How Do You Make A Wedding Venue Stand Out?

Wedding venues are supposed to be great in many aspects. Considering that people want to remember the wedding venue vividly, it is why the couple would try and make it stand out. With wedding venues, sometimes you do not have to do much or simply go all in and have a great venue. It all depends on your resources. That is why we want to look at various wedding scenarios and how best to make the venues stand out.

Tips for Decorating a Large Wedding Venue

Maybe you have many friends and relatives, or you want your wedding venue to stand out, so it does not hurt to go big on the decorations and invite as many people as you want.

A big wedding venue might not always be the easiest to handle because of the many moving pieces. However, with the right tips, you can get it right. Here is how to do it.

Use As Many Centerpieces As Possible

One thing about wedding venues is that people remember them based on their centerpieces. When we say you use as many centerpieces as possible, we also mean you use them strategically. Considering it is a large wedding venue, you do not want to overspend on the centerpieces.

Wedding centerpieces come in many options, including flowers, flower vases, candle holders, decoration dishes, and so much more. Most people just think flowers are enough. Make sure to try out other centerpieces to see how well they can work for the wedding venue.

wedding table decorations

Work On The Large Decorations First

Working on large decorations can leave you with a good decoration that you also like. This is because these would be the toughest and most expensive to set up.

The large decorations would also set the tone of the decoration. Once you have them figured out, you can find it easier for the smaller decorations to fall into place.

An example is setting up the table centerpieces. Once you are done with them, you will know what to add to improve aesthetics.

Candles Are Not Bad, Either

Candles have long been linked to romance, so using them as part of the wedding decor should not be hard at all. You would find yourself enjoying a good mood with candles.

Candles are available in many configurations and types. The most common include taper candles, pillar candles, votives, tea light candles, and more. You just have to understand how good they can work for your wedding venue.

You may have to invest in some candle lanterns to cover them. It all depends on the type; some might need the cover while others not so much.

Decorate with Engagement Pictures

Having a personal touch is always something to check out when seeking to decorate a wedding venue. That being said, you can choose engagement pictures to be part of the wedding decoration.

It could also be a timeline of how you met up to the engagement. We all know how pictures can tell a beautiful story. Now you have the chance to use them at your wedding venue.

Choose a Theme Early and Stick With It

A theme can play an important role in determining if you will like the outcome of the decoration. Sometimes people keep changing their theme, and it can be expensive. You need to develop a theme early and stick with it. At least now you will have a wedding you like without necessarily spending too much when you keep changing it.

rent wedding venue if possible

Rent If Possible

Sometimes you do not have to buy everything you will use during the wedding. One of the alternatives is to rent.

Examples are chairs, tables, candle holders, lanterns, and others. It does not make sense to buy candle holders for almost 20 tables. Considering you might not have to use them later, it is best to consider renting them only for the event.

As much as you might want to rent most things, others are consumables, and the only option is to buy them. Like for the case of candles, you can rent the candle holders but buy candles.

DIY And Reuse Some Decorations

Some people are good in terms of DIY projects. They can turn various pieces of supplies into good wedding centerpieces. Of course, this would save you money while also embracing your creativity.

In case DIYing is something you like, we recommend coming up with some of the different decorations for the wedding. This ensures you also give a personal touch to your wedding.

Also, you could reuse some of the decorations from home or the wedding ceremony. Maybe the flowers at home are doing quite well, have them brought over to the wedding. Also, the decorations of the wedding ceremony can be used for the reception.

Florals And Greenery Can Go Together

Greenery and flowers can work together. It is hard to miss flowers at a venue. However, the flowers can quickly get expensive depending on the choice of flowers. You might get that you have a problem with saving because you only want to use exotic flowers.

We recommend adding freely available greenery to the flowers. This is to ensure that you get a better look while saving time. This idea can be applied to the table centerpieces and bouquets of the bridal party.

It is best to stick to the flowers in season too. This is because you get good flowers at a bargain rather than having to import them.

Proper Lighting

If you think the wedding reception could go late into the night, you can always consider proper lighting.

Lighting can sometimes be done wrong because it is a large area. Because the venue is big, it does not mean you use so many light sources. It also needs to be strategic.

Tables could use candles or lanterns to maintain a romantic mood around them. You can have LED lights on the sides. Since they often have the option of dimming, ensure the right ambient light also.

