How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer In Flower Vase

Cut flowers and gold flower vases are designed to complement each other. So, it is important to know different vases, flower types, and steps to improve their shelf life. 

If you want to know about the subject and a lot more, read this post till the end to get enlightened.

What Is Flowers’ Vase Life? 

Everyone loves a beautifully decorated vase filled with flowers. However, the problem is that flowers don’t last long and tend to dry out quickly. The life of flowers in a vase can be improved with simple tips and tricks, which are discussed below in detail, but first, let’s understand what a flower’s vase life is.

A flower’s life in a vase is the period in-between the moment it is detached from the stem and placed in the vase till it retains its appearance in the vase. 

Every flower has its shelf-life after being cut, and many florists prefer flower species with higher life expectancy in a vase arrangement. For instance, Carnation and Sweet Williams are long-lasting cut flowers for a vase. They can last for 15 to 22 days with proper vase care.

Similarly, Gladiolus and Sunflower have an average vase life of 8 to 12 days. Tulips last for 6 to 7 days in a vase. 

The most common and internationally loved flower, the Rose, can last for a week or more in a gold flower vase with proper care of both.

The Best Selection Of Flowers For Gold Flower Vase 

When placing flowers in a vase, selecting flowers that complement a specific type of vase is essential to have an aesthetic look. Apart from other decorative styles, mono-color vases are getting a lot of attention. The positive thing about mono-colors in vases is that it enhances the center of attention on the flowers and not the vase. However, the issue is a specific selection of flowers goes with specific color vases.

A gold flower vase gives a premium look to your indoors, and the flowers in them look quite elegant.

Some of the following flowers perfectly go with a gold flower vase.

  • Orchid

Orchid is one of the loveliest flowers that are perfect for use in the shape of cut flowers. This flower is an attention seeker with its dynamic textures from multi-colored to freckled, and pure hues bloom. These features make it perfect to be placed in any shade of gold flower vase.

  • Rose

The king of all flowers, the Rose, comes in various textures and color pallets. Whether it’s red or shades of pink, the peach rose has unique features and aroma. If you want to complement the beauty of a rose, then select a small gold flower vase for that purpose. 

  • Lilly of the Valley

Lilly of the Valley is one of the flowers dating from ancient times. This petite and femme flower has unique bell-like blooms that have a sweet fragrance. Since the petal size is small, it won’t fill so much of the vase. You can go for a long gold flower vase or a small gold flower vase to fill your room with the sweet aroma of the lily of the valley.

  • Peonies

When you select Peonies for your gold flower vase, be ready for a blast of big petals and versatile bold colors. This flower gets special attention due to its big size, and the perfect option is to put it in a small gold flower vase with a wide body to store the falling petals and brighten up your room.

  • Poinsettia

Rejuvenate the spirits of the Christmas holidays with a gold flower vase full of quintessential Poinsettia. These flowers show winter color and nicely contrast with a bold vase like gold. A small flower vase is an ideal size for this flower.

Prepare The Proper Vases

Beautiful Gold Flower Vase

All the bells and whistles for floral decoration in a gold flower vase are by selecting the right type. Why is it important? Because it enhances the image of flowers in a beautiful way. Most experts refrain from recommending small flower vases made of glass due to their vulnerability and showing the stems of flowers that destroy a vase’s whole image. 

Expert florists always recommend using opaque small flower vases made from ceramic or other materials. The best shape choice is an hourglass with a wide bottom that narrows down as it moves to the top. The benefit of a small flower vase shape is that you can choose a limited bunch of flowers that don’t over-crowd your vase and take better care of cut flowers. Moreover, the wide bottom contains a lot of water for nourishment which is essential for a long life of a flower.

A neutral color in a vase is ideal for most floral arrangements. For instance, the ceramic decorative small flower vases by Sziqiqi are one of the best options that can go with any flower.

The size of the vase is another aspect to consider when you want to add a decorative vase to your home. The health of a cut flower greatly depends on how you cut the stems. The general rule followed by all the florist experts is to keep the stems under two times the height of a vase. For instance, if you are going for a long-stemmed flower like a Rose, tuberose, lily, etc., you need a long vase to place these flowers properly.

Similarly, like peonies, flowers that look good in short floral arrangements should be arranged in a short flower vase. 

Ways To Extend Vase Life 

When you are done selecting the right flower and small flower vases, you now need to manage the flowers to extend their life.

Following are some simple ways to do that:

Immediate Water Treatment

When you cut the flowers from its stem, you must soak them in clean water as soon as possible. Let the cut flowers rest for a while or overnight before arranging them in the vase. Make sure to fill your vase with fresh water before putting the flowers in.

Keep Trimming 

The next care you need to do is to cut the stems of the flower at an angle after a few days. This activity will allow the flower to suck up fresh water for nourishment. Additionally, remove any leaves or foliage to prevent bacterial attacks on flowers.

Keep Them In A Cool, Dark&Dry Place

Unlike the flowers on stems, cut flowers will dry out early if they are exposed to sunlight. Place your vase in a cool, dry, and dark place to prolong the cut flowers’ life.

Change Water Frequently

Fresh and clean water is the only source of nutrition for cut flowers. So to improve their life, replace the dirty and cloudy water every 3 – 4 days. This will prevent stem clogging and bacterial breeding on water.

Use Flower Feed

Just like we need good feed for nourishment, the same way cut flowers need flower feed to grow. However, you can make it yourself if you don’t have any flower feed. Blend 2 tbsp. Of lemon juice, 1 tbsp. Of sugar, ½ tsp of bleach in a quarter pint of water. Mix thoroughly and pour into the vase.


By wrapping up this post, a gold flower vase gives a premium look to your home decoration. Numerous flower types perfectly go with this color of the vase. 

We have discussed the types of large and small flower vases and how to care for the flowers for their prolonged life. After reading this, you will further enjoy the flowers in your vase.

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