Is luchtdroge klei veilig voor kandelaars

It can be fun to make your own clay candle holders. But before you buy just any clay, you need to make sure you know all the facts and information about using air-dry clay for the holders.

You also must ensure that you know the different types of clay, the clay you can use that won’t be flammable, and some other essential tips about clay holders. We are giving you more information than just the info about air dry clay candle holders being safe to use. This is everything a candleholder maker needs to know.

Is Clay Safe For Candle Holders

Firstly, is clay safe for candle holders? This is a question that we are getting a lot. Most of the air-dry clay we can buy in stores are safe to use as clay candle holders. It dries perfectly. It can be painted differently and used for different types of candles.

However, you need to know and consider a couple of things before we can say that all clay is safe for candle holders. There is always some exception to the rules, and you need to know about everyone one of them before you use clay candle holders.  

What Type Of Clay Can Be Used For Clay Candle Holders

When it comes to the type of clay for clay kandelaars, you will see that there is much different clay that you can use. There is the regular air-dry clay that we know and have used for years in our DIY projects, polymer clay and bake-dry clay. All these clays can be found at DIY stores.

Most people are making use of regular air-dry clay for their clay candle holders because this is the cheapest clay and the easiest to find. However, it can crack easily if you don’t use it correctly. So, it can be harder to use than polymer clay and bake-dry clay. It would be best if you took the time to research the clay you are considering using. Make sure that you know how to use the clay candle holders successfully.

Is Air Dry Clay Candle Holders Flammable

Here it would be best if you were very careful. Most people will say immediately that air-dry clay isn’t flammable and will be great to use as clay candle holders. However, this isn’t as simple as a yes or no.

Air-dry and polymer clay candle holders aren’t flammable if you only use raw clay. The clay can change very quickly when you add any materials to it. For example, you are thinning the clay out with thinners. This means that your non-flammable holder is now flammable.

This is the same when you are painting the clay. The clay itself isn’t flammable, but you might use paint that is flammable. And this can cause your candle holder to catch fire, even if you have used air-dry clay. This is why you need to be careful about the type of paint and other materials you add to your clay.

DIY Clay Candle Holder

Will Air Dry Clay Crack In The Heat

Will air-dry clay candle holders crack in heat? Again, this question doesn’t have a simple yes or no answer. If the clay has dried completely before you place a burning candle, the chance that it will crack is slim. However, when you make your holder and the clay isn’t completely hardened, you might end up with a holder full of cracks.

Many people use heat like an oven to dry the air-dry clay faster. This is possible, and the clay is heat safe, but to a specific temperature. Using it correctly in the oven at the right temperature will dry faster and not leave you with any cracks. Not during the baking or when you use it as a candle holder.

If you want to use clay that won’t crack in the heat and where you won’t have problems with cracking while making your clay candle holder, you might want to consider bake-dry clay. However, this is clay that is harder to find and more expensive.

DIY Clay Candle Holders

Things To Consider When Using Clay As Candle Holders

Clay candle holders can be beautiful if you make them correctly and use the right clay. These are some of the most important things you must consider when using clay for candle holders.

  • Be careful if you are choosing the type of clay. Different clay has different curing needs, and you must ensure that you do it correctly.
  • Cheaper air-dry clays are easier to crack when drying. Leaving your clay candle holder full of cracks makes it easier to break. This is why you should invest in higher-quality, crack-free, air-drying clay.
  • The paint you are using when painting your clay candle holder. You need to ensure that you are not using flammable paint and that it is not heat resistant. Or that it gives off a chemical smell when it gets hot.
  • The same goes for the sealant you add on top of your candle holder. It should not be flammable.
  • If you want to ensure that your clay is completely dry before using it as a candle holder, you can bake it in your oven. However, placing it in a cold oven and putting the stove at the lowest temperature would be best. Too much heat can cause the clay to crack or even become ashes.


Is it safe to use air-dry clay for candle holders? The simple answer is JA. It is safe to use. However, you need to know and consider a couple of things before you purchase any clay. You can choose between air-dry clay, polymer clay and bake-dry clay. Anyone of these clays is excellent as a kandelaar.

Remember that even if these clays aren’t flammable and heat resistant, the paint you are using on the clay might not be. Meaning that the clay can still catch fire, even if it’s not flammable. We are ensuring you get all the information you need to create your own clay candle holders at home by using air-dry clay. There is no reason why you can’t be creative and make your own clay candle holders today.

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