What Are Popular Non-alcoholic Drinks for Weddings?

A wedding is not complete if there are no drinks. People have come to enjoy the food, and drinks would make it better. When people think about a drink for wedding, alcohol might be one thing that comes to mind. As much as you want to make everyone have a good time, not everyone drinks. That is why you may also consider non-alcoholic drinks for weddings too.

So, what are the options for non-alcoholic drinks? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Prepare punch bowls

Punches are known for making it easier for many people to be served their drink for wedding. You might be used to having punch bowls full of alcohol, but this time around, try to make them non-alcoholic.

What can you have in punch bowls? Here are a few examples to consider.

  • Non-alcoholic orange slush punch

One thing about oranges is how they can work into different drinks. You can make it sweet, and you would have people around the punch bowl. It takes an average of 5 mins to get ready and can be served over several hours. If you make a big batch, it needs more time. So, make it in plenty and have it frozen overnight.

  • Pineapple and orange punch

Pineapple combined with orange gives you a tropical taste which should be good for your guests. The tropical punch takes a bit longer to prepare, but you will generally find it easier to serve more people. You can serve them with paper umbrellas to make them cute and fun. This would be nice for a summer wedding.

  • Dr. Pepper and Cherry infused punch

Carbonated drinks always make someone keep enjoying the drink. However, how can you make it better? That is where you can make a Dr. Pepper punch and add cherries to make it different. Many people will not see such a punch bowl coming, but now you have an idea of how to make the event better with this drink for wedding.

  • Sparkling pear punch

If you have five minutes to spare, you should make the sparkling pear punch. The ingredients are in the name. We recommend using high-quality pear slices to ensure you do not get a bitter punch. A mandoline slicer is recommended to get the uniform slices. It is a wedding, and you would want things to be presentable.

punch bowls drinks for wedding

Pitcher drinks for wedding

If the punch preparation might seem too much for some drinks, there is the option of coming up with pitcher drinks. The good thing with pitches is that you can always get more variety than punches.

Below are some notable recipes to consider if you want pitcher drinks.

  • Spiced sangria punch

The classic sangria can also be non-alcoholic; you just need to know which ingredients to use to make it stand out. This time around, we want to spice it up and make it taste better. We can consider infusing the pitcher drink with black tea filled with spices. The other ingredients include fruit juice combined with fresh juice. Do not forget sparkling water too.

  • Sparkled pineapple ginger

This is another key drink you should make if it is summer. The good thing is how the drink would also work for spring too. Some might find it spicy enough for winter and fall. So, it is a drink you can have all year round and have a great party generally.

  • Non-alcoholic sangria

It is possible you might have come across too many sangria recipes. However, the idea this time is to keep it non-alcoholic. So, skip the wine and go for the star fruit combined with kiwi to make a drink for wedding. You can be sure to top it off with other fruits depending on how well you enjoy them. Do not forget the ice cubes to keep it cold, and you keep sipping along.

  • White grape spritzer

You can still make a non-alcoholic white grape spritzer with a few simple supplies. You do not need to dilute the drink with ice this time but rather use frozen grapes. You will find that the drink will remain cold even for longer. Of course, the grapes will be the bonus treat you need at the end of taking the whole drink.

  • Sparkled summer limeade

Limeade is another perfect way of cooling off after a hot day. Well, it should still work great with other days too. This citrus mocktail will be quite exceptional for the guests to enjoy as they also enjoy other wedding centerpieces at the event. The limeade can also have several layers of fruit. You can easily make a rainbow and enjoy going through each layer.


Mocktails drinks for wedding

Have you ever wanted one of those good-looking cocktails without the buzzing in the end? If that is the case, you simply need the mocktails. Well, mocktails are simply beverages with no alcohol. You can also call them virgin cocktails.

  • Margarita mocktails

Margaritas are usually fun and will leave you feeling good, but you can do the same without the alcohol. You need to get some lime, orange, and a salted rim for a margarita. Of course, as part of the drink for wedding, you can add more surprises, such as grapefruits and almonds. The only thing you will not include this time is tequila.

  • Peach bellini mocktails

You can still make booze-free bellinis when you want them to be fun during a wedding or baby shower event. The trick is to ensure that you have the ingredients chilled ahead of time. The chilled drinks are always the best, as the ice would not dilute the sweet flavors.

  • Paloma fizz mocktails

The looks alone will often get you to enjoy taking the mocktail more often. If you can serve such mocktails at a party, you will definitely get more people coming back for more. Of course, it is also delicious to make people not forget the wedding. Even if someone wants alcohol, they can enjoy the drink and relax also.

  • Blueberry moscow mule mocktails

We could not forget to mention the Moscow mule as part of the mocktails. The mocktail is quite good and will often make sure that you get the best flavors too. Most places would serve these mocktails in copper mugs, which makes them look even better. The freezing mugs make the whole point of using mocktails even better.

The Classics

wedding drink

During your wedding, you should definitely consider embracing the classic non-alcoholic drinks you might want to be served. Here are some examples:

  • Sparkling mint-lime iced tea

You probably know ice tea already, but you can have a different take on it by adding mint and lime. Add extra sparkling water, and you should have a great drink for wedding.

  • Apple cider mocktail mule

This is another great drink for wedding made by using apple cider, apple cider vinegar, ginger beer, and real maple syrup. You end up with a sweet and bubbly beverage with a surprising kick.

  • Salted caramel Russian mocktails

This drink for wedding is highly sought after because of the vodka. However, this time around, we do not add vodka but make it with espresso powder, caramel sauce, and cocoa. Having a salted caramel rim topped with whipped cream takes the day. You will not even miss the alcohol.


Being one of the best weddings does not always mean people get drunk and cause havoc. You can always have a good wedding by enjoying non-alcoholic drinks too. We have highlighted the top best drinks to consider if you want non-alcoholic drinks. They are just as good. So, the next time you want a drink for wedding, you have an idea of where to begin preparing for one.

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