Tips On Decorating 2 Same-Style Metal Vases For Side Tables

Beautiful vases make your home look aesthetically stunning and fascinating. There is a range of vases available for you, depending on the size, shape, color, and materials. While choosing a metal vase table décor, you can consider the overall interior of the room. These vases differ in texture and design; hence you must be mindful while picking one up for your home.

Now the question is, what to do if you have two identical pieces of vase table decor at home? 

Well! One of the easiest ways is to put the two in different rooms. But hold on, here we have an amazing idea using which you can put them together in the same room. 

Eager to know how? Let’s look at the ideas that will help you achieve a stunning décor piece even when the vases are identical.

1. Vary the Heights

Adding height to the metal vase is a clever technique to make your arrangement look beautiful. You can place it over beautiful boxes or books to elevate its height. This method works well with the same style and size metal vases that you need to put on either side of the table. This idea works best with the table in the living room near your television.

2. Metal Vase with Symmetry

You can place your vases in a symmetrical arrangement to create a structured visual. This trick will enhance your vase table décor, and you must try to keep both of them at an equal distance from the center. This gives your décor a balance and clean look that is pleasing to the eyes. Be mindful while choosing the vase for an elegant look.

3. Mix and Match Vases

Try putting different flowers in each vase table decor and pair them with some greenery. This will help you to create a stunning masterpiece that will capture the hearts of the beholder. You can incorporate some color contrast, different-sized flowers, and multiple blooms.

While choosing the color of flowers, you must pay attention that it blends well with the two similar vase table decors. This will help you create a vibrant and interesting focal point. 

4. Coordinate Colors

For your metal vase decoration, be creative while selecting flowers and foliage. The blooms that you choose should complement the color of your metal vases. Since you have the vase available at home, try to pick flowers that fall in the same color palette. You can take references from the internet about the color palette scheme to match the theme.

Floral Metal Vases for Wedding Table Decor

5. Consider Texture and Shape

There are metal vases that have unique textures and shapes; hence try to be creative if you are using one of such kinds. For example, if you have a hammered textured vase with a long neck, then you can choose a flower that has a light hue and soft contrast. 

Likewise, if you have a shiny plain vase table decor, then you can put vibrant wildflowers in it to complement each other’s features.

6. Add Greenery or Filler

Don’t leave gaps in the openings of the vase table decor, and try to fill them with foliage. There are some vases that come with a wide opening, while some have narrow mouths. 

Suppose you have put in the flowers that you have chosen, and you see gaps in the openings. You can fill it with lush greenery or filler flowers. Ferns, eucalyptus, baby’s breath, etc., are great fillers that you can use. They can add a visually stunning look to your arrangement and make it look elegant.

7. Incorporate Decorative Elements

Another idea is to use some decorative elements that will go well with your flower and vase table décor. You can use ribbons, twines, beads, styrofoam balls, cotton balls, etc., to make your piece look more appealing. 

While using identical vase table decor, be careful & try not to overcrowd the area near the vases, as this may ruin the visual and your efforts. The flowers and the vase should be the main focus of the overall decoration.

8. Add Light to Metal Vases

You can add lights to your table vase decoration to make it look magical and dreamy. There are colorful LED lights, rice bulbs, or fairy lights, which can illuminate beautiful pieces. It is advised to go with yellow lights as it complements flowers and vases the best. 

However, you can choose other colors, too, depending on the color of your metal vase. The lighting effect will look more profound and detailed if your vase table decor has some intricate cut-out designs.  

9. Consider the Surrounding Décor

Many people ignore this, but your vase and flowers should match the color scheme of its surroundings. You cannot change your furniture or interior for the day, but you can modify your vase table décor. Make sure to choose something that blends well with the aesthetic of the room you are decorating.

For example, if you have teal blue paint on the walls, then you can put golden metal vases on either side of the table. To fill the urns add yellow flowers like sunflowers, lilies, tulips, etc., along with some greenery. This will perfectly combine and harmonize with the aesthetic of the room.


Metals such as brass, aluminum, copper, silver, etc., are used to make beautiful vases. Some of them are used in vase table décor, bedside décor, hallway décor, balcony décor, and more. The problem is not that there is a metal vase in the house, but it starts when there are two identical metal vases. It becomes difficult for you to think about how to decorate it or where to keep it so that it does not sting the eyes. 

All you need is a little bit of creativity, and you can easily make your home look visually fascinating. Incorporate the tip that is provided to you and add some more practical techniques to it according to you. Don’t wait and go apply these wonderful ideas to enhance your room appearance with identical vase table decor.

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