Is It Safe To Use Camping Candle Lanterns In Tents?

Going camping can be a very fun and memorable time for everyone involved. There’s nothing like being in tandem with nature, the smell of the forest, and fresh air. But one of the best parts of camping is sleeping in a tent. There’s nothing like it. You’re all warm and cozy tucked into your sleeping bag. Now, most people were inclined towards using a safe camping candle lantern to light up the tent and provide warmth. But is that safe? That’s what we’re going to tackle in this post. Please stick with us as we provide all there is to know about candle lanterns and give our take on whether a safe candle lantern is safe or not.

What Are Candle Lanterns

A candle lantern is a light source consisting of a glass chimney tucked into an aluminum or brass base. The candle itself is placed in the base. You can easily pull up the chimney when you plan to use it, and when you’re not using it, you can easily push it down for transport and storage. 

Are Camping Candle Lanterns Safe Or Not

Camping Candle Lanterns

Picking an answer to this question is a tricky process. Is a camping candle lantern safe? Well, after a long deliberation of the facts and stats, we have concluded that a camping candle lantern is indeed safe to use in a tent. A safe candle lantern is best appreciated during winter camping. The bright light from the candlelight hung up in the tent gives out a little bit of light. Plus, having a safe candle lantern in your tent is also great for providing warmth, especially when the wind is blowing hard. A candle lantern is capable of increasing the temperature in the tent to 10 to 15 degrees

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How To Use A Camping Candle Lantern

  • For the next step, you unscrew the base. 
  • After unscrewing the base, you can insert a candle in the base of the safe candle lantern.
  • Light the candle.

You can use the attached stainless steel handle to hang the safe candle lantern from a loop on your tent ceiling. The flame is now fully enclosed safely and shielded from the wind. 

What Kind Of Candle Lantern Is Recommended To Use In Tents

The ideal camping candle lantern that is a good buy is very important. On this note, here is a couple of camping candle lantern that would fit the ideal profile. The REI Aluminium Camping Candle Lantern only dropped wigs. But if you’re looking to brighten your tent, then the UCO Candle Lantern is the one for you. This safe candle lantern can burn one, two, or three candles and is available for $34. 

Regardless of whether it’s in a lantern, the fact remains that an open flame is dangerous, even if surrounded by a chimney or a glass tube tied around it. So how do we keep using our safe candle lantern harmlessly? 

  • Make sure to hang your camping candle lantern at the top of the tent. 
  • You can also place your camping candle lantern on the rental floor far away from the walls. Even after these preventive measures, the candle lantern risks getting bumped over, leading to a fire. 
  • Since modern tents have to pass a flame-resistant test before purchase, you can avoid burning yourself while you sleep with a safe candle lantern. By poking holes in your tent, sleeping bag, or other equipment, you’re providing ventilation into your tent. It is common knowledge that fire yield carbon monoxide, so everyone needs to be careful walking around. And never sleep while your safe candle lantern is burning.
  • Remember the base in the chimney of the lantern we unscrewed? Now we’re going to bring it back and screw it in securely.

Why Use Candle Lanterns

Camping Candle Lantern

We already mentioned camping and how a candle lantern is used while camping. We would elaborate on that and explain why the candle lantern is rising. 

  • Candle lanterns can be safely used in a tent. It’s common sense not to leave an open flame in a tent, so, ideally, they use a safe candle lantern to do their activities in the tent. 
  • Candle lanterns always work. How do you think I made it all here?
  • Candle lanterns are not difficult to use. 
  • Unlike most other camping lights, candle lanterns don’t have broken parts or batteries that die. So as long as you have matches and spare candles, you can have unlimited light. Who needs batteries?
  • A safe candle lantern is capable of providing you with warmth. Candle lanterns give off enough heat to warm a small tent on a cool night. 
  • And the use of a candle lantern will help reduce condensation in a tent, too.
  • They are small and light and ideal for backpacking lanterns.

It is important to keep your candle lantern in top condition, but if it gets damaged, you can order a repair kit to fix it yourself. 


A candle lantern is very effective, economical, and practical for camping. Candle lanterns are highly recommended for all tent campers and backpackers. All you have to do is follow the tips and safety guides regarding using a safe candle lantern.

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