Wedding Centerpiece Stand Ideas For Rectangular Tables

Your wedding day is here, and you want everything to be perfect. To do that, you need attention to detail when selecting the overall theme of your big day. Good decoration on wedding tables is vital to enhance the overall ambiance of the wedding venue.

An easy way to décor a wedding table is to use a centerpiece. Whether you and your partner want simple, green, elaborate, chic, or rustic.

This post will inspire you to choose the best centerpiece stand for rectangular wedding tables. Stay tuned to know more.

What To Consider When Selecting A Centerpiece Stand For A Wedding Table

You can get quite creative when selecting centerpiece stands for rectangular wedding tables. For instance, a beautiful floral arrangement in a vase or on a metal stand, scented candles in a glass, stylish frames for table numbers, etc. The centerpiece stand will surely add beauty to your wedding theme, whether rustic, traditional, simple, or modern.

However, using rectangular metal frames is one of the most effective ways to create an outstanding arrangement of flowers. You can do this DIY project to get more involved in planning and managing your wedding. 

For instance, the centerpiece stands in this video uses a swirling arrangement that looks elegant and futuristic () with white roses. 

Source: Sherly Cormier

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, place a beautiful centerpiece stand on every rectangular wedding table to have a picture-perfect event.

Check Out The List Below

Wine In A Jar

Wine In A Jar Centerpiece Stand

In most weddings, guest tables are not so big to place large centerpieces. It doesn’t matter if the tables are square or rectangular. A big table centerpiece on a small rectangular table will over-crowed it, making your guest invisible. Therefore, it’s always better to go for a small to medium size centerpiece. For this purpose, another simple yet modern idea is to place a wine bottle in a glass jar.

You can fill the jar with potpourri, petals, corks, or fairy lights. In summer events, wine in a pot is also a creative way to serve alcohol. This way, it is both a table centerpiece decoration and a serving jar.

Table Numbers In A Frame

Table Number Centerpiece Stand

As simple and creative as it can get using framed table numbers as a centerpiece stand is a beautiful idea. You can go for any type of frame, such as wooden, clear, rustic, and made with cardboard. You can also place a flower vase with it for contrast.

Table Lanterns

Table Lantern Centerpiece Stand

Another excellent idea to decorate your wedding table centerpieces is by placing table lanterns. There are a lot of designs and materials in lanterns. You can transform a medium size table lantern into a centerpiece stand or put two or three small lanterns as table centerpieces. 

The best part about lanterns is you can do multiple wedding themes with them. For instance, place oil candles inside the lanterns to give a vintage look. You can also use a rustic lantern with fairy lights or an electric candle.

Lanterns are best for outdoor events. You can decorate the surrounding area with them in addition to tables. The whole arrangement will look pretty romantic.

Flower Vase

Flower Vase Centerpiece Stand

Nothing beats a vase full of beautiful floral arrangements. There are so many types of vases that you can never go wrong with choosing any of them for your big day. Whether round, long or short or you DIY, flower vases always look beautiful on a table. 

Once again, you can go for a big bowl vase for your wedding table as a centerpiece stand, or you can put several small vases as table centerpieces. If you are low on a decorative budget, you can make your own vase using empty wine bottles or mason jars. All you need is to color them according to your décor theme and put fresh flowers in them. You also add small glass candles and wine glasses alongside the flower vase.

Table Stands

Table Centerpiece Stand

Table stands can provide a stunning look to your rectangular wedding table. You can use a big one in the center or one or two small ones. There are many color options in them, from brass to gold. Place a prominent flower bouquet on the stand to contrast with the wedding décor.

A rectangular centerpiece stand provides a simple yet modernistic touch to the overall theme of your wedding. Its unique design helps place flowers and other decorations on top and within the frame.

In addition to flowers, you can place a tiny candle or table number for a wholesome look.

Candle Stands

Candle Centerpiece Stand

Going for candle stands is always the best solution when nothing works for you or if you do not have a lot of time to think about wedding decorating. You can use different shapes and sizes of candle stands. You can go for small glass candles, traditional candle stands, or multiple candle stands. These will look wonderful as table centerpieces. 

Place some other decoration pieces along with these candle stands to make a main centerpiece stand. A few decoration ideas to complement your candle stands are small vases, wine glasses, small lanterns, flower beds, etc. 

Candle stands are also ideal for decorating an exclusively private and trim function. You don’t need big rectangular table centerpieces arrangements to spend a lot. Unbox your grandma’s candle stands and create a romantic ambiance.

There are many centerpiece ideas in this video you can use to get further inspiration for your function.

Source: Cavin Elizabeth


A wedding is such an important event in your life that you want everything to be perfect and unique. Just like a beautiful wedding gown, delicious food and tasty wine are essential for a wedding event. Likewise, decorating a wedding table is equally important. 

This post shares some of the ideas for wedding table centerpieces. You can choose from this list or get an idea to imagine your style. However, take some time to match your table décor with the entire wedding day theme. Moreover, don’t go for something that overcrowds the table.

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