Is the Candle Holder Necessary for Weddings?

Candle holders are necessary for your wedding as they hold your candles correctly and also add aesthetics to them. However, that is not always the case. Depending on the type of candle holder, you could also use it for other applications, especially for weddings. So, how else can a candle holder work for a wedding setup?

Benefits of Candle Holders

But first, we look at the benefits of candle holders to see why you should use them today. 

Give Support to Candles 

Candles are available in many shapes, designs, and sizes. So, having a good holder can help hold the candles in position. A good example is when you have taper candles that cannot stand alone. So, it is necessary to have the candle holders to keep them from falling over and possibly starting a fire. 

Can Prevent Hot Wax Spills 

Candle holders would be necessary for keeping the hot wax from spilling over. One thing about spills is that they end up creating an unpleasant mess. The result is that you have a wedding table full of wax and damaged decorations. Most holders are designed to keep the wax from spilling so that you can have a clean decoration always. 

Enhancing The Event Decoration 

Lighting candles for your wedding is quite important for looks. You may have to get the best candle holders to finish the look. When you are in the market for a candle holder, you can come across different designs. Some can be cascading, while others are simple in design. You can always consider one that complements the look of your wedding decoration. 

Adding a Splash of Color 

taper candle holders for table centerpiece

Also, consider candle holders as they help make the event look great in terms of the different colors they bring. You can opt for gold, silver, or any other color that brings out the best looks for a table centerpiece. 

Can Be Good for Windy Places 

When you plan to have the wedding reception outdoors, and it is windy, the lantern candle holders make sense in such a situation. This is because the lantern’s glass keeps the candle from easily blowing off and having it lit the entire time. Besides keeping it from going off, the lantern keeps it from burning too fast because of the draft. 

Can Add Height To The Candles 

If you have used tealight candles before, you know they can be short. The best way to make them appear tall is to get candle holders. When you can improve the lighting situation, the better. 

Use varying heights of candle holders to create a lovely candle pattern. 

Helps Complete The Wedding Theme 

The wedding theme is quite important for the final look of the event. Using the right candle holders can help tie the event together. So, look for the right decorative candle holders and use them for the wedding theme. Make sure to compare different candle holders to find the correct one for the theme you want. 

6 Creative and Alternative Ways of Using Candle Holders As Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece

We look at various ways someone can use the candle holders to finish a wedding table centerpiece and make it look good. 

Create Mini Terrariums 

Terrariums are a nice way of creating greenery in the wedding space. Maybe you are having the wedding in a hall and not a garden. This means the use of terrariums can help bring out the greenery. 

Terrariums as candle holders are easy to set up. You can consider a candle holder with a lantern style. Such a design gives you enough space to easily set up the terrarium and have a good wedding centerpiece. 

Some plants to include in the terrarium can be ferns, moss, and succulents. These are easy to find and keep them looking fresh. Still, you can come across other options, such as rocks and miniatures, that would look great once added to the terrarium. 

Use Them As Flower Vases

Of course, you would also consider them as flower vases. Depending on the size and height of the holder, you can find a use for it as a flower vase rather than holding a candle. 

You should get creative with the flowers for the wedding. Try to make them exciting so that they create a nice centerpiece on the table. 

The tall candle holders are often preferred as you can find them more versatile. You can use the long-stem tealight candle holders for rosebuds and other tall flowers. 

Add Water To The Candle Holders

Plants can make the candle holders look good, as mentioned before. However, you can add many more things to the candle holder to make it stand out and be good for your wedding. 

A good example is adding water and floating a few candles on top of it. If you do not want to use candles, you can still add herbs, jewels, or cut fruits on top of the water. At this point is all about being creative in how well to use the candle holders. 

Hold Candy At A Wedding 

Another option would be using the candle holder to store candy that people can snack on while seated at the table. So, it would not just serve as a wedding centerpiece for the table but also for holding snacks that people could use. 

This application requires the use of large open vases. This allows the guests to reach in and pick the candy that they want. Try to make the candy as varied as possible so people can choose what they like. 

Add Fairy Lights For Decoration

candle lantern For Decoration

Weddings are all about having the best lighting. One way of doing so is adding fairy lights to the candle holders. Some even consider this method a safe option for having an open-flame candle. The best part is how you can still use the candle holders at home with the same fairy lights. 

Go for the large candle holders. They can hold a large amount of string lights to keep the room light, even if it lacks candles. 

Set up the candle holders in different locations around the wedding venue to give off a romantic glow for the guest to enjoy. Of course, using it as a wedding table centerpiece is another reason to consider it. 

Decorative Orbs or Balls

A candle holder can also be good as a decorative ball or orb. This is a fun way of adding new life to the holder and making it good for your wedding centerpiece. 

You may use plants, cotton, and other supplies to make a decorative ball. Just ensure you follow the wedding theme. If you are going for a Christmas look, you know which colors to use. 


A good candle holder has to be versatile, elegant, durable, and easy to spruce when needed. This is something you may notice with several candle holders in the market. You will always have many ways of using the candle holders rather than having candles in them. When you can use the candles creatively, you should expect the best results for your wedding centerpiece.

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