The Truth About Wedding Flowers

With so many decisions surrounding your big day, choosing wedding flowers can seem like an added hassle you don’t want to deal with. But if you do it right, flowers can take the stress out of wedding planning and put some romance on your big day. This guide will address some of the most critical facts about wedding flowers.

What Is a Reasonable Amount to Spend on Wedding Flowers?

Weddings are supposed to be about splurging on what you want, but some wedding expenses can seem completely unnecessary. Many people who’ve never planned weddings think that flowers are too expensive. They are used to decorate your wedding centerpieces and tables.  The wedding flowers have an average price range between $1500 and $5000.

wedding flowers for table

Why Are Flowers So Expensive for Weddings?

Here are some reasons why wedding flowers are so expensive.

Supply & Demand

The high cost of flowers is because flowers are a perishable commodity and must be grown, harvested, stored, and sold in a short time frame. Many resources go into producing them, contributing to the price. When demand exceeds supply, prices rise; when demand falls, prices drop quickly. As with other industries, market prices fluctuate based on weather conditions, international trade regulations, and changes in currency values.

For example, suppose there’s an increase in people moving from country to country during economic downturns or a sudden decrease in oil production that affects fertilizer availability. In that case, it could impact flower production worldwide.

For further information, you can watch the below video.

Source: Bridechilla Podcast

The Cost of Staying Competitive

It’s easy to see why the average wedding flower costs upwards of $30,000. Not only is there a lot of competition in the industry, but weddings have also become more extravagant. A bride doesn’t want her guests to think she didn’t put enough thought into her celebration. That is why she spends more money on flowers, a venue, and decorations than previous generations may have. It has almost turned into an arms race. One industry insider told CNBC. It used to be that people would compete over who could make the best chicken soup, he said.

Now it’s who can make the most beautiful wedding. Brides know that their parents or grandparents paid much less when married. This point pushes them to spend more even if they’re not necessarily comfortable doing so. Brides spend excessive amounts on their weddings. That is why flower suppliers will continue charging those prices.

Lack of Competition in Smaller Markets

One of the reasons why flowers can be so expensive for weddings is that smaller markets usually have less competition. This means that finding someone who will sell at a lower cost will be more challenging if you’re in a small town. The other reason is that most florists charge per flower, which adds up pretty quickly when discussing bouquets. Floral designers also need to factor in overhead costs like rent and materials, which could result in higher prices. And lastly, there are many added fees, including delivery fees on your flowers. These taxes don’t exist with something like buying produce from your local grocery store.

Some Other Reasons

Let’s see some other reasons why wedding flowers cost highly.

  1. Quality

Since flowers are a consumer’s first impression at an event, they must be high quality. If they look cheap, everything else will look cheap, and the bride may not get the wedding experience she wants.

  1. Quantity

Flowers will always be expensive because of the quantity needed to decorate a venue or ceremony site fully.

  1. Availability

As flowers are seasonal, availability is limited, which leads to higher prices due to demand.

  1. Labor

Labor costs account for up to 50% of the price tag on flower arrangements, so it makes sense that more labor equals higher prices.

The Worst Flowers to Have in Your Wedding Bouquet

Here’s our list of the worst wedding flowers in your wedding bouquet.



Lilies are not the best choice for a bride. They are known as funeral flowers and are typically associated with death because they resemble lilies that line graves. In addition, they release a scent during the day that can be overpowering. If you’re set on using them for your wedding, make sure you have plenty of other flowers mixed in with them. Do this by adding at least three or four more flowers.



Carnations are one of the worst flowers in your wedding routine. There are a few reasons they shouldn’t be used at all.

  • First, they’re white, and your bridal party should wear a different color.
  • Second, they have a short vase life and will wilt quickly (a few hours).
  • Third, they don’t smell good. This is crucial because you want your guests to feel like they’re walking into a beautiful garden when they walk up to the ceremony site.
  • Finally, people think it’s bad luck to give carnations, so no one wants them for their wedding.

Instead, opt for roses or lilies if you need a white flower.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies flowers for table decoration

Gerbera daisies are one of the worst flowers in your wedding bouquet because they only last a few days and will not look fresh. Most people consider a flower unattractive, so it is best to avoid them altogether if you do not want people to judge you for your choice of flowers.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath has always been a traditional wedding flower; however, there are several reasons why this might not be the best idea. For example, a baby’s breath cannot be pinned together without a pin that leaves an unsightly hole on top of the flower. In addition to this issue, the baby’s breath tends to wilt quickly and dry out. Any slight touch or moisture can quickly cause it to fall apart on your bouquet.


