Wedding Budget Guide: How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

It’s not just the cost of the wedding dress or venue that can kill your budget. Have you factored in the cost of flowers? The price of wedding flowers can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on where and what type of flowers you choose. For most couples, flowers are an essential element of the wedding day. But how much should you be spending on flowers? And what should you look out for to ensure you don’t get ripped off?

If you’re curious about the cost of flowers, read on to learn more about how much wedding flowers cost and some helpful tips on how to budget your floral expenses per your overall wedding budget.

Average Cost of Different Wedding Flowers

Let’s talk about the different best types of wedding flowers with their actual costs.

white rose for wedding flowers

Single Rose

A single rose can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00, depending on the size and quality. Roses are a classic choice for a wedding flower and can be used in various ways. They also have the bonus of being relatively inexpensive. A bouquet made up entirely of roses will probably run you about $30-$40, depending on where you buy them. Red roses are especially popular for Valentine’s Day, so if your wedding is coming up around that time, this could be a great option.

In addition, if you want to get creative with your floral bouquet designs, red roses might not look out of place mixed with other flowers. White roses are often a good choice because they’ll match any color scheme or dress style.

calla lily flowers for wedding decoration

Calla Lily

If you’re looking for a classic, elegant flower, look no further than the calla lily. This trumpet-shaped bloom comes in various colors, including white, pink, yellow, and orange. Calla lilies are popular at weddings because they last up to two weeks with proper care. This type of flower ranges from $15 to $35 per bouquet. You can get them pre-arranged or as loose flowers. To keep your bouquet fresh, cut off any flowers that start to wilt. Keep your perfume away from direct sunlight and store it in a cool place when not in use.

hydrangea flower bouquet for wedding centerpieces

Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

One of the most popular wedding flowers, hydrangeas, comes in various colors, including blue, purple, pink, and white. A bouquet of hydrangeas typically costs between $40 and $60. This wedding flower is often considered to be nature’s artwork because of its colorful petals that form intricate patterns on its head. This is also extremely easy to grow and can be produced from cuttings or seedlings since it has both male and female reproductive organs.

And while they bloom only in late spring or early summer, they can last up to three months when properly cared for by clipping their heads off and trimming their stems after each bloom cycle.

lilies flower is classic wedding bouquet flower


Lilies are a classic wedding flower, and for a good reason – they’re elegant, beautiful, and come in various colors. While they can be a bit pricey, lilies are worth the splurge. The cost of a lily’s bouquet is between $20 to $45 .Here are some of the best lily varieties for your wedding day

  • White: perfect for a spring or summer wedding
  • Red: dramatic against other white flowers or green plants
  • Yellow: sunny addition to any bouquet
  • Orange: stunning with reds, blues, purples or oranges -Pink: romantic choice that adds softness to any arrangement
  • Purple: goes well with whites, greys, silver or gold accents
  • Peach: perfect as a sweet and simple accent color

Handtied Bouquet

A hand-tied bouquet is a great option for couples who want a rustic or relaxed feel to their wedding. This type of bouquet is also one of the most affordable, with prices starting at around $30. If you’re looking for a hand-tied bouquet that will stand out, try incorporating some unique blooms like sunflowers or lavender. Greenery is also a great way to add texture and interest to your bouquet. These flowers are typically more affordable than other types of flowers.

Prices can range from as low as $20-$50, depending on what greenery you choose to use in your bouquet. Lastly, there are many different options for styles, such as nosegays, sheaves, corsages and buttonholes, which all offer additional benefits and features.

orchids for attractive wedding flowers


Orchids are an attractive option for wedding flowers, and they come in various colors to suit any theme. They’re also relatively affordable, with most florists charging between $3 and $5 per stem. Remember that orchids are a bit delicate, so be sure to ask your florist how to best care for them on your big day. There’s a chance they’ll need to be refrigerated. You might want to consider ordering more than you’ll need just in case some arrive damaged or wilt too quickly.


Tulips are a classic springtime wedding flower and come in many colors. They’re also one of the more affordable wedding flowers, with prices starting at around $1 per stem. In addition to being inexpensive, tulips are also easy to arrange into bouquets and centerpieces. Plus, they can last up to two weeks when treated properly. Prices for tulips vary depending on the kind of bloom you purchase and where you buy them from.

Generally speaking, tulip bulbs that have been planted before will be cheaper than those that have not been produced yet because of their increased labour costs. There are three main types of tulips: regular, semi-double, and double. The latter is more expensive due to its rarity and time-consuming cultivation process.

tuips flowers for wedding bouquet option

Bunch of Mixed Flowers

Mixed flowers are a great option if you’re looking for various colors and textures. Plus, they’re usually less expensive(almost $10 to $25) per bouquet) than buying each type of wedding flower separately. The cost depends on what’s in the bunch. For example, an armful of roses will be more expensive than one or two roses. You can also buy mixed bouquets with flowers that last longer (like orchids) to make your investment last. And don’t forget about corsages. They’re a great way to add color and detail without spending too much money.

