How to Protect Your Candle Holders?

The market is full of comfortable products that enhance the home’s looks and decor. One can buy a couch, bean bags, lavish decor, and many more decorative products. Nothing can match the aesthetic and comfort offered by beautiful and aromatic candles. Buying lovely candles is not enough; you need to get ideal candle holders for them. Over the years the global candlestick holder market has increased and it is expected to reach USD 1,320.85 million by 2027.

Right candlestick holders can make all the difference and make the room look perfect. Scented and vibrant candles can bring coziness and a finishing touch to the room. Although these candles are beautiful on their own, they give a unique and interesting look when paired with complementary candle holders. 

We all know that beauty fades with time, and to keep something beautiful forever, we need to put in a lot of effort. The same applies to candle holders. To keep them beautiful and safe for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety and cleanliness of these holders.

Things To Protect Candle Holders For A Long Time

An ideal candlestick holder holds a lot more important than the candle itself. An eye-catching candle holder/stand can set the mood and has the ability to become the focal point. Getting a holder that can bear the heat and other factors and keep on shining is crucial. Read on to learn valuable tips to protect your candlestick holders for a lifetime:

Remove Wax On A Regular Basis

Aromatic candles consist of some colors, and if the wax is not removed for a long time, it may leave stains on the surface or floor. Once the candle burns out completely, you should remove the wax to reuse it. Removing wax from a candle jar or holder is not difficult if you know the right way. There are several methods to clean wax from the candle jar/holder:

  • Method 1: Removing Wax Using Boiling Water
  • Method 2: Remove Wax with a Scraper
  • Method 3: Use Hair Dryer to melt the wax

Keep Candle Holders Clean

Candlestick Holders are probably items you might not see unless they are very dirty or full of wax. Well, a dirty candle holder would be a distraction for your eyes and affect the beauty of your house interiors. Apart from this, the accumulated wax will attract dirt, dust, and other pollutants affecting your health. So, it’s better to keep candle holders clean and in a noticeable spot. Keeping the candles in a noticeable spot will help you to remember their cleaning schedule. 

Protect Candle Holder From Rusting

Candle holders are made of different materials, such as glass, metal, and cast iron. However, glass materials are delicate and cannot be used every time because an accidental fall will break it into pieces. That’s the major reason why most people prefer using metal or cast iron candle holders. It’s well said that not everything is perfect, and so is metal or cast iron material. One of the major issues with them is that they catch rust if they are left in a moist area. So, you need to protect these candle holders from rust by cleaning them using a dry cloth to eliminate moisture or placing them in dry places.

Protect Candle Holder From Rusting

Keep Candle Holders At Safe Places

One of the major reasons why candle holders usually break is they are not placed in a safe spot. People tend to place them in spots where they are highlighted and do not consider their stability. However, it can be dangerous for your house as well. Imagine you are lighting candles on a holder, and suddenly it falls. This might cause an accidental fire in your house and damage all your precious belongings. It can be a real nightmare and even burn a hole in your pocket. So, it’s better to place the candle holders in safe places rather than focusing on the arrangement or look of the same. 

Avoid Overloading Candle Holders

Overdoing is always bad, and no one can contradict the fact that it can cause blunders. The same even goes with the candle holders. If you are overloading the candle holders without proper cleaning, then it can cause a real mess. The overloaded candle holders would not have enough space to hold a burning candle, and it might fall on your carpets while ruining it. It is something you would definitely not want to happen with your precious carpets. 

Get the Best Candle Holders Online 

So now we know how to protect the candle holders and make them work for you. Therefore, purchasing one for your house always makes sense. The market is full of options, and one needs to pay close heed to different factors for buying candle holders. Sziqiqi is one place where you can buy the best decorative items for your house, including candle holders. Visit the website to explore the range now!

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