The Do’s & Don’ts For Christmas Decorative Table Vases

Christmas is the day of celebration, bringing joy from the beginning of the holiday season. As the host of the family and friends gathering, you need to consider the style of this year’s decoration in your home. The easiest way is to add table vases which will bring brightness to your home. Here are some do’s and don’ts for Christmas decorative table vase designs.

Top 6 Table Vase Do’s & Don’ts

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Do: Use Different Sizes Of Vases

While preparing to host the Christmas dinner, use vases to organize flowers and bouquets. Your home will fill with flowers, so use different sizes of table vases to arrange the flowers better. Using a vase also increases the shelf life of flowers, provided proper care is given. 

Using long table vases to decorate your hallways, side tables, or gift table and short vases on dining tables is better. Everyone will gather at your place, and it’s better that everybody can see each other at the dinner table, hence the short table vase.

Moreover, place long-stemmed flowers like glad and tube roses in longer vases because of their length and size, and short-stemmed flowers like roses or lilies. 

Selecting the right size of decorative vases is important for a better visual presentation.

Do: Use Your Creative Mind

The most important “DO” in decorative table vases is to trigger your creative nerves to make a beautiful presentation. You can be creative in several ways. For instance, if you like to paint, go for a plain glass vase and paint it yourself in your design. Or, you can choose a stylish glass or ceramic vase and be creative in decorating it with flowers.

Selecting a table vase is another way to use your creative mind. We have seen earlier that there are numerous types of vases. Some are long and narrow, short and wide, narrow from the mouth and wide from the body. Selecting the right vase for your living room, dining room, or bedroom requires an aesthetic sense, which comes from creativity.

Do: Go For Seasonal Flowers To Save On Budget

There is no doubt that all kinds of flowers will look beautiful in a table vase, especially if you arrange them in a proper way. But, if you go for off-season flowers which are usually preserved, they will cost you more than the seasonal option in flowers.

Since we are talking about the Christmas season, the better selection of flowers for your decorative vases could be poinsettias. You can also try holly, roses, amaryllis, cosmos, orchids, lilies, or carnations. However, you will find poinsettias and holly in large numbers among the florists due to the spirit of the holiday season. Therefore, selecting these two flowers is better only because you can get a good deal. 

Again, the arrangement of vases throughout your home is important to keep the selection of flowers accordingly.

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Don’t: Forget The Shape Of Your Tables

It will make things easy for you if you organize your table vases by considering the shape of your tables. You probably feel like there might be a lot of complications in this process, but that is not the thing. Instead, your home will look properly organized.

The most commonly used table shapes are square, round, and rectangular. Use the following guidelines for each form to know more.

  • Square: Since square tables have more space in the center, you have a big area to play with your imagination. Go for a wide and short-body table vase that can fit big flowers. Arrange and place them in the center of the table. However, don’t forget to manage the decorative vase in a way that doesn’t cover two people.
  • Round: Round tables are placed as side tables or with sofas. Since there will be no communication constraint among your guests, you can use large and bigger table vases and flowers to increase the value of your home.
  • Rectangular: Rectangular tables have the most space, and you can place both types of vases in the center. However, a short vase with a wide surface is better than a long one. The short table vase can handle a lot more flowers.

Don’t: Forget To Keep Your Vases In A Safe Area

It is important to keep your decorative table vases at a safe distance and low access, especially if you have children. No force on earth can prevent the kids from playing, and with the emergence of the winter season, they are forced to be inside. So, placing your vases in a high area is better for minimum access and impact.

Furthermore, avoid putting your table vase on the sides of the table. Instead, place it in the middle to prevent any accidents. It is better to skip a table from placing a vase frequently to be on the safe side.  

Don’t: Over-Crowed Your Table Vases

The key is simplicity and smart thinking when arranging flowers in your table vases. Avoid over-crowding your decorative vases with a bunch of flowers in a haphazard way. This will look unpleasant and destroy your vase’s style.

Moreover, if your table vase is filled with lots of flowers, your table can be filled with unnecessary petals, which will look untidy. Plus, more flowers mean you cannot see the person sitting at the other end of the table. 

Christmas Table Vases


Table vases can immediately improve the inside of your home, especially during the Christmas season. There are numerous table vases, so selecting the right type for your dining table and other places around your home is important. 

This post discussed essential do’s and don’ts regarding Christmas decorative table vases. These will help you utilize your table vases and organize the festive flowers beautifully.

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