10 dromerige tips voor je tafeldecoraties in het bos

Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect way to decorate your forest wedding table!  Your forest wedding table centerpieces decor is an important part of your special day. It sets the tone for the occasion and helps to bring your dream wedding to life.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 dreamy ideas to help you perfect your forest wedding table decor. 

1. Metal Candle Holder with Various Natural Plants

Metal candle holders are a great choice for easy and beautiful forest wedding table centerpieces. Candle holders made of metal are elegant and modern. It will give a romantic feel with fresh plants and flowers. 

Plus, you can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes to perfectly fit the style of your event. Consider using different sizes and heights for an eye-catching effect. 

Candle Wedding Table Centerpieces
Source: wedplan.com

2. Metal Candle Lanterns for a Rustic Look

Your forest wedding table centerpieces can be enhanced with metal candle lanterns. They add a lovely glimmer and glamour while keeping things rustic and natural. 

Not only do they look great, but they also bring a gentle, warm glow to the tables. Make sure to choose metal candle lanterns with open sides to create the perfect rustic yet romantic atmosphere. You could even line the table with multiple lanterns for an added effect.

3. Metal Flower Vase with Blooms

Your forest wedding table centerpieces will look great with a metal flower vase. These delicate pieces can be filled with colorful blooms or greenery to create an inviting, dreamy atmosphere. 

Layers of different-sized metal vases provide a striking centerpiece. With a little creativity and ingenuity, your wedding table centerpieces will be the talk of the evening!

Candle Holders Wedding Table Centerpieces
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4. Metal Flower Arrangement Stand with Candlelights

A metal flower arrangement stand can help complete your forest wedding table centerpieces decor. This type of stand offers a great way to showcase beautiful centerpieces. Arrange a large variety of vibrant flowers on the top of the stand, such as roses and lilies, and add lush greenery around the rim. 

The effect is a stunning and magical look that all your guests will admire. These types of stands perfectly add height to your table decor if you have a large table. 

Add some soft candles and votives to bring the atmosphere of a magical forest wedding to life.

5. Use Mason Jars

Mason jars are a great way to add a rustic charm to your wedding table centerpieces. These jars can be filled with flowers, plants, and fairy lights to create an enchanting and magical atmosphere. You can also decorate them with ribbons and other decorations to give them a special touch. 

A small message of love for the couple can also be placed in the Mason jars. Using mason jars is an easy and economical way to bring the beauty of a forest wedding to your table decor.

6. Metal Birdcage Holder with Fresh Blooms

They add an elegant, vintage touch to your decor and will surely impress your guests. Wedding table centerpieces can be made with various sizes and styles of vogelkooi kandelaars. Your wedding decor vision can come to life with birdcage holders. 

Create the perfect forest wedding table centerpiece with these metal candle lanterns and candles.

Birdcage kaars bruiloft middelpunt
Source: Sziqiqi.com

7. Fake Tree to Enhance Forest Theme

A fake tree makes a great addition to your forest wedding centerpieces. It can create a rustic and whimsical atmosphere for your event. Place the fake tree in the middle of the table, surrounded by the other centerpieces. You can use it as a backdrop for photos or as a decoration on one side of the room.

Add enough lighting to highlight the tree and create a beautiful effect. If you want to go all out, you can hang some decorations from the branches, such as small lights and garlands.

8. Bringing the Forest to Your Table

Incorporate wood, moss, and greenery into your centerpieces to bring the forest to your wedding table centerpieces.

For example, fill a glass bowl with moss, wildflowers, and pinecones for a woodland-inspired centerpiece. You can also make use of birch bark for a rustic look. Or, place candles in wooden candle holders for a romantic, woodland-style display. Whatever you choose, keep the overall look natural and organic. 

By using natural elements, you can create beautiful wedding table centerpieces. It will give your guests the feeling of being in an enchanted forest.

9. Creating a Fairytale Ambiance with Handcrafted Items

A wedding table centerpiece is a perfect way to create a fairytale ambiance for your forest wedding. 

Consider using metal logs as a base for your centerpieces. Opt for a truly magical look for handcrafted items such as birdhouses or a lantern with a flickering light. 

These are just a few ideas to help bring a romantic, fairytale feel to your special day.

Lantern Wedding Table Centerpieces
Source: sunset.com

10. Don’t Forget Tablecloth

Last but not least, the tablecloth is the base of the entire tabletop decoration. Choosing a themed suitable tablecloth is actually the first step.

Only when you have chosen a tablecloth that matches your theme color can you begin to choose your decorations. Pink, blue, and green are the traffic alternative for a forest wedding. Transforming the whole tablecloth into a long-tail table runner can be more eye-catching. A minimalist, monochromatic table runner can accentuate your tabletop decor. These table runners can also be a perfect background when you are taking photos. 

These elements will create an inviting and rustic atmosphere that your guests will love.


Embrace the beauty of the natural setting with our forest wedding table decor ideas. Following these ideas, the beautiful scenery will not only leave profound suggestions in everyone’s mind but also be elegantly displayed in every photo.

Featured Image Source: wedplan.com

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