24 pronkstukken maken uw bruiloft Instagram-waardig

You are inviting the guests to your wedding ceremony. The sole thing that you’re serving them is not only the food. The environment where they will sit also plays a vital role in your hospitality. Because they are going to spend their whole time with your created environment. Centerpieces create a gorgeous environment at your wedding ceremony. There are several centerpiece ideas available. As we live in the social media era, everyone wants to make their event more worthy. Here we bring a list of 24 centerpieces that will make your wedding Instagram-worthy.

Types of Instagram-Worthy Centerpieces

There are several centerpiece ideas. For the sake of ease, there are 3 different types of centerpieces discussed in this article. In the following, you will find a little explanation of each type.

DIY Centerpieces

The concept of DIY is getting more fame. It helps reveal your inner artist. It’s an economical way to stand out at your wedding event. You can also achieve your goal of creating DIY centerpieces with a skillful friend’s army. If you don’t have extra time and expert friends‘ corps, don’t go with these centerpieces. These types of ideas prove Instagram-worthy due to their simplicity and creativity.

Floral Vases

Flowers are always eye-catching. Wherever you put them, that will be their corner. Different flower types have different tendencies to create specific environmental tones. Floral arrangements also play a vital role in creating Instagram-worthy centerpieces. These types of centerpieces look for investment. But, they save your time and make your wedding event more memorable.

Elegant Centerpieces

Are you aiming for a grand wedding event and ready to spend high bucks? If yes, then elegant wedding centerpieces are specially designed for you. Different types are available in elegant Instagram-worthy centerpieces. It includes tall vases, tealight candle holders, tulip decors, and many others.

24 pronkstukken maken uw bruiloft Instagram-waardig

You will be viral on Instagram if you use natural light, present things naturally, and use proper captions. Keeping in view these points, here are some Instagram-worthy centerpiece ideas.

1. Tall Golden Vase with White Flowers

Tall Golden Vase with White Flowers for instagram worthy centerpieces

A golden vase filled with flowers and little greenery proves an Instagram-worthy centerpiece. It will be fantastic to decorate an outdoor wedding table. A golden vase with a green texture will prove worthy, and the blue on the table will make it more prominent.

2. Wedding Centerpieces for Tables


Are you looking for an elegant look for your table at the wedding ceremony? Then this hoge vaas will help you. Put the vase on color-matching fabric and fill the top with your desired color flowers. Don’t forget to add greenery alongside the flowers.

3. White Luxurious Vase


You will enjoy the romantic look by placing the cream color vase against pink table fabric. It’s also great to decorate your head table with this vase. Light color flowers with greenery with proper light contrast are included in Instagram-worthy centerpieces.

4. Decorative Flower Vases


The sweetheart table arrangement requires little decoration. For such tables, minimalist Instagram-worthy centerpieces prove blessings. A ceramic vase filled with multicolor flowers and greenery makes your table unique.

5. Crystal Clear Decorative Flower Vase


A crystal clear glass or fiberglass vase always satisfies wedding planners. These vases haven’t any color shade, but they adopt the color of filled flora and fauna. Thus, you can use it with any color to set your desired tone, i.e., funny, romantic, dramatic, etc., at your wedding event.

6. High Fauna with Little Floral


It will prove an Instagram-worthy wedding tablescape click with contrasting colors. Are you looking for a great tablescape? Spread the black and white fabric over the table and fill the table with blue flowers. Enrich the silver vase with higher greenery and low flora. You can make it vibrant by introducing hot-color flora to the tablescape. This setup will be great for outdoor weddings.

7. Tealight Candles


Tealight candles turn on the romantic mode in a wedding. This romantic scene amps up when they glow with the dark background, i.e., nighttime. In glass tealight candle holders, they create an unparalleled tablescape. It’s also a fantastic centerpiece for outdoor wedding events. You can decorate the head table with these tealight candles, like a luxurious white vase.

8. Embossed Glass Bud Vase


Crystal clear glass vases never let you down in whatever setup you use them. While setting up a great tablescape, you should use the same flowers and table cover color. It will help to create mesmerizing scenery, which proves an Instagram-worthy post. You can use crystal clear bottles for indoor and outdoor wedding events.

9. Fruit, Flowers, Fauna, and Wood

Fruit, Flowers, Fauna, and Wood

If you are interested in giving a natural touch to your wedding event, then stick with nature. It will also provide you with Instagram-worthy images. This DIY technique is a smart way to get a stunning tablescape look. Fill the table with your grocery and backyard items, i.e., fruit, flower, greenery, and a wooden piece.

10. The Smart and Sweet Minimalist Centerpiece


Small details smartly turn your tablescape into a masterpiece. So, don’t ignore the small details on the table. To meet with small details, use minimalist centerpieces. Like a small cube box enriched with greenery and hot color, flowers will be a fantastic centerpiece.

11. Farmer Centerpiece


Creating such centerpieces will be great if you are going to arrange an outdoor event at a far-off place. Fill up the crystal clear jar with whatever you find, i.e., any flora and fauna. You can hang them with stands alongside the sides of the aisle.

12. Roses in Red Ribbon


Red roses symbolize love, and your wedding event is the best time to show your love. It will never fail to enrich your tablescape economically for having an Instagram-worthy centerpiece take a broad base crystal glass. Fill it with red roses and little greenery, and wrap a ribbon around the glass. Then your tablescape will be at the top.

