Tips for Choosing the Right Size for Decorative Table Vases

What Are Decorative Table Vases?

Decorative table vases are one of the most beautiful at your events. Although most people get worried about the perfect size for their event, a perfect-fit vase is motivated by different factors. Some people think a big vase is more beautiful, while others prefer a smaller vase.

The large and small vases are lovely, but you must realize they are best used for different things. You will get appropriate guidance from this article to aid you in selecting the ideal size for a table vase. There is no fixed-size vase for dinner, a wedding, or your anniversary. If you need help understanding the basics of selecting the right vase size, your events could be more satisfying.

This is the ultimate guide to the sizes of table centerpieces vases you can choose. This aim is to help you purchase the correct size table centerpiece vase.

decorative table vases for centerpiece

4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Decorative Table Vases


One of the most critical factors in choosing your decorative table vases is the type of event. You cannot use the same size of decorative table vases for different occasions. The type of events determines the size, color, and even the design of the centerpiece vase. For example, all events need well-adorned, colorful vases to add to a wedding decor style.

A small table centerpiece vase is excellent for a mini wedding but is not proper for a large wedding. Before selecting the size of your decorative table vases, you must consider the purpose, type of celebration, or event.


It would help if you remembered that money is always a determining factor for the quality of whatever you want. If you are planning a low-cost wedding or event, consider a table centerpiece vase that is either small or inexpensive. Although, size is a relative factor in determining the cost. i.e., a small vase can cost more than an enormous vase; what determines the price of the vase is the quality, not the size.

However, your budget will serve as a guide to the size you will purchase. Understand that both small and big vases are both beautiful. If you do not determine your budget, you might get confused about which size you will need for your event.

Using big decorative table vases in a small venue will be improper, and vice versa. Before choosing the size of your table centerpiece vase, conduct a background check on your forum and be sure it can accommodate the type of table vase you want. Interestingly, some venues can only accommodate one big-size table vase rather than multiple small ones.

Using multiple small table-size decorative table vases will restrict the movement of guests and make the venue uncomfortable. Another factor to look out for is the event’s location and be sure that there are no restrictions on cleaning or the type of materials used. These centerpiece restrictions could include materials, vendor type, etc., and ensure your centerpiece vase is suitable for your venue.

Table Shapes

Different types of table shapes must be considered while choosing the size of your table centerpiece vase. Table shapes could be round, square, rectangular, or oval. Each figure has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before selecting a small or big vase. For instance, the round tables allow guests to sit at every point.

Any space on the table will make it a misfit for your event. You must be sure these table shapes are a good fit for whatever centerpiece vase you use. Remember, the tables and centerpiece vases will be used together. If they don’t fit, your events become shambolic, which wouldn’t be nice on a beautiful day.


The last factor to be considered in your choice of table centerpiece vase is your guest preference. You must conduct underground research on your guest and be sure of their vase preference. This can be difficult for significant events, but you can consider your closest guests while choosing the size of the vase.

Some guests are allergic to scents, pollen, or a specific type of flower. It becomes the right choice for your event if you get a smaller vase void of these allergies. Further, some guests prefer simple designs on the table centerpiece vases. This should also be highlighted while choosing a size.

When choosing the ideal size for your table centerpiece vase, some factors must be noted. There are certain things to remember. The crucial factors are the event location, guests, and cost. Considering these three, you will make an excellent choice for a fun-filled and successful event. It’s up to you to choose and enjoy a fantastic event at the end.


Decorative table vases are a great delight. Ensure you do choose right when making plans for your wedding event. Following these tips gives you a hedge.

To bring out the best in your wedding, make sure to have a well-sized centerpiece vase.

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