What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass Candle Holders?

Glass candle holders are just ways to make the candles look good as centerpieces at a wedding, home, or any other application. However, glass candle holders alone can be boring, so people would often consider painting them with different decoration types to improve their appearance. That is why we have to consider the right type of paint and how best you can spray paint the candle holders and make them look great. 

Can You Spray Paint Glass Candle Holders?

The short answer is YES. You can spray-paint the glass candle holders to ensure they look good just as you want. All you have to do is get the right spray paint meant for glass. This is because not all paint types would work great for glass applications. 

Below, we look at how you can spray paint glass and ensure it looks great. 

What You Will Need

  • Spray paint (should mention glass as one of the applications)
  • Glass candle holder
  • Lint-free rag
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Protective mask
  • Protective eyewear or goggles 
  • Newspaper or cardboard to cover the work surface 
Spray Paint Glass Candle Holder


  1. Picking the right paint 

The first thing you need to consider is having the right paint for glass spraying. Check the product label, as it will indicate which materials you can use for the paint. If glass is not mentioned, do not use it, as the paint drips off the glass. 

You will likely come across different colors, sheens, and effects for spray paint meant for glass. You should have a pattern in mind to get the right spray paint by this time. 

  1. Clean the glass candle holder

Next, you have to clean the candle holder to remove as much dirt as possible. This helps the paint adhere to the surface better. 

You might only need soap and water to remove the dirt and dust. Next, allow the candle holders to air dry or use the lint-free rag to dry the candle holders. 

Proceed to wipe the candle holders with rubbing alcohol for the extra clean so that any fibers or dust that might be remaining are removed. 

  1. Preparing the work area 

Spray paint can get everywhere. This means proper preparation of the work surface is important. Lay a lot of newspaper or cupboards on where you will be spray paint to protect the surface from overspray. 

  1. Start Painting 

This should be the fun part. All you have to do is paint the candle holders in the different patterns you want. 

We recommend you apply multiple thin coats for a solid final look. The first layer generally makes the glass translucent. By the time you are on the third coat, you should find the color now pops better. 

The paint might run or drip if you spray a heavy coat all at once. Since you want the final look to be great, multiple thin coats are better. 

Some glass sprays might have a handle. The work of the handle is to help you control the spray intensity and still keep your fingers clean. 

  1. Spray paint only on one side 

As much as you can paint on both sides, it is often unnecessary. So, choose the side you want to paint and stick to it. It can be inside or outside. Of course, outside makes it easier to paint the candle holder. 

Also, the inside might be better for some people since it would not be touched all the time and is less susceptible to scratching. However, it can be a personal preference. 

You can always apply the clear top coat where necessary. This ensures that the potential scratches are kept to a minimum. 

  1. Allow the paint to dry before using the candle holders

If the candle holder is well-painted, it can be tempting to try and set it up already. However, give it a few hours for the paint to dry thoroughly because of using it. The last thing you want is fingerprints in the paint since it is not fully cured. 

We recommend leaving it overnight for a good drying time. 

painted glass candle holders

What Is the Best Paint to Stick to Glass?

When choosing the best paint that sticks to glass, there are a couple of things to consider. They include;

Paint Type 

The most common paint type for glass includes acrylic enamels. These have been developed to be better than the standard acrylic paint. This type of paint hardens when it dries. The result is good scratch-resistant paint which is what you need if the glass candle holders are touched more often. 

You also get solvent-based glass paints. Professionals love to use this type of paint because of its durability. They can work for glass, metal surfaces, and ceramic. However, they tend to produce unpleasant smells. They can also be toxic and flammable. 

The tempera paints are for those who want short-term paint on glasses. You might be thinking of changing the design from time to time. Such paint can easily be washed off with ease. 

Chalk paint is another glass paint to consider. It is good in terms of longevity and durability. It also does not need much prep work. Simply paint it on the glass material and let it dry. 


Glass paint can also come in different forms and sizes. You can get most of these paints in a 2-ounce bottle. However, the size can go as down as 0.5-ounce tubes. If you are looking for spray paints, expect them in 11-ounce spray cans. 

For our case, we might be looking for the spray can. This is loved because it allows you to cover a large area and would come in a wide range of finishes. This includes finishes that can mimic the sea glass texture or the metallic look. 

There is also the option of paint pens. These pens can allow you to draw different patterns. They are also available with different widths of the pen nib. So, you can switch to different widths depending on the pattern you are going for. 

glassic can

Considerations for Spray Painting Glass Candle Holders

Understanding how the spray paint might behave on the glass is vital to know how best to use this type of paint. Here is what you may expect. 

  • Drips: You might have the perfect paint but end up with drips that ruin everything. Since glass is so smooth and slick, paint multiple thin coats to avoid drips. 
  • Unevenness: Other than drips, the paint can sometimes be uneven. It could be the nozzle does not spray even paint. So, make sure the nozzle is not clogged to prevent paint unevenness. 
  • Sheen: Of course, you have to consider the kind of sheen you want for the glass. High gloss sheen is a common example, but it might not work for all applications. There is still the option of choosing chalk paint which offers a matte sheen. So, decide on the sheen type before choosing the paint. 
  • Dry time: This would vary from one paint type to another. The aim is to give the paint enough time to dry so that you can use the glass candle holders without fingerprints. 


Spray paints, when utilized correctly, should leave you with great-looking glass candle holders. Make sure you are using quality paint to end up with long-lasting painted candle holders. We also recommend going for spray paints from top brands. As much as you might want to save by using cheap spray cans, not all will give you the results you are looking for. 

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