Rules for Choosing Wedding Centerpieces

Let us assume you have already settled on the date for your wedding. What is next is for you to work on the idea and make it a reality. This can mean now working on the wedding centerpieces to help make the wedding stand out. With many options in the market, sometimes it might not be easy to decide which one works for you. Here are the dos and don’ts you should remember when choosing wedding centerpieces.

Do consider doing the centerpieces yourself

For a long time, there has been the notion that you can only hire a wedding planner to organize your centerpieces. However, since it is also a day you will be enjoying, it can be great if you could add a personal touch too.

This means you can make centerpieces at home. When you decide to go this route, we recommend that you must have the tools and skills to do the job.

The most common things people might try to do themselves include making flower arrangements, lantern painting, and so much more. You may even want to watch a few YouTube videos on DIY centerpieces to ensure you can have variety.

Here is a video on DIY centerpieces to try.

Source: Jamie Wolfer

Don’t limit your centerpieces to flowers alone

One thing that people like is to use flowers as their wedding centerpieces. However, there are many options compared to only using flowers; they can sometimes be expensive.

Transportation, storage, and short shelf life can sometimes make you rethink using flowers as centerpieces. As much as you can still use them, we recommend you consider other options to supplement the flowers in a wedding.

So, what are your options?

The most common option would be getting candle and lantern arrangements too as part of the decoration.

This type of option would be good for providing the warm flickering light key for providing a romantic vibe for a wedding. Even the photos would look nice because of the candlelight. You may also like candles because they are affordable compared to flowers. The best part is that you can get different types of candles available to choose from right now.

Candles are not the only thing to consider. You can get glass elements, birdcages, and natural decor to replace the flowers. You might be surprised how the glass jars with colored stones or sand would be great at your wedding.

Potted plants, especially the succulent arrangements, would be a good addition too. The potted plants would be vital to bring the outdoors inside. Make sure to stay simple by using options such as a single cactus or orchids, which are also easy to care for.

Do choose between silk and fresh flowers correctly

Since many people commonly want flowers as part of centerpieces, it makes sense to choose them correctly.

There are many options for wedding flowers, but are they fresh flowers or silk floral elements?

The choice between the two varies from one person to another. People often want fresh flowers as they have an appeal that artificial flowers might not have. You get to choose a wide range of flowers based on the season and local inventory.

This is not to say that artificial flowers are not good. It only means you have an option too. Artificial flowers can also be high quality to the point some people might think they are fresh flowers. It all depends on the source.

You never have to worry about the flowers drying before the wedding day. You just have to wipe the flowers to clean them. We also generally find silk flowers cheaper and can always be reused in other events.

Don’t forget greenery

flower wedding centerpiece decoration

Yes, flowers are great, but it does not mean you forget about the greenery as part of the table centerpiece. You can use garlands and loose leaves around the wedding venue to dress the table.

This type of decoration works best for long tables rather than round tables. A string of greenery can be set up along the table length. Keep it low, so the guests would easily talk to each other across the table.

The greenery route should also mean you spend less on the flowers that would have otherwise occupied the space. In some cases, the greenery is free as you pick it from the trees and live fence around the wedding venue.

Do utilize trees

Trees are great to have around any wedding venue, as they can help set up the centerpieces.

A good example is handing the lanterns on the trees for an evening reception. It will give the venue a soft glow which should make people enjoy it generally.

That is not all; you can also hang ribbons on the trees for a great look. Some add LED lights on the trees so that they can light up the place at night. Of course, the trees can also work as the reception entrance too.

As you can see, there will be many ways for you to handle the trees at a wedding venue.

Don’t be afraid to try out chandeliers

You should never underestimate the power of chandeliers. You may likely come across different options in the market, so try them out to see how they work as wedding centerpieces.

People love chandeliers as they generally make the whole event look grand. The best part is that you would come across many designs as part of the chandelier designs. The common options include rustic, floral, and more.

Chandeliers now come with the option of programming the lights. This means that you can pick the lights of the colors and even change brightness. Who could not want such options?

Do use linen correctly

clear white table linen for wedding centerpiece

Some people do not appreciate just how important linen can be for their wedding decoration until they get to see it at other weddings.

Linen, if used correctly, can help set the tone of the table, and there are many options to consider. You can get soft linen like velvet or textured linen like sequins. It all depends on the wedding centerpieces you wish to include as part of the decoration.

Other than the looks, the linen would be good for personality too. A good example is that you can choose lace, embroidery, and other unique materials together with linen to set the right wedding mood.

Recently, you could come across strips of fabric hanging from a ceiling as a way of decoration for a wedding. So, they can be good for giving you the ribbon chandelier design.

Don’t forget the personal effects

It is your wedding, so do not be afraid to utilize everything you own as part of the centerpieces too.

This is where you can use personal effects to ensure you have a personal touch to the wedding. There are options, including sculptures, pottery, and so many things you own, which would bring out a great look for a centerpiece.

The other option would be to include books too. Place your favorite books as part of the decoration too. If you love Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, or any other books, that is what you should consider.


Looking at the wedding centerpieces people use, we can see flowers as a common trend. However, that should not be the end. You can also consider other options, including lanterns, candles, books, and so much more. Now that you know how to choose the wedding centerpieces, you should have an easier time making the wedding stand out.

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