8 eenvoudige ideeën om bloemen in kleine bloemenvazen te schikken

Fresh flowers in small flower vases are the best way to add liveliness to your room. Flowers look stunning and add freshness to the ambiance. These can give an astonishing look to any event, whether a wedding, birthday party, Christmas, memorial, or funeral. Though the flower arrangement doesn’t matter much, flowers matter more, whether big or small. It’s their colors, scent, and texture that add value. However, putting too many flowers and big flower vases on your table can create problems. 

Thus, small flower vases can be a great option if you want to add a little decor to your home, as they look charming and practical. Large flower vases can be good for weddings or other big events but for smaller events like dinners, birthday parties, and home decor. Modern flower vases are perfect. 

Let’s look at some spectacular ideas for arranging flowers in small vases. 

8 Arrangement Ideas For Small Flower Vases 

Create A Monochrome 

One of the best ways to decorate your dinner table or living room is by creating a monochrome. Monochrome means the same color. You can use it in two ways, like same-colored small flower vases or different-colored modern vases containing flowers of the same color. 

For example, check our store’s classic look at the monochromatic ceramic modern flower vases. You can create a similar look and replace the flower types. Lily and chrysanthemums can also give a phenomenal look.

Same Color Small Flower Vases

Create An Underwater Bloom

Underwater bloom is another stunning DIY idea to give a romantic look to your table. You will need three different kinds of flowers in different colors. Remove extra leaves and branches depending on the size of the glass. You can take used glasses of varying sizes for this purpose. Place the flowers in the glass, one flower in each glass. If the branches are too thin and can’t hold within the glass, put some rocks to create a bed. Check out this amazing DIY centerpiece by Jen Causey. You can find the complete tutorial hier

Create Underwater Bloom In Small Flower Vases

Vintage Glance

If you are into vintage looks, this idea is for you. You can use small flower vases, but we took a metal trumpet vase here. Trumpet vases are a perfect way to decorate your table as footed bases provide stability and the shape helps flowers expand more from the opening. 

Take three kinds of flowers, preferably of the same color, like carnation, chrysanthemums rose, and tulips. Cut their branches to fit easily into the vase and can’t move. Place three flowers of each type in the trumpet modern flower vase, and add some greenery to give it a more fresh look. 

You can buy modern flower vases from our store and style them. Check a glimpse of this idea in the image below. 

Vintage Small Flower Vases

Diverse Bloom With Small Flower Vases

The idea may seem simple, as you need a transparent small flower vase. You can use a glass or small mason jar to create this bloom. Though the vase is simple, the beauty comes from flowers of varying colors and sizes. 

Take a glass and fill it with water leaving ⅓ space on top. Create a diverse arrangement by swapping between smaller flowers, inflorescence, and bold peonies.  Check our store for embossed glass bud vases.

Diverse Bloom With Small Flower Vases

Rainbow Small Flower Vases

Rather than putting different colors of flowers, try the idea of creating rainbow vases. It’s a simple yet classy idea if you can’t manage flowers or vases. You can create this arrangement at home without much effort and budget.

You will need white flowers (like daisies, carnations, or mums), clear vases, and food dye. Cut the stems as per the vase length. Though we are talking about small flower vases, a contrast between small and large vases will create a more pleasing arrangement. 

Mix the colors in the water, and add one color to each vase to create a rainbow look. Put the flowers and arrange them. Ta-da, your rainbow vases are ready!
Check the complete tutorial hier.

Rainbow Small Flower Vases

Purple Arrangement 

Violet, blue, and purple blend well and give a peaceful vibe. Take small bunches of tulips, hydrangeas, hyacinths, peonies, or irises in shades of the indigo family. Take a modern flower vase, preferably of white color. 

Arrange flower bunches in the vase in different stem lengths, textures, shapes, and colors. Put the brightest flowers in the center as a focal point and put a few leaves or greenery to counteract the bright colors. 

Boom! Your purple arrangement is ready to beautify your room or table display. 

Purple Arrangement In Small Flower Vases

Buffet Bouquets 

It’s a different idea to adorn your dining table because we will use flowers, dried branches, sprigs, and fruits. You can use cups or teapots instead of small flower vases. Fill the vase with simple flowers, wheat sprigs, dried bittersweet branches, and fruits on skewers. 

Use this idea to create a small and casual bouquet on your buffet or dinner table. Get a glimpse of this idea in this image. 

Buffet Bouquets

Sunny Centerpiece 

Last but not least idea is to use sunflowers to create a golden look. Cut fresh blooms and make a bundle of three to four flowers. 

Take long green leaves and branches and put them in the center. Place bundles of fresh sunflowers in the vase and the greenery around the flowers to add texture and fullness. Add some water, and your sunny centerpiece is ready to bring warmth to your table. You can have various choices for vases, but transparent small flower vases will do a perfect job. 

Sunny Centerpiece In Small Flower Vases

laatste woorden 

Florals give a stunning look to your tables, rooms, and homes. Small flower vases are used to embellish tables at various events. We have mentioned eight incredible ways to arrange flowers in small vases. Try these ideas to add beauty and freshness to your memorable events. 

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