What Do You Put In The Bottom Of A Modern Vase

Modern vases proved to be one of the best decorative items for homes. People like them for their versatile and simple look. You can put artificial and real flowers in a modern vase. 

So if you just buy a modern vase and think of decorating it with flowers. You’ll definitely face problems while putting flowers alone. Basically, you can’t put flowers without any base in a modern vase. 

And to solve this problem, we are here to help you. This blog will give you ideas about what you can put in the bottom of a vase to make it look organized and beautiful.

Let’s dive into the topic! 

You will also get some amazing modern vase recommendations in this blog so keep reading.

8 Amazing Things To Put In The Bottom Of The Modern Vase

Different Types Of Stone 

Modern Vases With Stones
Source: vaseshq.com

Stone can be considered one of the best things to put in a flower vase. You can put stones very easily. So the first option to put in a vase would always be stone because of its easy availability. 

You can put different sizes of stone to make your vase look cooler and more decorative. If you are using a glass modern vase, then choose colorful stones. They’ll look amazing and make your vase look out of the world. 

Choose smaller and smooth stones to put in the modern vase. Make sure the texture and contrast of the vase look good after putting the stones. 

Coffee Beans

Ceramic Bud Vase With Coffee Beans

Are you a coffee lover? Love everything, coffee included. We have an idea for you. 

Put coffee beans in your empty modern vase you’ll never regret. Having coffee beans in a flower vase not only settles the flower well but gives you a sweet aromatic experience. 

Whenever a guest walks into your home, they will definitely fall in love with this aromatic smell of coffee. Top of that, coffee beans give an amazing appearance to your vase. 


Modern Vase With Coins
Source: Forbes

Want to grow a money tree? Just kidding. 

You can put coins in your vase. Trust us, it will take away everybody’s attention that walks into your home. Putting coins in a flower vase will give your home a retro vibe.

It’ll look different and trendy. For more, you can collect special coins for vase decoration. And you can put them into your flower vase. They will come in handy when you need a good amount to buy something.

Sand Structures

Modern Vases With Sand Structures
Source: pinterest.com

If you are a creative individual, this option is perfect for you. You can put sand structure effortlessly in a modern vase. You can use colored clay as you want. 

You can create an amazing sand structure at the bottom of your vase. You can put pebbles between clay. The special thing about putting clay is you can keep real flowers in it. You need to put water on a weekly and monthly basis if you put the real flowers.  

You can grow your plant in a modern vase by putting clay at the bottom. Interesting right? 


Modern Vase With Buttons
Source: artificial plant shop

It can sound wired, but buttons can be a good option to put at the bottom of the modern vase. You can collect different sizes and colors of buttons from your home and then keep them in a vase. 

You can go for a theme like monochrome or colored. Bottoms look visually great and make your vase look stable. 

Try this quick idea to decorate your flower vase. 

Acrylic Pearl

Modern Vase With Acrylic Pearl
Source: Koch & Co

Acrylic pearl looks efficiently beautiful in a modern vase. They make vases look outstanding and beautiful. Acrylic pearl is ideal if you are putting vases in a wedding or any function. 

You can get acrylic pearls in white and ivory shades. So choose the color as per your choice. Adding acrylic pearls can make your flower vase look stunning. 

If you are confused about what you should put in the flower vase, we will suggest you go for this option without any second thought. 


Modern Vase With Shells
Source: Homedit

Not for home, but shells look gorgeous in any beach theme party or function. Also if your home has some beach theme decor, you can put shells in your flower vase at your home as well. 

You can put artificial flowers and real flowers with shell decoration. You can create an amazing flower jar with shells. So look for no further ideas and put some amazing shells to make your vase look outstanding. 

Rock Salt 

Modern Vase With Rock Salt
Source: pinterest.com

Wired, but the amazing stuff to put in a flower vase is rock salt. With rock salt, your vase will look full of colorful crystals, which will increase the beauty of a modern vase. 

The thing you have to do is take some food color with rock salt. And mix them together, mix them well so that the color distributes evenly in salt. Now let it dry in the sunlight. 

And then you can put it at the bottom of your flower vase easily. You can also make them into a candle holder.

3 Best Modern Vases For You To Buy

Ceramic Vases For Decor

Ceramic Modern Vases For Decor

Doesn’t matter if you want to put a flower vase in the living room and desk. Sziqiqi ceramic vases are perfect for every function and place. 

Bring one today to decorate your home. 

Clear Glass Guardian Angel Vases Bulk For Hanging

Clear Glass Guardian Angel Modern Vases Bulk For Hanging

If you are looking for a handy modern vase, angel shape hanging vase comes as a rescue. You can hang this type of vase on the wall of the living room. 

It can be ideal if you don’t have a place on your table to keep a flower vase. You can check out this product. 

The hanging vase gives a different vibe to your house. They are eye-catching and look amazing. 

Glass Vases For Centerpieces With Metal Geometric Design

Glass Vases For Centerpieces With Metal Geometric Design

This vase has glass with a metal frame. You can consider buying this product because we have good quality glass that doesn’t break easily. It’s durable and perfect for a dining table. 

Its a 6cm long, so you can put any type of flower on it. It is perfect for occasions like weddings and parties. 

In The End

Putting flowers alone in a modern vase makes no sense. That’s why it is necessary to put something at the bottom of the vase. The above-given ideas come in handy when looking for ideas for what to put in a flower vase. 

By putting colorful stones and clay, you not only settle flowers in a vase, but they increase the vase’s beauty. So apply these ideas to your vase. Also, check out our amazing vases to make your home look more gorgeous.

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