Top 12 Wedding Table Decorations You Can Buy Online

A wedding reception is an auspicious event that the couple looks forward to. The day is not only a delightful one for them but also a beautiful memory for the entire family. The event asks for careful planning. Vibrant themes, palatable cuisine, and enticing wedding centerpieces for your venue are necessary. It all completes the tale of the dreamy wedding you longed for. 

A wedding needs a centerpiece that follows outclass decor and flower arrangements that are unique, true to your theme, and work to impress. Different styles and accessories only improve the complexity of the design and its glamour.

Here we have picked some attractive wedding centerpieces that add life and color to your ceremony.

Candle Holders Wedding Centerpieces

Metal Pillar Hurricane Candle Holder with Glass

The beautiful geometrical design of these modern candle wedding centerpieces make it a fantastic decor item for your wedding centerpieces. It can be used on each of the tables at your setup. The wrought iron is rustproof and sturdy, while the gold color gives it an authentic look. The removable glass not only holds the candle, but the design has room for decoration with flowers and ornaments.

Metal Pillar Hurricane Candle Holder with Glass For Wedding Centerpieces

Zinc Alloy Candelabra Candlestick Holder

The alloy candelabra is modern and classy, with a vintage air that looks neat when decorating. Ideal weight and construction provide stability as it handsomely holds the candles. 

These wedding centerpieces will take you to the beautiful old days of being united with family and loved ones.

Zinc Alloy Candelabra Candlestick Holder for Wedding Centerpieces

Vintage Candle Lantern For Wedding

Candle lanterns are another pretty ornament that works great as a wedding centerpieces at your big day. Again, a rusty traditional theme ceremony offers excellent room to use. 

It creates an old-school vibe design and a village-style loop pattern. The lanterns complete the look to perfection and add warmth to the air.

Vintage Candle Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Vintage Bird Cage Decorative Candle Holders

Standout your wedding table with this stunning vintage bird cage decorative candle holder. The classic black cylindrical design gives elegance and adds a touch of sparkle to your wedding centerpieces. It features a highly carved wire cage, a bird figurine on top, and a tripod holder providing soft, romantic light.

Vintage Bird Cage Decorative Candle Holders Wedding Centerpieces

Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Tall Centerpiece Stands

The wedding centerpieces are sophisticated in design and elegant in character. The tall risers beautifully hold the flowers and enhance the tables, arrangements, and the ceremony’s vibe. 

The charming designs, sturdy metal, and eye-catching shine make them perfect to top your main table and the guest ones. The beauty goes well with any flower preparation that you have in mind. The glamorous build adds life to a dull wedding and brings out the wonderful colors of life waiting for you ahead.

Tall Wedding Centerpiece Vases

Tall Metal Floor Vase 

These beautiful floor vases are made of really good metal and covered in shiny gold. They look old-fashioned and classy, perfect for weddings!

You will get three vases that are different sizes. They can all fit inside each other, making storing and moving them easy. And don’t worry about setting them up because we will give you instructions that are easy to follow.

These vases are really big and round, and you can put flowers in them for any special day or event. They are very useful and can be used for lots of different things.

Tall Metal Floor Vase Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Metal Vases

Bouquets inspire the shape of these planter urns and have an artistic curve that makes them elegant and high-end. The gold trumpet vase is luxurious, while the white vases are classic and versatile. The vintage grey vase is perfect for shabby chic decor if you’re looking for a more rustic feel.

Assembling these wedding centerpieces planters is a breeze. Simply take one minute to put the two main parts of the pedestal vases together and tighten them with screws. The package includes the planter urns, screws, and a hexagon wrench, so you can start decorating immediately.

Metal Vases Wedding Centerpieces

Galvanized Flower Bucket for Wedding Centerpieces

Another embellishment that will look great as a wedding centerpiece is this flower bucket pot. The galvanized metal is sturdy and elegant, embossed with a unique pattern that enhances its style and grace. 

The golden rim gives a touch of simplicity that carries the essence of celebration and love. It is perfect for decorating on festive occasions, especially if your wedding is concerned. Gently holding the flowers, real or fake, doubles their beauty. The rustic aura will give you warm greetings as the family gets together to dine.

Galvanized Flower Bucket Wedding Centerpieces

Short Wedding Metal Vases

Metal Flowers Arrangement Vase

With a solid cast iron base, these small flower pots are sturdy and won’t fall over, even with the weight of more flowers.

The design of these small urns is inspired by a blooming flower, making them look elegant and charming. The gold trumpet vase has a polished finish, while the white vase has a white matte finish with a distressed finish on the bottom. No assembly is required, so you can start decorating right away.

These macetas para arreglos florales are made of recyclable metal, making them strong, durable, and rust-resistant. You can fill them with fresh flowers, faux bouquets, silk flowers, pampas, and dried flowers.

Flowers Arrangement Vase Metal Wedding Centerpieces

Metal Vase for Flower Arrangements 

This plant pot has a big opening and pretty designs on it. You can put all kinds of flowers in it, like real, fake, or even dried ones. There are three colors to choose from brown, grey, and gold. They will look good at any party or event. 

In addition, this plant pot is very easy to take care of. You just need to water the flowers inside, which will grow big and beautiful. You can put it in your garden or inside your house. It will look pretty wherever you decide to put it. You can also give it to someone you love who likes flowers!

Metal Vase for Flower Arrangements

Vintage Vases Table Centerpieces  

Large openings and an encrusted pattern give the flower pots an attractive look. These centerpieces give the wedding décor a more remarkable, classic, and opulent impression. It easily complements various wedding centerpieces. In addition, the pedestal vase can hold a variety of embellishments, such as silk flowers, blossom garlands, and fresh flowers. 

Flowers are essential to the romantic conclusion of any wedding. They represent gentleness, affection, and care. The metal vases offer a fantastic method to enchant your tables to create something unique and memorable.

Vintage Vases Table Centerpieces

Flower Urn Vase for Wedding Table Centerpiece

This is a pretty flower pot that you can use outside. You can put all kinds of flowers in it, like real, fake, or even dried lavender. It will look nice at weddings or special dinners with your loved ones. It’s a great way to make things look beautiful and special. This is a pretty flower pot that you can use outside. It has a big open and pretty designs that make it look fancy and old-fashioned. You can put all kinds of flowers in it, like real, fake, or even dried lavender. It will look nice at weddings or special dinners with your loved ones. It’s a great way to make things look beautiful and special. 

Flower Urn Vase for Wedding Table Centerpiece


A wedding is such a cherished event for every person getting married. You spend much time thinking about the event, its decoration, and how it will unfold on the day. Wedding centerpieces and flowers are essential to your wedding, into which you put much thought. 

Using the determined budget, you do everything in the perfect manner possible. These little things add a lot of character, color, and vibe to your setting and make it feel welcoming.

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