Taken voor de bruidegom: de ultieme checklist voor de bruidegom

A popular misconception about wedding planning is that it is typically the bride’s duty to do the heavy lifting throughout the process. A wedding is, however, a union between two people. As such, a groom should feel involved and participate in the planning of one. From the very beginning, you should be hands-on with your bride and work together as a team!

Ready to step up to the plate? Read on for our ultimate groom checklist, so you may feel confident taking on your share of the planning!

Groom Checklist No.1: Talk to your Bride

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The foundation of any strong relationship is clear communication, and this is true for planning a wedding. Before anything else, sit down with your bride to talk through the different tasks involved. You can divide the different jobs up between you two, each taking on roles that match your interests.

Maybe you want to take on part of the design process, or perhaps you’d rather handle any logistical paperwork. It’s all up to you, but talk to your bride first so you can get a game plan established well in advance!

Groom Checklist No.2: Split the Work

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Your bride will have a ton on her plate, and she may feel the want to oversee the entire wedding process. Avoid letting this happen. Research venues and vendors, oversee budgetary concerns, create seating charts, or anything that needs doing. Each person in the couple handles the wedding, not only the bride.

Groom Checklist No.3: Organize the Groomsmen

Deciding on your groomsmen is an important part of the wedding process, something that only you can do. As dates of the wedding and related events draw near, you will also want to keep them in the know about any proceedings.

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Something else that will need doing is arranging the groomsmen’s suits. Whether it’s checking that they have purchased or rented what they need or making any tailoring appointments, these are all necessary steps.

Purchasing gifts for your groomsmen is a kind gesture. They will be putting in a lot of time and effort leading up to your wedding, so a gift is a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation. A groomsman gift doesn’t need to be costly or showy, and there are ideas for every budget!

Groom Checklist No.4: Write and Practice Your Vows

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Decide with your bride first if you two wish to write original values or adapt them from another source. If you’re writing original vows, then don’t leave them for the last minute. Cohesion is important, as is a solid structure, and these are best achieved with forethought.

Writing yours far before the wedding ceremony allows for the proper time to revise and edit them. As is often the case with writing, revision is done best after you’ve had time to think and sit on what you produced.

You’ll want to practice them too! Speaking your vows aloud will help you check for flow and fluency, along with getting you comfortable with actually saying the words. You don’t want your ceremony to be your dry run of the show, so include plenty of rehearsals before!

Groom Checklist No.5: Communicate With Your Side of the Family

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Weddings represent the unions between two different families into becoming one, but you have to get to that point first! Before the wedding, keep them in the loop of any going-on, staying on top of communication so there isn’t any confusion. Writing out a guest list for your side of the family will help with staying organized, too.

If your family’s side is contributing monetarily by paying for part of the wedding, then you are the go-between for any communication.

Groom Checklist No.6: Research Photographers

This is a task you’ll want to do with your fiance so you can make a decision together, but be sure to come up with your own list of potential photographers! There are a ton of choices out there, but make that booking once you find one perfect for your style.

Groom Checklist No.7: Guests’ Accommodations

Likely you’ll have large swaths of guests arriving from out of town, and they will need somewhere to stay. Setting up accommodations for them will be a big help with this. Be sure to give guests options at a variety of price points, so there is something for every budget. Airbnb’s are an alternative too, and your venue may also have recommendations.

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Groom Checklist No.8: Get a Haircut

As the wedding’s groom, you’ll want to make sure you are… well-groomed. Don’t save it to the last minute though; get it cut a week before so your hair has time to grow into it.

Groom Checklist No.9: Write Thank-You Cards

Instead of leaving this task to your bride, work together on writing out any thank-yous that need to be said. A wedding is for two people, not one, and it is as much as your day as hers.

Not only are thank-you cards a way of expressing your gratitude for everyone who came out to make your wedding a reality, but it is also a representation of the partnership you two will have going forward. Work together as a team instead of letting one person do the bulk of the work!

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