Snapdragons are beautiful flowers. But they’re often overlooked because they’re less common than roses or lilies. But snapdragons are delicate, and their petals tend to fall off quickly, so you should avoid them if you want your bouquet to last. Plus, the color of snapdragons isn’t as vibrant as other flowers like roses or gardenias. And while it might be nice to have an accent of blue somewhere in the arrangement, that’s not always possible with this particular flower.

If you decide on a bouquet with snapdragons, keep them as an accent. Also, try to use as few stems of these flowers as possible to balance them with other more sturdy flowers.


Chrysanthemums are one of the most common flowers used in wedding bouquets, but these flowers have a lot of trouble looking good. A fresh-cut bunch of chrysanthemums will look droopy and wilted within a day or two. They also tend to be yellowish or off-white, which doesn’t make for an appealing bouquet. They’re not poisonous, so it’s up to you if you want them on your bouquet!


Lavender smells awful, it stains clothes purple, and it doesn’t last long at all. If you don’t like the smell of lavender, your guests probably won’t either. Allowing this flower to take center stage in your bouquet is just asking for bad luck. Also, lavender stains anything it comes into contact with – including people’s clothing. You might as well wear a T-shirt that says I got married today! Because chances are your friends and family will be able to tell.


Orchids are often considered the most romantic flowers and can be a good choice for some brides. But orchids are also expensive and difficult to care for, so you should only consider them if you’re willing to put in the time and money. If not, other flowers will work just as well. If you love something with a formidable reputation like oleanders (or calla lilies), go ahead and use it! It’s your day, after all. Remember that there are many factors to consider when choosing your bouquet: color, shape, size, and fragrance. Most importantly is how you feel about each flower—if one doesn’t suit you, don’t include it.

Who Pays for Wedding Flowers?

It’s common knowledge that the bride’s family typically pays for the wedding and associated events, but what about flowers? A typical wedding can easily cost well into the thousands of dollars. Therefore, it’s vital to know who should pay for what, especially regarding delicate details like flowers. Paying for your wedding flowers can help cut costs and ensure you have total creative control over your big day flowers. Traditionally, the groom’s family always pays for wedding flowers.

Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Flowers

If you’re planning to get married soon, you’ve started crunching numbers on what the actual wedding flowers will cost. Here are eight tips to help you save money on your wedding flowers. These tips will make a difference in how much you spend on your bouquets and centerpieces.

Hire Only The Best

When it comes to flowers, you want the best of the best. This means that you need to hire a professional florist who will know how to create the most beautiful floral arrangements. You also need to have plenty of money for these arrangements because they will be your focal point. You also want to ensure that this is someone who has worked with your venue before and knows what is needed. So that they do not have any problem setting up the venue with everything necessary. Make sure you’ve hired the right person, so your floral arrangements are exactly what you dreamed about.

Get Free Bridesmaid Bouquets

Save money and make your bridesmaid bouquets. All you need is a bunch of flowers from the grocery store, ribbon, and floral tape to get the look of professionally made boutonnieres and corsages. You can also use fabric like tulle or lace to create bows, headbands, or sashes. If you want to buy some pre-made items, try getting custom tiaras or headbands at party stores. You’ll save yourself time and money while still getting that special touch. Plus, any leftover blooms can be used as centerpieces or in other parts of the wedding decor.

Tip: Choose paper ribbons with wider widths because they’re easier to wrap around flowers and won’t cause damage to stems over time. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the flower’s stem and secure it with floral wire. For small bunches, hold them together with one long piece of floral wire wrapped into a loop and secured at both ends.

Check Out Second Hand Markets

Buying from a second-hand market is a great way to find flowers at a lower cost. Second-hand markets are also an excellent way to buy supplies you can use in other projects. It’s worth the drive if it means saving money and having more left to spend on things like food, entertainment, or your honeymoon! One of my favorite online shops is run by Design Sponge. They have an extensive selection of accessories and decorations that I can’t find anywhere else.

Finally, consider the season when purchasing flowers; prices will change depending upon timing! For example, tulips might be cheaper in January, while roses might be cheaper in June. If you plan and think about where you want to shop first, the potential savings could add up.

Order Your Church Decor Early

Church decor is a great way to save money, and if you order it early, it will be much cheaper than buying it on your wedding day. Ordering church decor early is excellent, especially if you know what you want. For example, if you have a spring or summer wedding and want floral arrangements with pastel colors, then you should order those as soon as possible. If you want winter flowers and decorations like red velvet roses, you might want to order that in advance. Planning out your decorations in advance can help ensure everything goes smoothly on your big day! Make sure to plan when selecting color schemes, styles, and other decorations.

