Is It Safe To Burn Tealight Without Holder At Home

The tea light candle holders can be a good way of sprucing a room and making it look great. You are likely to come across many options for tea light candle holders, thus making it easy to decorate with them. However, is it safe to burn tea light candles without using a holder?

You can burn the tealight candles outside their holder so long as you can place the tealights on a flat and stable surface. The surface should also be able to take a bit of heat. We recommend opting for glass or metal surfaces. However, do not use bedspreads or carpets as they are prone to starting a fire. 

The Benefits of Using Tealight Candle Holders

Tea light candle holders are used in many homes for many reasons. We look at some of the benefits of using such candle holders

Providing a Stable Base

One thing about candles is that most need a stable base to keep working correctly. That is why the tea light candle holders are designed to provide a stable base for the candle. The candle will not tip over easily, spilling hot wax or causing a fire. 

Enhances Candle Aesthetics 

You may notice that the tea light candle holders will also enhance the aesthetics of the candle plus the room. The candle holders are available in many designs, shapes, and materials. If you want to improve the room’s look, use the best-designed candle holder. 

Increase the Candle Burn Time

The tea light candle holders are designed to hold the candle, provide a stable base, and improve the time candle can burn. This is done by having a glass surrounding the candle holder and you insert the candle into the glass cone. With the glass around the candle, it will not be affected by the draft; thus, it burns for longer. 

Prevents Wax from Dripping 

You may also want tea light candle holders because they help keep the wax from dripping onto the different surfaces. Wax can sometimes be hard to clean, especially when it gets onto furniture and other delicate surfaces. 

In addition, it becomes easier and safer to dispose of the candle wax afterward. This is because the candle holder will collect all the used wax, and you can dispose of it better without making a huge mess. 

Gold Tealight Candle Holder

The Dangers of Burning Tealight Candles without Holders

We have seen it is possible to use tea light candles without holders. However, there can be dangers that we would like to look at. Here are the notable dangers of burning tea light candles without holders. 

  • There is a chance of fire outbreaks when you do not use a candle holder. This is because the candle can easily tip over, and if any flammable materials are close by, they will catch fire. That is not something you would want. 
  • The other downside of not using tea light candle holders is that you risk burns. When you accidentally tip over the candle, you might end up with hot wax on your skin. Some people have mentioned that they had serious burns because of hot wax.
  • There can also be damage to surfaces when there are no candle holders to hold the tea light candle. A good example is placing tealight candle over a carpet, and the wax melts into it. Then you will have a challenging time removing the wax. Some surfaces can also change color because of the heat coming from the tea light candle. 

There can be many other dangers, but so far we see that tea light candle holders are very important to use. They will help minimize possible accidents and still improve the looks of a room. 

tea light candle holders

Alternatives to Tealight Candle Holders

You have seen the importance of tea light candle holders, but you still do not have the candle holders. Are there alternatives to consider? Here are a few options to use as alternatives. 

Mason Jars 

Mason jars can be quite versatile containers in a home. This time around, we use them for holding the tealight candles. Place the tea light candles in the jars and tie ribbons or twine around the jar for additional decoration. 

Wine Glasses

You may also consider wine glasses to work as candle holders for tealight candles. There are many wine glass designs, so getting one that suits your decor design should not be hard. Since the tea light candles are small, they should easily fit into the wine glasses. 


This might be unexpected, but sea seashells are also a good alternative to using candle holders. The best part is that they can add character, charm, and elegance to a room. Make sure to choose flat shells to provide a stable surface to place the candle. 


Lanterns are probably the most common alternative to using tea light candle holders. They are mostly built to house candles of different sizes. This time around, we will use them for tea light candles. 

Lanterns can be made of different materials, including wood, glass, and metal. The best part is how you can also hang them for a unique display of tea light candles. 

Terra Cotta Pots 

If you want some affordable alternatives, consider terra cotta pots. They will stand out as they come in different shapes and sizes. You can even go further to paint them to match your decor. Once that is done, add the tea light candles and finish the room’s look. 


Using tealight candles without their holders is possible. What is important is finding a flat and stable surface to place the candles on top. Still, ensure no flammable materials are next to the open flame. The last thing you need is to start a fire.

We have also listed some of the alternatives you can use in place of the candle holders. This should always give you another choice if you are stuck with candles and no candle holders.

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