Should I Have a Head Table at My Wedding?

The focal persons of any wedding ceremony are the newlyweds. There should be some arrangement to make them more prominent. Head tables play a vital role in all of the exercises to highlight newlyweds. Usually, the wedding head table is occupied by newlyweds, their parents, and some wedding VIPs. The head table is also called table number 1. It acts as the heart of the event. With a head table, all the guests know exactly where to look to see the newlyweds and VIPs of marriage. In this article you will learn about the reasons for having a wedding head table, pros and cons, and different types of wedding head table.

4 Reasons to Have a Wedding Head Table

The concept of a wedding without a head table also exists. Although, some people like it due to its simplicity. But, it’s considered suitable for less than 30 guests. However, there are several reasons that urge you to place a head table in your wedding ceremony. 4 of them are discussed in the following.

1. Focal Point

As mentioned earlier, the focal persons of every wedding ceremony are the newlywed groom and bride. It is an amazing idea to highlight them in the ceremony. For this head table is the best way to highlight them. It also helps to know where the wedding guests should look, which the VIPs of the party are, and what’s going on on the stage.

2. Minimizing the Decor Cost

Weddings are the second name of expenses. People are always searching for such wedding decorations, which have proved cost-effective. A sweetheart table, i.e., a type of head table discussed in the later section, will help lower the total decor cost. Head tables are solely reserved for the newlywed couple, so it requires a few floral vases and other decor pieces to make it the heart of the wedding.

3. Avoid Family Drama

When all of the family members share the same stage, it’s most probable that you see some family drama. In such a situation, a sweetheart table helps to avoid any unusual situation. Which ultimately leads to a peaceful event.

4. A Calm Corner

There is the hustle and bustle in every wedding ceremony. Which ultimately create a strange fussy situation. In such a situation, the head table proves a peaceful corner for newlyweds. Both loved ones and VIPs can speak, share, and discuss their thoughts easily. Moreover, it also brought peace while eating food.

Pros of the Head Table in Wedding Ceremony

Both schools of thought present about having a head table in a wedding ceremony and vice versa. The following are a few upsides of having a head table.

Focal Point

The presence of a head table proves a focal point of the entire ceremony. You can easily direct people about where to see the newlyweds, parents, family members, and VIPs of the wedding event.

Budget-Friendly Decoration

A brief head table, i.e., a sweetheart table effectively reduces the decoration cost. It requires decorating the stage only for two people. A floral vase, a brief number of ornamental flowers, and a candle holder will set up the entire scene.

Create Distinguishes

The head table is the most decorated point of the entire ceremony and is graded as the number one table among the rest of the tables. People sitting around the head table, especially newlyweds, can easily be distinguished from the rest of the guests. With a sweetheart table arrangement, newlyweds feel like a king and queen.

Ease in Meal

Having a separate and distinguished table creates ease in eating food. The wedding taker can properly focus on you, and the VIPs surrounding the table will also become easy to have anything.

Make it Easy to Approach

Wedding guests can quickly locate newlyweds at a glance. Therefore, your friends and other guests will easily approach to congratulate you on this happy occasion.

A Way to Show Affection for Loved Ones

A head table is a great way to show your love to your family and friends. Because the near and dear ones often surround the head table. To offer a seat at the head table on your wedding day will make him/her your true friend for the rest of your life.

Cons of Having a Head Table

There are 2 cons of having a head table, which are in the following.

Less Time to Spend with Your Spouse

You can’t spend much time with your partner, as members of your family and close friends sit beside you. Although the sweetheart table can be occupied, it has its downside of boredom and constant gazing by the guests.

All Eyes are on You

It sounds nice sometimes that you are the focal point of a party but constantly under observation is annoying. The head table leads the newlyweds into a state of annoyance and discomfort.

Wedding Head Tables Option to Consider for Your Reception

Several options are available in head tables. You will learn about different options available in wedding head tables, and their setup arrangements.

Traditional Wedding Head Table

Traditional Wedding Head Table

Still most common among the general public. People love to see such wedding head tables in their wedding ceremony. It offers to sit the whole family together. But it hinders the moment of the groom and bride. In this arrangement, newlyweds have less time to sit and chat. Its comfort is all of the above. Setting up a long head table is a piece of cake.

There are 2 ways to set up a traditional long head table setting.

  1. Standard arrangement

In a standard arrangement, there is only a row of tables placed side by side. Newlyweds, best men, maid of honor, family members, and VIPs of the ceremony occupy this standardly arranged long table head.

  1. U-shaped arrangement

The head table is arranged in a U-shape. A front portion is devoted to the groom, bride, and close members. While the rest are exclusively open for other guests.

Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart Table

It’s next to the traditional long head table and getting fame and appreciation among the masses. Now you can observe this head table in different parts of the world, i.e., Europe, the American continent, and England. Two chairs, a table, and adequate decorations, that’s all for a sweetheart table. Sweetheart table arrangement allows easy movement of bride and groom for dance, cake cutting, and any other motion activity. In such a head table arrangement, newlyweds may feel isolated. Intense gazing of guests may cause discomfort. However, guests can easily approach newlyweds. Sweetheart table also helps to avoid family drama. It’s best for conjugated spaces. Also, create a roam for other tables in tight spaces.

Sweetheart and Long Head Table Combination

By reading the above two, you may be confused about how to make a perfect head table arrangement. The combination of both formats leads to the third type of head table setup. There are two different ways to set up a combination of both. It offers the combination of pros of both long head and sweetheart table arrangements. You can overcome the boredom caused by the sweetheart table. You can only use it where enough space is present. You can easily move without passing through the entire row. Put the extra bucks in your wallet to have this arrangement at your wedding. However, you can enjoy the company of your loved ones.

  1. Standard arrangement

A sweetheart table is sandwiched between two long head tables. In this way, the new couple can easily move for cake cutting and other ceremonies. It’s easy to set up such an arrangement. Just be aware of how many guests are needed to showcase beside the couple. Put the table according to them.

  1. V-shaped arrangement

When a person enters a room or hall, the corner especially gets attention. In this arrangement, the sweetheart table is placed in the corner of the room. Special attention to the groom and bride is there, and the boredom of newly married couples is also removed.

Serpentine Head Table

It is a new concept of a head table. It makes a U-shaped arrangement of chairs and tables. A smooth curve is there compared to the sharp edges U-shaped arrangement of the long wedding head table. Serpentine head table arrangement offers to enjoy the company of family and friends. But there’s a problem with it: It is challenging to create such a table arrangement. However, It enhances the aesthetic look of the wedding’s head table. Hinders in the movement of newlyweds are the downside of this arrangement.

King Arthur Table

If you are looking for a focal point at the bridal party, nothing is above the king Arthur head table arrangement. You need 2 tables with 8 feet long and 5 feet wide tables. Decor the table with flowers and candle centerpieces. It allows you to enjoy the meal with your friends and family. But for this head table, you require higher space. Having a king’s table requires big bucks in your wallet.

Sweetheart Table on a Raised Stage

Sweetheart Table on a Raised Stage

It’s another arrangement of a long head table and a sweetheart head table. The only difference is the raised stage, where the sweetheart head table is placed. This arrangement prominently features the presence of the groom and bride in the wedding ceremony. It makes the newlyweds a focal point. It creates discomfort for the new couple as all of the eyes are on them. Enhance the esthetic look of the ceremony, whether indoor or outdoor.

Family Head Table

Family Head Table

It’s a traditional round table seating arrangement, which scales up or down according to the number of family members. It offers to spend your memorable day sitting beside your family members. This wedding head table allows you to spend your time with your family. But the problem with this arrangment is that it becomes difficult to recognize the groom and bride. However, it’s a budget-friendly arrangement.


On your dream day, don’t forget to set up a proper arrangement of head tables. It creates a focal point in the ceremony. Sweetheart table arrangements prove an economical way to decorate your wedding event. Family drama can be avoided with a sweetheart table arrangement. The head tables provide a quiet corner in the great hustle and bustle. Various types of head tables are present and in trend.

A long head table is the most common type, which creates comfort and brings family members and friends together at a table in a time of happiness. While the sweetheart table arrangement makes it easy to move anywhere and save your bucks that are otherwise will spend on decoration. A long head and a sweetheart table combination also go well. King Arthur’s table arrangement provides an unmatchable focal point. Serpentine and family head tables are other famous options for the head table arrangement.

If you find this article helpful or have any suggestions, don’t forget to fill in the comment section.


Should I Have a Head Table at my Wedding?

It depends upon the number of guests. If you’re inviting less than 30 guests, then there is no need for a head table. Otherwise, it will be better to have a wedding head table.

Who Can Sit at the Head Table?

Besides the newlyweds, the best man, maid of honor, family members, and close friends often sit at the head table.

Where to Place a Head Table?

It depends upon the type of head table. Usually, a head table is placed at the heart of the ceremony. All guests can easily look at the newlyweds by placing it at the center. Moreover, it proves a better focal point when the head table is in the middle of the hall.

What Should be the Dimensions of the Head Table?

It depends upon the number of people sitting at the head table. The 16′ ×5′ King Arthur table is suitable for 20 people.

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