Is It Safe To Make A Polymer Clay Candle Holder In Different Ways?

YES!!! It is safe to make various clay candle holders out of polymer clay! You can create various objects using the flexible, creative medium known as polymer clay. You can create anything from colorful, bold jewelry to eye-catching, one-of-a-kind home decor. However, it is dependent on how the polymer clay is made. There are specific ways to shape it to function as a secure candle holder.

Clay comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Many beautiful decor pieces have been designed using clay material. One question that clay users frequently have is whether it is flammable. And the answer is more complex than you might think. 

This article will go over the different types of clay used to make candle holders.

What Is Air-dry Clay

Air-dry clay is a useful product that can be used in a variety of craft projects. As the name implies, air-dry clay dries and hardens at room temperature. It also can be fired at a low temperature. 

It may be the best option if you use air-dry clay for your project because it dries and hardens faster. Air-dry clay is primarily composed of resin, paper, and glue. However, homemade variations can be added to this mixture. To add color to this mixture, you can use pastels, chalks, or even mica powder.

Air-dry Clay Candle Holder

There is still a lot to comprehend about this unusual clay variant. Let us proceed to learn more about this by reading the following:  

Is Air Dry Clay Candle Holder Flammable?

You must have figured out what air-dry clay is and how it works by now. One common concern among air-dry clay users is whether the clay candle holder is flammable or not. And the answer to this question is more complex. This question does not have a simple yes or no answer. Instead, several factors must be considered when determining whether air drying is flammable or not. Such as:

  • If there is molten clay in the air dry clay candle holders, it is flammable.
  • Air clay is flammable if the hot coal is touching or very close to it. 
  • Air clay is not flammable if the temperature isn’t too high.

The majority of air-drying clay candle holders are not flammable. They’re constructed from paper, glue, and resin. Always read the labels to see if an ingredient could make them flammable.

Is Oven Bake Clay Candle Holder Flammable?

Air-dry clay hardens by itself. This means you don’t have to do anything special to harden the clay. However, if you want to accelerate the process of hardening the clay, you can put it in the oven. However, you are not required to bake it. The purpose of baking the clay is to reduce the moisture content.

If a flammable chemical is used to preserve the clay for a long time, it may result in unanticipated accidents. If you place it for baking, you risk burning or charring the clay. As a result, it is best not to put such items in the oven.

Things to Consider When Making Candle Holder Out of Polymer Clay

Crafting a candle holder out of polymer clay is safe based on how you craft it. The clay shouldn’t be placed directly on top of the flame, which is the most crucial factor to remember. This is due to the potential for the clay to burn or darken quickly as it heats up. 

Making Candle Holder Out of Polymer Clay

As long as the polymer clay candle holder is not too close to the flame so that it emits odours, it is acceptable to place it on one side of the flame. Even though these smells are not cancer-causing. Also, polymer clay candle holders will burn if baked or cured at a higher temperature. In fact, polymer clay produces a distinct smell when it burns, defeating the purpose of scented candles.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep polymer clay far enough from the flame to prevent burning or scratching. It is advised to keep it no closer than ¾” from the flame’s side.

Different Styles of Candle Holders You Can Try Of

Polymer clay candle holders are glass votive candle holders that have been covered in various styles and designs of polymer clay. Glass or metal are common materials for “base.”

Consider the decor and furnishings of the intended room when selecting the type of holder that best suits your needs. You are not restricted to using a polymer clay cane for your holder.

Taper candle holders, Votive candle holders, Candelabras, Lanterns, Pillars, and Tea light candle holders are some of the most popular candle holders on the market today.


So, now you have understood that making candle holders from polymer clay is safe if certain conditions are met. Start with an existing glass or metal candle holder whenever possible. Additionally, add polymer clay and optional embellishments like wiring and beads. Alternative to clay candle holders you can go for the decorative holders available at Sziqiqi to accentuate the vibe of your home.

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