Wedding Flower Arrangement With Trumpet Vases

Decorating your wedding space often requires taking the time to find something that matches your wedding style. Among the options is the use of flower arrangements. Floral arrangements can only be good if the vase holding them are also good. That is where the trumpet vases come in. A good trumpet vase generally makes the centerpiece even better. 

If you have not experienced the use of such vases before, we recommend checking out this list to see how well they can work for wedding decoration. Let us see more below. 

Greenery and Flowers

Of course, you may consider playing around with different options for wedding decorations. That is how you make it better. We recommend adding greenery too to the flower arrangement in the trumpet vases. We like how greenery has a way of adding depth and texture to the flower arrangement with ease. The good thing about greenery is you can find it freely around you. 

Flower Arrangement with Beads

You can expect the trumpet vases to be available in different designs. One of them is to include beads as part of the design and make the vase stand out. You just have to ensure the trumpet vase is paired with the correct flowers. In this case, we recommend an arrangement that pops. Bright colors should do a good job. 

Gorgeous Flowers in Silver Vases

The silver design is all you need to make it look its best. That is why you always have to consider such beautiful trumpet vases. We find them ideal for wedding parties, birthdays, and other events. You only need to get gorgeous flowers for such a stunning centerpiece. Hydrangeas and others with similar types of effects for the metallic finish of the vase.

trumpet vases wedding centrepieces

A Tall Tower of Beautiful Flowers

Well, it is a wedding, and we all know the bigger the wedding flower arrangement, the better. It is one of those times you can go wild with as many flowers as you want, and people will understand. In this case, you have taller trumpet vases and even bigger blooms. This makes them the centerpieces of the table and generally the whole room. Expect them to have the attention of most people in the room. 

Combine with Candles

There is something about having candles and flowers put together. We know that candles offer additional warmth, coziness, and scents to the space. Make sure to choose scents less likely to affect those at the table. Other than the mood lighting of the candles, you can also consider trumpet vases filled with beautiful flowers to complete the wedding decoration. 

Table Number Display Vase

Wedding decorations can easily get big quickly, which is what people like. Trumpet vases can make decorations bigger because of their height. Once you get a taller trumpet vase, also go big on the flowers. Expect to get the best decoration you can place on the table with all the seating cards towering over them. It could also be good for the aisle, adding more character to the space. 

Clustered Trumpet Vases

It is possible to come across trumpet vases being sold as a set. It can be four or several pieces. We recommend also getting such sets to use for wedding decoration. The good thing about clustering is how to set up the vases in a staggered design or group them only with the same sizes. Regardless of your choice, a clustered setup looks good overall. 

Artificial Flower Balls

You may be looking for gift ideas for a wedding. In such cases, we recommend that you use the best metallic vases. Those shown above are good in terms of design and usability. The result is creating a beautiful centerpiece with the blooms that you pick. So, other than using them for weddings, they are also good for home use. 

Crystal Trumpet Vase with Floral

Crystal trumpet is a beautiful design that should make the other decorations also look good. You do not have to do much to such trumpet vases to make them stand out. We recommend using artificial or fresh flowers, which will still look good. The gold stand is vital for giving off a luxurious look to the flowers added to the trumpet vase.


You always have to take your time to create beautiful wedding decorations. Hope all the decorative pieces will make the wedding venue stand out, and you can have the best wedding too. Here, Sziqiqi always provides creative decor tips for every couple.

With trumpet vases, you have endless possibilities to dress up your wedding, from modern to vintage to see how well they can work out for you. Trumpet vases can also be decorative pieces themselves without any additional decor. No matter what your budget is, this vase will perfectly decorate your wedding within your budget.

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