A Comprehensive Guide To Using Colorful Taper Candles At Your Wedding Reception

Are you a candle lover? Are you in charge of planning your friends’ or your wedding and looking for some new ideas? Want the wedding to be exquisite and classy by staying on budget? Now you can have your dream wedding and make it fancy using tapered candles.

A tapered candle is a long, thin candle with a narrow top and cylindrical base. Because of its low price and unique shape, it has become a significant part of every wedding.

Why Use Colorful Taper Candles?

how to use taper candles at wedding

A wedding is the most beautiful day of one’s life, and we all want it to be perfect and posh. By using candles with flowers, you can make the celebration memorable. Tapered candles are inexpensive and can be a lovely addition to your reception. Instead of using the normal taper candles, try using colored taper candles for your big day.

Do you know there is sound science behind using color schemes? Every color represents a different emotion, feeling, or memory and unique perception. Try using the color wheel theory, introduced by sir Issac newton.

A color wheel is a circle of many colors, and it indicates the relationship of colors with each other. Try contrasting candles with the setting, e-g wedding gown with the bridesmaid’s dresses. Try mixing the white candles with navy blue, red, emerald, sunny yellow, purple, or pink at a white wedding. It is your big day; make it special.

how to use taper candles at wedding

Wedding Candles For Decor: A Modern Approach

Do you know, an average person in the USA spends 33,900 $ on a wedding and spends 4.8 thousand $ on their honeymoon. Many cancelled their weddings due to covid-19. And now, with the rising costs, getting married is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

Candles are inexpensive, handy, and have the power to illuminate your union. Lighting candles on your big day will give the whole place a unique ambience and classic attire. Now modern weddings are moving towards more simplistic and subtle decor.

There are various ways you can use tapered candles. Try using colored tapered candles and contrast them with candle holders. Try different combinations, like using black tapered candles with transparent glass jars. You can also go for white tapered candles with vintage brass candle holders. Go for some golden taper candles on the corners with a central flower vase to keep it classy.

how to use taper candles at wedding

How To Choose The Best Candles?

With increasing DIY wedding budgets, candles have become crucial for every wedding. EU member countries approximately consumed 705 thousand tons of candles in 2020. Every candle has its unique quality; the type of candle chosen at a wedding depends on your choice.

If you want to keep it elegant and classy, use taper candles.

If you want the reception to be simple and lucid, go for votive candles. If you worry about the burn time and think the candles will burn out soon, use dripless or flameless candles. Using scented candles at your wedding will be a wonderful insertion. But, do not use them at your reception table, as you do not want the scent to dominate your food’s aroma.

how to use taper candles at wedding

Other Uses Of Candles: Themes And Ceremonies

Candles are handy, cheap, and beautiful and can dazzle any occasion. Use candles for your birthday, baby shower, anniversary, bridal shower, etc.

Use these inexpensive wax lights to brighten your moment. Do not use candles for decors only, use them as the best gift or giveaway or for home decor.

Many candle users use candles for relaxation through aromatherapy. 76 % of the candle purchasers view candles as an appropriate gift for the holidays. 74 % view it as the best housewarming, 66% as a hostess/dinner party, 61% as a thank you, and 58 % as an adult birthday gift. 

how to use taper candles at wedding

End Note :

A wedding is the most meaningful and eventful day in anyone’s life. We all have been planning for this cherishable day for a long time. Who is going to be at our wedding? How many people? Costs like venue, food, photographer, wedding traditions, decor, etc.

You do not get married every day; it happens once in a lifetime. Did you know, along with the other costs, an average Us citizen spends 2000 $ on their wedding decor wholly? Which is very unlikely affordable for any layman.

Why not keep it simple, classy, and vibrant by using colored tapered candles. They are cheap, gaudy, burns longer, and look beautiful and romantic. Play it smart; do not waste all your money on unnecessary decor.

Try pairing colored taper candles with various centrepieces or candle holders.

Use candles to save cost, make your reception exquisite, and be handy for your pocket. We hope we have provided you with a comprehensive guide on using candles for your wedding. Let us know in the comments below.

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