13. White Rose Bouquets


Having a white rose bouquet, white plates, and oak color matching fork, spoon, and knife on an oak table is the simplest and most economical way to make an Instagram-worthy centerpiece. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor wedding events.

14. Simply Awesome


It is another simple centerpiece that helps to decorate your tablescape economically. You can make it yourself. There are two options for holding the bouquets, i.e., vase and scraped box. If you are interested in the second way, then wrap it on a golden page. You are ready to go with your Instagram-worthy centerpiece. The color of the vase or wrapped paper should be according to the tablescape color scheme.

15. White Pillar Candle with White Flowers


The combination of two, i.e., white and green, is the way of nature to beautify the garden. Same, your tablescape will stand out if you use these two colors—a pillar candle holder wrapped with white flowers. Also, add a little greenery that holds the white pillar candle, creating an Instagram-worth centerpiece. To make it more prominent, use a white cover on your table and spread light foliage around the candle holder.

16. Pillar Candle Wrapped with Flowers


Candles tend to make an environment. Candles and flowers turn on the romantic tone in everyone sitting around them. Moreover, this simple setup will amp up the event. It is also an Instagram-worthy centerpiece.

17. Sunflower at the Center


Bright yellow color sparks up the entire environment. Sunflowers are one of the natural things that will help you make your tablescape fabulous. A clear crystal glass with a sunflower on a white table does not match in simplicity and amping up the environment.

18. Light Color Matching Flowers


Matching colors create unmatchable aesthetic beauty. Make your tablescape simple and play with the light colors. Put the flowers matching the light shade in a row in front of guests or the center of the table. Turn on the light, and the rest is none of your business. One thing, don’t forget to have a click of the scenery as it is among the Instagram-worthy centerpieces.

19. Elegant Centerpiece


A candle holder can be used as a wedding head table centerpiece. Candlelight with flowers of both hot and cold colors creates a mixture of a hard and soft touch. Moreover, adding greenery to the table makes it more fabulous. You can convert it into an Instagram-worthy centerpiece with color matching of different things on the head table.

20. Hanging Tealight Candle Holder


Fireflies with dark or dull backgrounds create a mesmerizing and romantic tone. If you want such a look, arrange the hanging tealight candle holder. You can set it on the head table or the cake cutting table. Wherever you hang them, there will be a place worth watching.

21. Little Bird Cage


Your tablescape will stand out by decorating it with a birdcage. This centerpiece is available with both options, i.e., placing and hanging—a golden or cream color birdcage filled with flowers and vegetation or cascading the tealight candle in it. Putting the cage on a golden color table cover makes it an Instagram-worthy centerpiece. Moreover, you can also make it soft by introducing greenery to the table.

22. Pillar Candle Holder

Pijler Kandelaar

Tealight candle holders prove Instagram-worthy minimalist centerpieces. A clear crystal glass holder cascades with color matching the table, make a fantastic scenery. Its tone becomes lighter by adding the greenery in the candle holder’s background. You can decorate your head or any other table with it.

23. Decorative Ornament Display Tree


It’s an outdoor Instagram-worthy elegant centerpiece. You can use it with multiple choices, i.e., hanging tealight candle holders and artificial hanging fruits. Although, it creates a rusty but romantic scenery at your wedding event.

24. Use of Vintage Lamps


Almost all of the vintage colors help to set up a romantic tone at the wedding event. A vintage lamp with a pillar candle will glow on the corner and tablescape. Your guests will never be bored for all the time they are sitting around the table. Moreover,  you will also get worthy Instagram imagery.


Social media is now acting as a marketplace. Instagram is one such social media platform. Before setting up the table, people love to scroll down their Instagram pages to find some sweet and innovative centerpiece designs.  Instagram-worthy centerpieces are classified into 3  types, i.e., DIY and elegant centerpieces and floral vases.

Wooden centerpieces, farmer centerpieces, sunflowers at the center, flowers matching the color shade of light, white rose bouquets,  and pillar candles wrapped in flowers are included in DIY centerpiece ideas. Golden tall vases, decorative flower vases,  luxurious vases, and conic shape vases are part of floral vase centerpieces. The rest of the centerpieces,i.e., birdcage, hanging tealight candle holder, pillar candle holders, and decorative ornamental display tree,   are included in the third category.

If you have any suggestions, please don’t forget to mention them in the comment section. We’ll be more than happy to know about it.


What kind of centerpiece proves Instagram-worthy at a far-off place?

DIY wedding centerpieces are excellent for such situations. Bring a crystal clear jar with you. You will find the rest of the things there,i.e., flowers, vegetation, and other colors.

How to amp up any wedding centerpiece?

An intelligent way to amp up the environment with your wedding is a proper selection of materials. While choosing flowers, vases, or candle holders, keep in mind the color scheme of the rest of the environment. Also, remember where the wedding event will be held, i.e., indoor or outdoor.

How to make an Instagram-worthy centerpiece?

For creating an Instagram-worthy centerpiece, focus on the following things. For creating an Instagram-worthy centerpiece: Focus on the following things.

1. Create a broader mode and think out of the box while setting up the table.
2. Choose a proper and contrasting background for your centerpiece.
3. Focus on the details of the centerpiece and use a proper caption that speaks about your imagery.

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