed and sealed holder. It is because unfinished holders are porous and can hold wax, making them a fire hazard.

Stainless Steel Candle Holders

Silver Candlesticks
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You can use stainless steel candle holders instead of silver candlesticks. Stainless steel is not material itself; it’s formed by combining different materials. Stainless steel combines iron with nickel, manganese, copper, and sometimes chromium oxide. The mixture results in corrosion-resistant metal, which is its most remarkable quality. 

Steel is far more sturdy, hefty, durable, and less deformable than aluminium. Steel candlesticks come in many designs and shapes, making them chic decoration pieces. You can adorn your house with chic to minimal vibes with fancy and modern steel candle holders. 

Iron Candle Holders With Brass 

Gold Silver Candlestick
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If you want to add an antique look to your room, you can use iron candle holders with a brass effect. Iron candle holders with brass generate a vintage appearance. These have become very popular for the past few years. Steel is cheaper and lighter. Iron is stronger, heavier, and more resistant to corrosion than steel. 

You can get amazingly designed and unique iron candle holders from different retailers. These can enhance the ambience and add an eloquent view to your room.  Check our store for metal candle holders. 

Wood Candle Holders

Wood Candle Holder

The cosiness and aura of wooden ornamentals are undeniable. Wood presents a natural view of your home interiors. It is a cheap alternative to silver candlesticks. For this, you must check the base for solidity rather than weight. Moreover, you also have to consider the place where you will put the wooden candle holders. It is because extreme weather conditions like sun, snow, and rain damage wood. Wood requires distinct care and can crumble. It can lose its structure and shape if not handled.

You can use wooden blocks. These look ingenious and special, and you can use them for almost any type of candle. You have to drill a hole according to the size of your candle and put the candle. You can also buy an amazing set of wooden blocks or other designed wooden candle holders. 

Glass Candle Holders 

Glass Candlestick

You can use glass candle holders instead of silver candlesticks. Usually, they get attention for their transparency. But you can also get opaque candleholders beautified with various colors. Glass art is enduring, and you can integrate it with stunning and fancy designs.

While buying glass candle holders, ensure they are smooth, thick, and heat-resistant. Using colored glass containers, mason jars, amber glass jars, and vases as holders is a brilliant idea. If you want some ready-made astounding glass candle holder pieces, you can get them from our STORE.

If you want to add creativity, you can use glass cups, wine glasses, or containers of any size, shape, and color. Also, you can add art and speciality by decorating the outside of the glass with lace cuttings and beads. 

Concrete Candle Holders

Concrete Candle Holders

Concrete is a sought-after material for home decor and interior design. It provides an eccentric vibe and can be a perfect candle holder with strong and leakproof capabilities. Concrete is also recognized as the most heat and fire-resistant material. 

Though there are plenty of ready-made options, you can also try a DIY project. You can use concrete mix and give it the shape of any mould you want, silicon or plastic. Then, you can add different arts like painting and drawing to enhance the look. Concrete can be a great substitute for silver candlesticks. It casts an eloquent glow on your home decor. 


Saucer or Dish Candlesticks
Source: moderntribe.com

A saucer is a cheapest and most wonderful idea to substitute silver candlesticks. You have to take a beautiful saucer or dish from your dinner set and use it as a candle holder. 

Though it seems cheaper and less wonderful, you can also add creativity. For example, painting or placing artistic elements around the candle. For example, you can see a painted saucer with acrylic paints in the picture below. Moreover, you can also get saucer candle holders online. 

Final Words 

Candle holders are crucial to decorate your room or house with candles. Silver candlesticks offer a great opportunity with durability and strength. But many cheaper and more astonishing options are there other than silver candlesticks. We have listed the seven above with some DIY ideas. You can use them to add elegance and charm to your home. 

If you don’t have any candle holders at your house, check our STORE for an amazing collection of candle holders and candlesticks.  You will find the one that you love to fit with the spirit of your house.

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