But remember that most corsages are seasonal, so they may not be available at certain times of the year. It’s also important to check their availability before ordering them online, as some vendors only ship during specific seasons.

Save Money on Wedding Flowers: Tips to Cut Costs

With the average wedding costing over $30,000 in 2021, it’s understandable that many people are looking to save money on their marriage by cutting costs on wedding flowers. While you can always trim your budget by going with fewer flowers or DIY your bouquets and centerpieces, there are plenty of other ways to save money on your flowers. Here are eight money-saving tips for wedding flowers that will help you keep your costs down without sacrificing the look you want.

Order Your Bouquets in Bulk

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your wedding flowers, one of the best things you can do is order your bouquets in bulk. While this may seem like a small thing that doesn’t make a difference, buying ten perfumes at $5 each instead of 1 praise at $50 each is a savings of $250.

Another perk of ordering in bulk is that it allows you to choose from more variety and colors than buying individual bouquets. One company that offers these bulk orders is Blooms by the Box. They offer prices starting at just $1 per stem and free shipping on orders over $100.

Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

If you’re flexible with your wedding date, consider getting married during off-peak times like mid-week or the winter months. This will give you more negotiating power with vendors and save you a lot of money. Don’t forget to ask friends and family members if they know anyone who might be willing to donate wedding flowers for your big day. Remember that not all flowers are created equal – cheaper options include carnations, daisies, garden roses, and lavender. You’ll also want to budget some extra cash for flower care – it’s not just about buying them.

use seasonal flowers for bride bouquet

Use Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are typically less expensive than those that are out-of-season. Talk to your florist about which blooms will be in season and available on your wedding day. You may be surprised that some of your favourite flowers are affordable in season. One example is the peony, one of the most popular types of flower for weddings. They can be as inexpensive as $2 a stem. In comparison, out-of-season peonies cost upwards of $20 per stem.

For an average wedding of 100 guests, this could mean spending $2,000 or more just on peonies alone. Of course, there are other seasonal options such as tulips (in early spring), poppies (late summer), dahlias (autumn) and pansies (winter). Consider the timing of your wedding, so you don’t end up paying more than you need to.

Buy Online, in Bulk

When it comes to wedding flowers, one of the best ways to save money is to buy them online in bulk. This way, you can get a great deal on many flowers, and you won’t have to worry about them being fresh. Plus, buying online will give you more time to focus on other aspects of your wedding. For example, if you order from an online store like Nuptio, Inweder or Sziqiqi, they’ll deliver straight to your doorstep. You don’t have to spend extra time picking up the flowers yourself.

Make sure that if you purchase from an online retailer, they are reputable (check reviews) and that their shipping costs are reasonable. Some sites offer free shipping, which is always nice. You may also want to compare prices between different retailers before making your final decision.

Opt For Decorations Instead of Bouquets

One way to save money on wedding flowers is to ditch the bouquets and go for decorations instead. This way, you can get more bang for your buck since the decorations will last longer. Opt for inexpensive types like tulips or garden roses if you want to include some fresh flowers in your decor. Another option is to focus on one or two buds, such as lilies and roses, with accents of other less expensive options such as daisies.

Use fake flowers sparingly, so they don’t detract from other elements of your décor. For example, use them to fill in the gaps around a large centrepiece arrangement. Make sure that guests know that there are no real flowers by placing a sign near them reading just decoration.

Shop Around

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your wedding flowers, one of the best things you can do is shop around. Compare prices from different florists and see what they have to offer. You may find a florist that will work with you to create a custom package at an affordable price. You may also find a florist who offers discounts for bulk orders or even free consultations. There are plenty of great deals if you know where to look. So don’t be afraid to shop around. You might end up saving yourself some cash in the process.

Remove Floral Centerpieces From a Wedding Reception

If you’re looking to save money on your wedding flowers, one way to do so is to remove the centerpieces from your reception tables. This will save you money on the flowers themselves and the cost of renting vases or other containers. Plus, it’s one less thing you or your wedding planner have to worry about. It may seem like a small detail, but removing floral centerpieces can make a difference in your budget.

To cut costs, even more, skip out on fancy and expensive centerpieces and use something simple and inexpensive such as an arrangement of candles with fresh flowers. You’ll end up with an equally beautiful centrepiece that was much cheaper to create.


A wedding isn’t complete without flowers, and finding the right ones in your price range can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for—understanding the difference between flower types and sizes and some of the ways that flowers are sold and classified will make choosing wedding flowers easier on your budget and still beautiful on your special day. This can be tricky to estimate because of all the different services involved, and the flowers are no exception.

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