What Do You Put In A Table Vase For Centerpieces

Table decoration is always at the top whenever you need to adorn your home. It’s not just for occasions. Table decor is like icing on the cake, offering an attractive look all year. Table vases work perfectly as a centerpiece. However, what to put and which table vase to use to create a decorative table vase may confuse you sometimes.

Whether you are planning table decor for a wedding, dinner, or birthday party, you need to consider a few things like the type of centerpiece, vase filling, or overall theme that goes well with the linens and serve ware.

9 Things To Put In Table Vases For Centerpiece


Real or faux branches in a glass vase or mason jar are a perfect way to decorate your table in minutes and within a low budget. You just need simple glass and tall branches to create this decorative table decor. Get branches from your backyard or buy faux branches and reuse them. This combo looks pleasant and graceful on the dinner table. You can also add some creativity with candles or flowers if you want.

Branches In Table Vase

Brighten Up Table With Candles

Candles create a ravishing table centerpiece. Candles give a classic and bright look and enhance the ambiance of an event. Check this incredible look in the image below. You can create such an arrangement with a few candles and an array of green branches around them. Numerous options are available for using candles as centerpieces. You can use small tea light candles, long taper candles, and pillar candles. Putting flowers or greenery further enhances the freshness and brightness of the table.

Table Vase With Candle

Create A Lasting Centerpiece

Dried florals create a decorative table vase and look gorgeous. They are a great choice due to their endurance; you don’t have to buy a new bouquet every week. While picking dry florals, ensure they are appropriate for the season and the event. Yellow gives a sunny look making it a good choice for summer.

Table Vase With Drid Flowers

Eucalyptus With Small Candle Holders

Eucalyptus is the perfect greenery we need for our home. It gives a minimalist, modern, and refreshing vibe and is more long-lasting than fresh blooms.

Create this DIY decorative table vase with eucalyptus strings and organize a few small candle holders all over the table for a centerpiece. This table centerpiece is stunning enough for holidays but also functions best for the remaining year. Check out these small flower vases at our store that can be used as candle holders.

Table Vase With Eucalyptus

Large Ceramic Jugs

Large vintage jugs are perfect table vases for simple table décor. Whether you put some flowers and planters or put them empty, large jugs give a stunning and vintage vibe. These jugs work best with minimalist furniture and décor. However, the larger and the more decorated they are, the more striking they look.

Large Ceramic Table Vase

Demonstrate Flowers

Though flowers are expensive and need to be changed over time, sometimes you don’t have any alternative for flowers. Whether fresh or faux, flowers can easily enhance your dining table décor from breakfast to party mode.

A simple large bouquet works best as a table vase at the center. Sticking to a single flower type is a good idea for a minimalist and classic look, but you can also try different floral arrangements for a bigger and bolder look. You don’t have to worry about the vase. A simple glass jar goes well with the flowers. 

Demonstrate Flowers For Table Vase

Make It Organic

Sometimes, the simplest idea produces a modern look. Putting a bowl or tray of fruits at the center of the table works best as a table vase without the need for fancy elements. Using a white bowl or glass vase with lavish linens works best. While putting the fruits, create a fancy and cheerful look with contrasting colors and shapes.

Make Table Vase Organic

Dough Bowl Filling

A dough bowl also works best as a table centerpiece. They can be furnished with anything you want, resulting in a wonderful centerpiece. You can put flowers, fruits, greenery, dried florals, pine cones, and candles. A combo of any two or three of them creates a stunning look. You can try it with anything you have in your bucket. Check the setting in the image below. They have used flowers, greenery, and pine cones around a lantern candle holder.

Filling Dough Bowl As Table Vase

Create A Symmetrical Collection 

Symmetrical setups look fancy and cool for a dinner table. You can create a symmetrical setup using candles and decorative table vases. For instance, in this setting, we have used pink taper candles with blue candle holders around a crafty ceramic table vase. Adding flowers and greenery to the vase freshens the look. 

You can use different candle holders and candles if you don’t want colorful taper candles. You just have to ensure all the candle holders have the same style and that candles are of the same size and color. 

Create A Symmetrical Collection

Final Words

Table vase décor looks incredible for various events. While the filling and vase design may be puzzling for you. Therefore, we discussed ten wonderful ways to decorate your table within a limited budget. You can personalize these ideas to create more fancy looks with a flexible budget.

Don’t forget to try this dazing collection of table vases and candle holders at our store. We have a wide variety and beautiful sets of vases that work perfectly for every event.

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