How Do You Plan a Wedding Floor Plan?

Whether you’re inviting 50 or 200 plus, it is inevitable to feast on proper planning. Before making anything happen, don’t forget to visualize it to avoid any bug or annoying thing that happens on your wedding day. After reading this article, you can make an excellent wedding floor plan for your or your client’s wedding.

Easy Steps for Wedding Floor Plans Layouts

Here are 11 easy steps to help you create a wedding floor plan.

#1 – Site selection

Site selection is the base of the wedding floor plan. Select an outdoor wedding site according to your choice, and don’t forget to check the weather conditions. Indoor weddings are easygoing, but outdoor wedding venues require proper planning.

#2 – Site map

Before going into detail, take or make a 2D site map of your wedding venue. You can also make a 3D map of the wedding venue to visualize more details. Mark all of the details, i.e., flora, fauna, and facilities that are present there at the wedding venue.

#3 – Placement of buffet and DJ on the map

It is the most critical thing to adjust on the map. While doing so, don’t forget to follow the theme you want to create on the eve of your wedding. It’s always not necessary to put the DJ on the wall. The best place for the DJ is near the dance floor.

#4 – How many tables are needed

It depends on how many guests there will be on your big day. The guests and their interests will decide the number of tables required for your wedding.

#5 – Table’s shape

Multi-shaped tables are available: u-shaped, long, and round family tables. Choose the table according to your choice. But don’t forget to add some unique tables for the children who come with their parents.

#6 – Digital floor plan

There are much software available for creating a digital wedding floor plan. Digital floor plans are great as they give you insight into the wedding venue details. You can make multiple arrangements. Best of all, you can print it for later discussions.

#7 – Seat for a couple of honor

Where the newlyweds will sit will be the stage and focal point of the entire venue. Therefore, choose it wisely. There are multiple options available, which are in the following.

  • Sweetheart table: If you feel there will be a chance of family drama or looking for a budget-friendly setting, then a sweetheart table is a great option.
  • King table: If your families have the best relations, then it will be very much suitable to have a king’s table. It will bring them closer and make your wedding day.

#8 – VIPs table

It will be an optional table on your wedding day. If you are going to invite any of the special or VIP people, then you must arrange a VIP table to treat them specially.

#9 – Seating plan

An essential thing about a wedding floor plan is having the best seating plan for your respected guests. However, remember that it will not be perfect, and not all guys will be happy with it. But, while planning, consider the profession, age, liking, disliking, and your relation with the guests will help you a lot to do so.

#10 – Space for wheelchair

It’s another option that you should never underestimate while setting up your wedding floor plan. There will be some guests who will be unable to walk on their feet. So, to make them happy on your big day, having some place for them is essential.

#11 – Seating chart for your guests

Once everything is set, go to the market and find some fancy wedding charts for the guests. Please fill it out and hang it on the reception table so that everyone will be clear about their seat.

organize wedding Guests List for wedding floor plan

Organize Guests List

Organizing a list of wedding guests is crucial to make a perfect plan for the wedding floor. There are two approaches to organizing your guests.

  • The first is to pay attention to every guest; it becomes laborious.
  • The other one is to divide your guests into different categories; this approach is easy.

You can easily organize 200+ guests. But don’t forget, nothing will be perfect, but you have to make it the best. Here are a few specific groups that often exist at each wedding.

Bridal party

It is the first and foremost group that should be considered. It includes the couple of honor and chosen friends and family members. It will also include a maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and others. All of these guys will stand up on the wedding day.

Close family members

The happiest persons after being married are the closest family members. Parents of both sides, step-parents (if anyone), brothers, sisters, and grandparents. These guys have waited a long time for your big day, so seated them near the couple of honor.

Rest of the family

The next group should consist of the rest of the family members. It includes your uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews. This group is also suitable for those members about whom you are not sure what is the suitable place in your family tree. This group could be extended very large, divided into different groups, i.e., elders, young corps, and children. Other than that, you can also categorize them according to their close relationship. All of these guys will be seated next to your close family members.


This group is very easy to categorize as you know them very well. You can categorize them into childhood friends, college and university besties, and friends from your locality. While preparing a seating plan, set the childhood, college, and university besties at some remote place because they will spend most of their time circling around you and on the dancing floor.

Business fellows

If you’re working in a co-working space or office, you will invite your best coworkers to your big day. For your business fellows, there are also two options.

Arrange a separate table for all of your colleagues.

Mix them with your friends and family according to liking and disliking.


While grouping and managing children, categorize them into two groups. In the first group, those who can’t live without their parents are seated beside them. The second group for those who are young enough to care for themselves. For such guys, arrange a separate table. Grouping them will help to save your space.

Moreover, you can create special arrangements at the specific table by providing them with colors, puzzles, and toys. Different table shapes are also a suitable option for young guys. While creating a map, please seat them away from the bar and dancing floor.

manage children space for wedding floor plan

Points to Mention in the Wedding Floor Plan

Some points should be part of every wedding. While creating a digital wedding floor plan, pin these points properly.

  • Cocktail area
  • Bars
  • Buffet Table
  • Banquet table
  • Cake Table
  • Gift Table
  • Guest Tables (for dining)
  • DJ Booth
  • Dance Floor
  • Head Table
  • Sweetheart Table
  • Photo Booth
  • Stage or Podium
  • Entries and Exits
  • Bathrooms
Assign the table number

Must-Know Etiquette Tips When Arranging Seating

Seating arrangements sometimes look very smooth, but it is one of the tricky parts of the wedding floor plan. You should follow some etiquette to have a fantastic seating plan. Some of them are in the following.

Birds of the same feather fly together

Your wedding is not the right place to make the people friendly. They are there for a shorter time. Therefore, you should take care while making seating plans. The people who know each other should share the same table. It will make them comfortable all of the time. Otherwise, it will be awkward and unpleasant for your worthy guest.

Make the table attractive than filling it

It is worth considering points that should be noticed while deciding on the seating plan. It will become fussy if you fill the table with crockery and glassware items. To make your table attractive, use the wedding table centerpieces.

Assign the table only

It will give your wedding guests a little freedom to sit anywhere at the table. But doing so can create some problems at the elders’ table. So, if you are in a hurry and want to save time, only assign the designated chairs to elders’ wedding guests and leave the remaining guys.

Bachelor’s table

It is one of the right things to have a specific table for bachelors. It is awkward to sit an unmarried person at a table full of married guys.

Where will the parents sit?

It depends on the type of wedding. If it is a religious wedding, then two options are traditionally followed. In Christianity, the bridal family sits on the right side. While in Jewish, the bridal family sits on the left side of the stage. In the case of a non-religious wedding, it’s fine wherever they sit. Either on the left or right.


Creating a wedding floor plan is a critical thing for any wedding. Sometimes it becomes a little problematic, but following a procedure helps you escape the weird situation. Selection of site, a detailed map of wedding venue, placement of buffet table and DJ in wedding floor plan should be considered while making a wedding floor plan. The number of tables required, the shape of the tables, the digital format of the wedding floor plan, the newlyweds seating plan, VIPs table, and space for wheelchairs are some key points to be considered while creating a floor plan. It would be best if you organize your guests into multiple groups.

While creating a seating plan, try to assign tables instead of seats. Group the people according to liking and disliking and age groups. It’s cool to have a bachelor’s table. Parents will always be at the front, but which side each party occupies depends upon the type of wedding.

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