Knowing your color scheme before ordering any items for the ceremony will help ensure that you get exactly what you need. Remember not to forget centerpieces, flower girl baskets, aisle decor, and more! You’ll also want to factor in how many people will be attending. Remember that weddings usually cost around $30-$40 per person, so keep this figure in mind when planning things like centerpieces.

A Good Florist is Affordable

If you want to save money, consider working with a good florist. Florists can take care of everything from the centerpieces to the bouquets and your overall floral design, but they don’t have to be expensive. You need to know where to find them. Here are some tips that will help:

  1. Ask around!
  2. Consider vendors who specialize in weddings and events
  3. Look at reviews online
  4. Start early! As soon as possible is best when arranging flowers, so get your budget set to ensure enough time to work within it.
  5. The best time of year is usually in December or January when the flowers are fresh, and there’s plenty of selection.

Combine Styles to Save Money

You can save money on wedding flowers by combining styles. For example, you could have all of the bridesmaids’ bouquets in different colors but the same style. You can also combine different flowers to achieve a similar look without paying high prices. For example, instead of buying tulips and roses separately, you could buy both types in bulk and add one to each part of your arrangement. If you want an elaborate design with many different types of flowers, this is not a good option.

This is because it will take much longer to set up than an arrangement with just two or three types. The more specific the request, the more expensive it will be. An experienced florist will know how to suggest something that fits your budget based on what you are looking for.

Get Creative With Designs

When planning a wedding, flowers can be one of the most expensive. Luckily, there are a few ways to save money on wedding flowers. One way is to use fresh flowers from your garden or local farmer’s market. Another is to plan your bouquet around in-season blooms that you can find at your local florist. You can also use succulents and cacti as centerpieces. These plants need very little care and do not need water during the ceremony. Succulents also make great favors since they are easy to keep alive! To save even more money, consider using dried flowers or plants. Dried lavender will last forever and can give your décor an earthy look.

To mix up the look of your reception tables without spending too much, try using items like feathers, candles, fruit baskets, or fabric runners. You can also mix these with lace accents rather than traditional table linens and centerpieces. For an extra touch of elegance, pair white candle holders with gold candlesticks rather than plastic votives with LED lights.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

When it comes to flowers, bigger isn’t always better. More giant flowers are often more expensive and may cost you more money than necessary. Consider using a smaller flower to save some cash! You can also create different-sized arrangements that will still look beautiful. A floral designer can help you with this, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Your guests will have no idea the difference in the size of your bouquet or corsages if they’re not standing right next to them.

Plus, by spending less on the flowers themselves, you’ll be able to invest in something else like catering or lighting for your reception. There are plenty of ways to save money when planning a wedding, so don’t worry about cutting back on those flowers!


Whether you want them or not, it’s tough to avoid getting caught up in the wedding flowers trend when planning your big day. From centerpieces, table clothes, napkins, and cake plates, weddings are all about flowers – and they can get pretty expensive. We hope our guide has helped you to know the facts about wedding flowers. These truths will help you to arrange the flowers for your wedding nicely.


What is the best flower to give at a wedding?

The best flower to give at a wedding is the one that is most meaningful to you and the couple. Whether a bouquet of daisies or roses, any flower will make your special moment last just a little longer. There are many different types of flowers for weddings, including calla lilies, tulips, sunflowers, etc.

How much do flowers cost for a wedding?

The cost of flowers for a wedding varies greatly depending on the type of flowers, quantity, and where you purchase them. You can buy a single rose at a grocery store for less than $1 or spend upwards of $100+ per stem at an upscale florist. It’s best to speak with your potential florist about what they offer and their pricing. I also recommend checking out reviews online before choosing a florist – we want this to be one of the most memorable days of your life!

How much should you spend on flowers for your wedding?

The cost of flowers for your wedding will depend on various factors. These factors include the number of guests, how many centerpieces you need, and how many bridesmaids are at your party. Your best bet is to talk with a florist about what you’re looking for and get an estimate for the total cost. Sharon Weil, an owner of Daphne’s Garden Floral Design, wants to ensure you can budget for all aspects of this purchase. There are so many variables when it comes to pricing. The average cost of flower arrangements ranges from $2 per stem to $50 per stem, depending on where they come from.

How many days in advance should you order wedding flowers?

Wedding flowers can take time to plan and prepare, so it’s a good idea to give your florist as much lead time as possible. If you order your flowers more than two months in advance, the vendor may be unable to accommodate any last-minute changes. Plus, there may not be enough time for delivery and set-up.
We recommend ordering your wedding flowers at least three months in advance.

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