What Can You Do With Centerpiece Stands After Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding and noticed the beautiful decorations on the tables? They often have something called centerpiece stands. These stands hold pretty things like flowers or decorations to make the tables look extra special. 

But what happens to these stands after the wedding is over? Do they just get thrown away? Well, guess what? There are actually many fun and creative things you can do with centerpiece stands after the wedding. 

Let’s explore some fantastic ways to give these stands a new life and make them valuable and beautiful even after the wedding day!

Troubles with Leftover Centerpiece Stands

When people have leftover centerpiece stands after their weddings, they can face a few problems. Here are a couple of common issues:

1. Storage: Centerpiece stands can take up a lot of space, especially if there are many leftover ones. People may not have enough room at home to keep them. Finding a place to store these stands can be a challenge.

2. Cost: Buying centerpiece stands can be expensive, especially if people purchase a large number of them. Having spare stands means that some of the money spent on buying them goes to waste. It can be frustrating to feel like you’ve spent money on something that wasn’t fully used.

3. Reuse: It can be challenging to find another occasion or event where these spare stands can be used. Wedding-specific stands may not fit well with other types of parties or gatherings. Finding a way to reuse or repurpose them can be a bit of a puzzle.

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Creative & Practical Tips on Repurposing Centerpiece Stands

When you have extra centerpiece stands from a wedding, there are fun and practical ways to repurpose them. Below given are some ideas that are easy to understand-

1. Transformed Into Vases

Did you know that you can modify leftover centerpiece stands into beautiful vases? It’s an excellent way to give them a new purpose! Here’s how you can do it:

First, find a clean and empty vase and fix it on a flower stand. Make sure it’s sturdy and not wobbly. Next, fill the vase with water. 

Now it’s time to add flowers! Pick some pretty flowers from your garden or ask an adult to help you get some from a flower shop. Gently place the flowers into the water-filled vase. You can choose different colors and types of flowers to make it extra beautiful!

Now, you have your very own homemade vase! It’s a unique way to display and enjoy fresh flowers in your home. You can keep it on a counter and admire its beauty. Just remember to take care of the flowers by giving them water regularly.

2. Animal-Themed Table Decor

Are you ready to hear about a fun and exciting way to decorate tables with animal-themed decorations? Well, you’re in for a treat! 

These stands are like little platforms that make the animal figures stand tall and proud. You can choose from all sorts of animals, like lions, elephants, monkeys, and more! Each animal will bring a touch of nature and adventure to your table. 

Whether you’re having a party or a special event, these centerpiece stands will make your table look unique and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. So, let your fascination run wild and create a jungle or a zoo right on your table with these animal-themed table decors!

3. Photo Booth Backdrop

Do you love taking fun pictures with your friends? Well, here’s a fantastic idea for a photo booth backdrop using centerpiece stands! Picture this: you can set up these stands behind you and your friends to create a tremendous animal-themed background for your photos. 

Each stand can hold a different animal figure, like a giraffe, a tiger, or even a cute little monkey. Just dream how cool it would be to have a safari or a jungle right behind you in your pictures! You and your friends can strike funny poses, pretend to be animals, or simply smile and have a great time. 

These centerpieces will make your photo booth extra special and make your pictures look like you’re in a wild and exciting place. So, gather your friends, get ready to strike a pose, and let the animal-themed centerpiece stands bring the adventure to your photo booth!

4. DIY Decorative Canisters

Did you know that you can turn centerpiece stands into decorative canisters? It’s true! Instead of using them just for parties, you can repurpose them to store things in a fun and stylish way. 

You can use centerpiece stands as supports, and then buy or make a few drawers according to the size of the frame. A functional cabinet is done, easy, and cheap!

The stand itself can be decorated with stickers, ribbons, or paint to make it even more special. Not only will it keep your things organized, but it will also adjoin a touch of elegance to your room. 

5. Terrarium Creation

Did you know that centerpiece stands can be used to create your very own terrarium? A terrarium is like a tiny garden inside a glass container. With these stands, you can make a beautiful home for plants and little creatures. 

First, find a glass container like a jar or a bowl. Place it on top of the stand. Then, fill the pot with soil and add small plants like succulents or ferns. You can also add pebbles, moss, or small decorations to make it even more special. 

It’s like having a mini world right in front of you! Just remember to water your terrarium and place it in a spot with enough sunlight. You can watch your plants grow and take care of the little ecosystem you’ve created. So, let your creativity bloom and use centerpiece stands to make your very own terrarium!

6. Repurpose for Other Celebrations

Centrepiece stands are not just for one type of celebration! They can be repurposed or used again for other special occasions. Imagine you have a centerpiece stand that was used for a birthday party. 

Instead of throwing it away, you can use it for other celebrations like a family gathering, a holiday dinner, or even a school event. You can decorate it with different themes or colors to match the occasion. 

It can hold flowers, balloons, or even a special dessert. So, instead of buying a new stand every time, you can use your centerpiece stand repeatedly, making each celebration extra special!


There are many beautiful ways to repurpose centerpiece stands after a wedding. Instead of letting them gather dust or occupy unnecessary space, these stands can find new life and bring joy to other celebrations. 

Whether it’s a family gathering, a holiday dinner, or a school event, the centerpiece stands can be reused and transformed to suit the occasion. By repurposing them, we not only save money but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

So, let’s get creative and find new and exciting ways to use these stands, making each celebration even more memorable and beautiful!

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