White Artificial Birch Tree Lights 4.6Ft with 104 Led


white decorative tree indoor
White Artificial Birch Tree Lights 4.6Ft with 104 Led

Artificial birch tree is an ideal decoration of festival: Christmas, wedding, holiday, birthday party, theme party, banquets, dinners, and other celebration occasions.


Sziqiqi Artificial Birch Tree Description

Bendable DIY Branches:

The decorative light tree features with bendable branches for an easy shaping. You can adjust the branches and decorate with LIGHTWIEGHT ornaments you like. It also works great with Led string to make a romantic atmosphere.

Celebrating Decorations:

This lighted trees for decoration inside is an eye-catching decoration lights trees for any festivals, great as a Christmas Tree, Halloween Tree Decor, Easter Decoration or Thanksgiving gift. Both for indoor decor or outdoor use such as housewarming, balcony, parties, wedding, office, bedroom and patio.

Easy to Assenble:

1. Take out and unfold the tree stand, place the tree trunk into the tree and tighten screws.

2. Insert the tree trunk top into the tree trunk bottom and tighten.

3. Adjust and reshape the bendable branches as desired.

4. Connect the adapter and the outdoor tree lights will light up your house.

Led Lighted Birch Tree:

4.6ft (140cm) height of birch tree with 106 LED light bulbs, each branch have 2-4 leaves and 4 Led which is energy saving. Fairy-tale warm white lights give a gentle feeling, meets the need of brightness, to create a romantic mood at home.

Safe to Use:

Apart from being waterproof for outdoor use, the outdoor light up tree is also designed with low output voltage (5V) to ensure safety. Also equiped with 9.84ft (3 meters) extension line to meet most of your needs.

White Artificial Birch Treeartificial birch tree with LED for wedding centerpiece

Tips on Artificial Birch Tree for Wedding Centerpiece

A lot goes into coming up with a great wedding, including the choice of artificial birch tree centerpieces. If you want the wedding centerpieces to stand out, there are a number of options in the market. However, one thing that people often do not consider is the aftermath of the wedding. What would you do with the table centerpieces after wedding?

It will be a shame to see the beautiful flowers thrown into the trash bin when they could have been put to good use. So, what options do you have for artificial birch tree centerpieces once the wedding is over?

  • Guests can take artificial birch tree centerpieces home
  • Offer as gifts to parents or bridal party
  • Use them as decoration for the post-wedding brunch
  • Donate the wedding centerpieces
  • Preserve the flowers
  • Send them to someone who could not get to the wedding
  • Use the lanterns for your patio
  • Reuse the linens, blankets, or throw pillows
  • Rugs can get used in your hallway
  • Hang the decorative mirrors
  • You can never have enough candles

Guests can take artificial birch tree centerpieces home

You may have attended a wedding before, and the decoration was quite good that you wish they allowed you to take some with you home.

If you have a lot more centerpieces than you need, it can be time to let some of your guests take the remaining decorations.

It would help if the DJ or MC to announce that the guests feel to take the centerpieces towards the end of the ceremony. This would ensure that nothing goes to waste and people are happy to have something to take with them.

Offer as gifts to parents or bridal party

It is often common for people to overlook their bridal party’s contribution to their wedding. If you want to appreciate them, what are some of the options?

One way would be having them take some of the centerpieces after the wedding. Let them know that it is okay if they find something that works for them, they can have it.

Another thing would be to pair wedding centerpieces vase with a small gift and a note of thanks. This would make them see that they did a good job as part of the bridal party.

This also applies to parents who took their time to attend the wedding. You can be sure it will be a good thing for them.


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