What Are The Safest Candle Holders?

The importance of candles is widely spread – for use in the home, office, an event, a date, or even at a physical therapist’s office. And while these serve different purposes, you will need candle holders. And, to be more specific, safe candle holders prevent an accident or fire outbreak.

Candle holders are also known as candlesticks, and they, as the name implies, are used to hold candles. These holders come in different materials, the popular ones being glass, ceramic, and metal.

Let us dive deeper into some quality requirements for a safe candle holder.

Three Quality Requirements For A Safe Candle Holder

Every commodity has its risks and benefits for us in this world. And one that can lead to burns and scars. Or perhaps death is candles, hence the need for safe candle holders for protection.

The Fair Packaging and labeling Act (FPLA) laid down some regulations. They mentioned that all consumer commodities, like candles, spoons, etc., should be labeled to:

  • Disclose net contents
  • Name and place of business of the product’s manufacturer and distributor
  • Identity of the commodity

However, three requirements are essential for a safe candle holder. They are:

An Outer Container

Glass Safe Candle Holder

A safe candle holder should have an outer container. And as the name implies, they are merely packages where the holder can be placed and are non-shipping packaging. Howbeit, they can also be used as holders for taper candles.

Primary Label

Primary Label For A Safe Candle Holder

Another requirement for a safe candle holder is the primary label. This is connected to the container, or maybe in simpler terms, labels, glued or pasted on the container. They usually have information about the product. These primary products must include the following:

  • The statement of identity: it is the main description of the product that is different from your company’s name. And this name must describe your product. For example, 100% Soy Wax Candles.
  • The candle’s name and location came from: your company’s name is also stated here. Where was the candle holder made? The city? State? Zip code? And street address if possible. Do you want to sell it to a retailer, or a wholesaler, indicate it by stating – ‘Manufactured for’ or ‘Distributed by.
  • Net weight: as stated by FPLA §500.7, it should be indicated near the bottom of the label the net weight of the candle. The net weight of the candle and wax in ounces or grams. Another vital point is to ensure that the minimum font of the net weight is clear and visible to the consumers, and you can do this with some mathematics.

To calculate a cylindrical display pane, the height of a cylinder x the diameter of a cylinder. While for a square display pane candle, it is the height of the container and the width of the container.

Now that you have gotten this, the table below will help you determine the font to use.

Display Pane Size (in2)Minimum Font Size
< 5 in21/16’’
5 in2– 25 in21/8’’
25 in2 – 100 in23/16’’
100 in2 – 400 in2¼’’
Greater than 400 in2½’’

Safety Label

For a safe candle holder, three items must be included for safety:

  • The signal word
  • The statement of principle hazard
  • The exemplary material and instructions for use

This label can be text only or a combination of both text and pictures. And its signal word warning MUST be followed by the statements.

  • Burn within sight
  • Keep away from things that catch fire
  • Keep away from children

The safety label can be placed on the candle holder’s top, bottom, sides, or jar. With its minimum fonts, as described above, and also very visible. Their surface area will be:

  • Circular face: (diameter/2) x (diameter/2) x 3.14
  • Side of the cylinder: diameter x height x 1.26
  • Square or rectangular face: width x height

Once you have gotten your answer, the pictures below will help you select the appropriate minimum fonts you will need.

Safety Label For A Candle Holder

Examples of A Safe Candle Holder

A safe candle holder depends on the price and quality of the candle holder. According to an article written by ‘what a host home and hygiene life’, you will learn a lot more about good safe candle holder materials.

However, here is a list of some safe candle holders that you can get for use:

  • Vintage pillar candle holders distressed metal candleholder
  • Ceramic candle holder
  • Vintage french style candlestick
  • Handmade brass tea light candle holder
  • Antique floor candelabra centerpiece
  • Warm cinnamon candle
  • Cherry blossoms coconut wax candle
  • Pottery candle holder

Some candles, however, prone to causing accidents are:

  • Candles with multiple wicks
  • Candles with a metallic core containing lead
  • Liquid paraffin candles

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