Ideas for a Micro Wedding Decoration

small wedding venue

Micro weddings are mostly meant to be intimate. You might find that such weddings would only have a few people up to around 30 and that is it. It could be that you are on a budget or just want to keep it simple and save more money for the honeymoon. Whichever the case, you still have to ensure the wedding venue stands out for looking good.

Just because it is a micro-wedding, it does not mean that you skip on the decorations. You just have to be creative about it and handle the decorations better. Here are tips to get you started.

Work With Small Spaces

A micro wedding means that there will be fewer people attending the wedding. It would not be so wise to hold the wedding in a large indoor ballroom or huge villa garden. This is because it can get cold sometimes. You would also end up having a lot of empty spaces.

You can delimit the space by having small gardens or pergolas covered with arches, drapings, trees, and more. The idea is to maintain an intimate gathering that cannot be felt in a large ballroom.

Use Suspended Centerpieces Over The Table

The wedding table for a micro wedding would already be small. At this point, you can consider using the suspended centerpieces to limit the space the centerpieces would take up.

This would also ensure that you have enough space for the guests to see each other and talk rather than being obstructed by big centerpieces.

You may consider using tall centerpieces that raise the flowers off the table or have the wedding venue with side structures that allow mounting the flowers and greenery.

Use A Long Banquet Table

Long Banquet Table

Since you would not be many people attending, it is best to have just one long banquet table. This is what you may find mostly in the Italian wedding style.

The good thing about such a table is that it helps gather everyone around the same palace to share the meal. Of course, it can help increase the intimacy at the micro wedding for people to generally have a good time.

U-shaped or Square Tables

If the banquet table is not possible, you could also opt for the U-shaped or square-shaped tables. This is normally enough to sit up to 30 guests comfortably. With a U-shape, you would have the newlyweds sitting at one end where all of you can see them.

The square arrangement can also be a good idea, especially when you want to communicate more. Expect that people would have an easy time conversing with each other and be close to the newlyweds. It is a good thing as it promotes the intimacy you are looking for.

Have The Table Set Correctly

People might sometimes overlook the table settings such as glassware, linen, and crockery just because it is a micro-wedding.

The micro-weddings also need a keen eye on details too. This is because people will be close to the table and easily notice imperfections.

Consider looking at the design and the various things to include on the table. Have them personalized where possible. This includes glassware, plates, soft linen, and more. Ensure the color palette matches your overall wedding theme and mood.

Personalize As Much As You Can

Considering it is a wedding for only a few people, it is possible to customize what you might need for that day.

Some things you can personalize include the stationery, such as the menu, place cards, and programs. The idea is to have a good personal touch even if it does not have to cost so much.

Many people attending the wedding might hope to make it feel intimate, and a personalized place card would do that. Even for the menu, consider having a unique font or even handwrite it yourself for the guests to feel so much thought went into working on it.

Picnic Style Wedding

Picnic Style Wedding

You can afford to be laid back on your wedding day. It is not new to having a picnic-style wedding rather than what you might have seen before. The idea is to set up the reception area to resemble a picnic and just have fun.

If you have friends who would like such, then go for it. This would be a perfect idea during the warm months. The last thing you want is to have to sit on wet grass. Do not forget to add centerpieces to your tables too.

Change The Wedding Timings To Work For You

Normally, people want to be done with a wedding at a certain time. The good news is that you do not have to conform to those wedding timelines. Come up with your own timeline and have fun with it.

Depending on the wedding venue, you can extend into the night and talk about your life as friends. This is the only time you can possibly have a sunset wedding reception rather than the usual classic wedding dinner. Sunset has a way of setting a good mood for the wedding.

Big Wedding Elements Are Also a Nice Bonus

Just because they are micro-weddings, it does not mean they cannot have nice things such as chandeliers. Yes, you can have a chandelier to add more sophistication to the event. Other options you can use include velvet chairs, ribbons for the chairs, candles, decoration bowls, and so much more.

The idea is to make it fun and not crowd the wedding table. At this point, the overhead elements are highly welcomed.

Big Wedding Elements


A wedding can only stand out if you are serious about the decoration. There are plenty of options for wedding decorations. What is important is doing it right based on your resources. If you want a large wedding, we have seen the various ways of making it happen. The same goes for a small wedding. Keep these tips in mind, and you should have a successful wedding day.

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