What Do Wedding Guests Care About Most?

Weddings are among the most important days in any couple’s life. You call upon your family and friends to attend your wedding ceremony to make them a part of your sweet memories. As you know, everyone is busy, and they will come up with creating some roam from their daily routine. They will be there to greet you by spending hours of traveling and big bucks. It’s your key responsibility to make them comfortable at your wedding and provide them with a great environment to spend quality time in.

What Do Wedding Guests Care About Most?

Most people keep focusing on little details that are not even noticed by anyone, i.e., the number of branches of the bonsai tree on the wedding table. While doing so, some critical things are underestimated that have real worth to make your special day memorable for you and your worthy guests. Here are a few crucial aspects that should be kept in mind while arrangements as wedding guests care about most.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is the foremost thing your guests should be very clear about. All wedding guests spending hours and money should know exactly where they have to go to attend your ceremony, either in church or at some outdoor wedding venue. Indoor is also another option for wedding venues. Knowing about the venue will help them select clothing and other preparations. It also helps them know about the venue’s terrain, i.e., sandy, stiff, or marble floor. Shoe selection also becomes easy after knowing about it. Sometimes guests who are unaware of the terrain wear high heels and are welcomed by the sandy terrain. Such scenarios make their mood off.

Seating Plan

Wedding Guests Care About Seating Plan

Open seating is in trending nowadays. But it creates great discomfort among the guests in many ways. As the worthy wedding guests coming to attend your ceremony handing over their responsibilities to some other guys, they should be clear about where they have to sit. It should be mentioned on the wedding invitation card and on a seating plan board at the wedding reception. The seating plan should be prepared by keeping in mind many things. The people sitting at the same table should have the same age group. The exact age will help them to chat according to their interests. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that all wedding guests sharing the same table should have the same business and interests. It will help them to have a great time on the eve of your wedding.


Music is one of the inevitable parts of every wedding ceremony. There should be some instructions for your DJ regarding playing music. Wedding guests are not only there to listen to the music, but they also have to talk with each other. If the music is playing at a higher intensity, it’ll be almost impossible to talk with each other, and it is quite a sign of dissatisfaction for your wedding guests. Therefore, while setting up the speakers, you should do it according to table numbers like aged love to have conversations with others, and young champs love to roll their heads over music beats. Moreover, what’s going on at the wedding should be kept in mind, i.e., cocktail hour, cake cutting, or any other. Set the pitch and tone of music according to it.


Parking is another important aspect that your wedding guests do care about most. It should never be underestimated while selecting the wedding venue. There are two types of parking for guests, i.e., paid and free parking. If you have enough budget, book a parking spot near your wedding venue. Otherwise, please leave it to your guests. They will pay for parking. In paid parking, never forget to mention it to your wedding guests. Otherwise, it leads them to significant discomfort.

The other aspect, regarding parking, is the distance from the venue, whether it is some distance or just beside your wedding venue. Don’t forget to mention it in your invitation if it’s at some distance. In such cases, please ensure they know the exact route to your wedding venue. The parking lot should have enough capacity to accommodate your wedding guests’ vehicles.

Wedding Table Decor

Wedding Guests Care About Wedding Table Decor

Your guests will spend most of their time sitting around the wedding table. Therefore, decorate it properly. Multiple things will help you, i.e., wedding table linen, crockery color, wedding centerpieces, candle holders, and flowers. Arrange them according to your wedding theme. It’s immensely satisfying for your wedding guests if it synchronizes properly with the theme.


Wedding Guests Care About Food

Everyone forgets what kind of decoration you have done for your wedding ceremony. The only thing that will be permanent regarding your wedding will be the food you serve at your wedding. Your food menu is one of the trickiest parts of your wedding. Before making any final decision, don’t forget to ask your venue manager. Because some venues only allow in-house catering, while some follow a strict food course, and others allow you to bring it or make your menu.

After clearing it, list your sweetheart’s food items, and don’t forget to add some dishes for your diet-conscious wedding guests. Please bring it to your caterer. Your caterer will help you make a perfect blend of food items. Don’t forget to know about your guest’s choice. You can learn about their choice by asking them in your wedding invitation. Once clear about it, give a perfect estimate to your caterer.

Sziqiqi Tip

Always put some unique item in your food course, i.e., classic food with vegan burgers. Such ideas beat in the minds for ages.

Being On Time

The most important thing that your wedding guests care about is that everything happens on time. To make sure there are fewer things worth considering to make it happen. First, list every event that will be part of your wedding. Once clear about it, set an estimated time for each event.

While allocating time to each event, remember that it should be flexible as different personalities will be a part of your wedding. Perfection comes along with experience. Therefore, connect to your elders and wedded couples to make everything happen on time. If you aren’t able to find any such person, fix a meeting with wedding arrangers and put your expectations in front of them. They will help you to make it happen.

Newlyweds Welcome Guests

The focal point in any wedding is not any wedding decor or anything else but the couple of honor. It will be great if the couple of honor greet every wedding guest warmly. This act of welcoming makes them honored and happy.


Make the wedding venue clear to your guests, and help them with early preparations according to the venue. Tell them about the venue route and parking conditions, whether paid or vice versa. The seating plan will make it easy to find their respective seats, and everyone will find the best person for chatting and enjoyment. Please don’t underestimate the table decor as they will spend most of their time sitting around it. Decorate it properly so that it speaks with them and makes them comfortable all of the time. Food should be great and according to the choice of your guests. Lastly, don’t forget to add a unique taste to the menu.

Hope you will find it helpful. In case of any suggestions, we will be more than happy to know about them. Please mention it in the comment section.

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