Glass Vases for Centerpieces with Metal Geometric Deisgn


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Glass Vases for Centerpieces with Metal Geometric Deisgn

Compared with ordinary glass, our glass is more durable, not easy to broken. Glass vase with metal frame, a nice decorative centre piece to dress up your dining table or tablescapes.


These gold decorative glass vases for home decor are great for wedding, farmhouse, living room, bedroom, shelf, party, dining table, centerpiece even for the kitchen and mantle, bring the nature and vitality to your life.


This metal glass vase comes with a 6cm diameter glass test tube, it can be used with water, perfect for flower arrangements. You can insert artificial, fresh or dried flowers into the small galss vase, such as pampas grass, roses, orchid, tulip, lily, lavender, peony, hydrangea, lilac, branches, twigs, feathers, reed, etc.


Our flower glass vase consists of high-quality metal wires and large size clear glass test tubes, this elegant glod glass vase is handcrafted in a minimalist style and stylish shape, ideal as tabletop centrepiece ornaments for your home.


STYLE 1: Height – 21cm/8.3″; Base Wide – 13cm/5.1″; Top Wide – 8cm/3.2″; Glass Tube – 6*20cm(2.4*7.9″); STYLE 2: Height – 21cm/8.3″; Base Wide – 11.5cm/4.5″; Top Wide – 11cm/4.3″; Glass Tube – 6*20cm(2.4*7.9″)


You will love the clear bud vase. Have it for your own or send as a gift on Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, Christmas, Weddings, Housewarmings, Birthday, New Year for your friends, families, colleagues, wife, girlfriend and more!

Glass Vases for Centerpieces with Metalglass vase centerpiece for table decor


Things to Consider When Choosing a glass vase

1.Consider the event

Centerpieces largely rely on the type of event. You cannot expect weddings to have the same centerpiece as a funeral. So, first, what kind of event are you designing the centerpiece for, and what is the overall theme?

Like for a wedding, the centerpiece is expected to have romantic flowers, mostly white to make the centerpiece timeless. That is why you would get roses at weddings as they are associated with romance. Celebrations such as graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays can also have centerpieces. The only difference is they would be colorful and fun. You can also get personalized centerpieces based on the guest’s preferences.

Somber events need a lot of seriousness. That is why the centerpieces might not be as colorful. You may also find the jewelry used has a darker tone generally. The flowers also contain a lot of greenery to keep the pomp and color minimum.

2.Shape of tables

Most people might not have known that the table shapes also affect the centerpiece design. The most common shapes at a venue can include round, square, oval, and rectangular. Round tables need round centerpieces too. This helps the guests to have a good view of the centerpiece from all angles. As for the square tables, they can do both round and square centerpieces. Such would be great, helping the guests have a clear view of the centerpieces even when seated at the corner of the table.

Of course, we cannot forget the oval and rectangular tables. This will be a long table in most cases. In such a case, you can have several centerpieces on a single table. Make them with varying heights to ensure they also remain aesthetically pleasing too.

The vase shape should also be considered even while looking at a table shape. As for the round vase, create a round arrangement to suit the round table better.

3.Your budget

Of course, a budget would be important to consider. The number of centerpieces for a wedding or anniversary will largely depend on the available budget. First, look at the options available, determine how many you need, and then divide the budget appropriately.

Most people would spend less on centerpieces meant for guests and more on tables meant for the bridal party. The aim is always to give the bridal party a grand arrangement worth their money.

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