How Do You Have a Halloween Wedding?

Halloween weddings are becoming increasingly popular yearly, and we can see why! Were you planning your dream Halloween wedding? You want it to be elegant, sophisticated, beautiful — and unique! Luckily, you can use plenty of unique ideas to make your wedding stand out from the crowd (and give the guests an experience they’ll never forget). We’ve put together some of our favorite ideas from Halloween weddings in the past to help you create the perfect Halloween wedding.

Unique Ideas to Create a Halloween Wedding

These different unique ideas for Halloween weddings will help your event be one that guests never forget.

Theme your tables

Theme your Halloween wedding tables

Rather than opting for the expected black and orange, try decorating your tables with bright colors. Papier-mâché pumpkins are fun and festive in any color, while lemons make a beautiful centerpiece that can be as dainty or gothic as you want. You could also use live plants instead of flowers, adding some life to your table setting. You might also consider vegetarian by serving dishes like roasted vegetables and green salads. This option is perfect if you wish to impress guests with a vegan or gluten-free menu.

These dishes are inexpensive and easy to prepare, so they don’t take up much time on your big day. Another idea is having stations rather than plated dinners and skewers of fruit from yet another station.

Fun table decorations with napkins

Napkins are a fun decoration for the head table with a spooky feel but can simultaneously be elegant. Take plain white cotton napkins and roll them into balls to look like skulls. Tie a string around each skull ball to help it hold its shape. To set the look, you could cover these strings with gold-colored ribbon or if it is closer to 1falling, use leaves and sticks from your yard. You can also use long pieces of fabric instead of ribbons and hang them over the sides of the table. If you want to go one step further, fill glass vases with fake spiders (don’t forget about red glowing eyes) or fake cobwebs, then set one on each plate.

Fun table decorations with napkins

You can also take black twine and wrap it around the base of the water glasses. Then take green vines or greenery such as eucalyptus branches and place them in the glasses. Add some crystal sugar rocks and flowers to make this centerpiece even more special. A final touch would be to put stickers shaped like spider webs all over clear cups filled with small candies (that match your theme). If children are attending, have them decorate their pumpkin plates too!

Pick the perfect autumn colors

Gold, orange, and red are some of the best colors for a Halloween wedding. Orange works exceptionally well with gold, and gold looks fantastic in all colors. Red is a fun color that will give your venue an eerie vibe. The bride could wear her hair in a low bun, with a few loose tendrils framing her face. A dark lip color would complement this look nicely, like black eyeliner around the eyes and deep purple eyeshadow.

A vintage-style dress paired with simple jewelry can also be a great way to make your wedding feel spooky! One of my favorite looks is a strapless high-necked ball gown in red or black. You can use lace or tulle over it to give it that extra touch of vintage charm. Add high heels and an evening clutch purse to complete the look. If you’re not looking for anything too fancy, white jeans and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

Pick haunted houses for venues

Every October, haunted houses pop up all over the country. If you live in an area with many of them, you might already have an idea for your wedding venue. These buildings offer a creepy and exciting vibe for a Halloween wedding. Plus, if you can’t find any venues that are perfect for your event, it would be easy to build one from scratch with some creativity and elbow grease. A few words of caution: make sure you are working with professional hunters who know what they’re doing regarding safety. Make sure that the building is structurally sound, and don’t let anyone go through alone.

The haunts often use animatronics or actors who may not be very good at staying still while people walk by! The darker side of weddings is also found in abandoned mansions, castles, and farms. It’s worth looking into to see if your dream location is on a real estate listing, just waiting for someone like you!

Decorate like it’s Halloween in your reception

Decorate Halloween wedding reception

For a more elegant reception, pick two flowers that traditionally only bloom in the fall: chrysanthemums and dark red roses. Of course, those aren’t the only seasonal blossoms you can use. Fall flowers include mums, globe amaranth, Argyranthemum, and sunflower. These flowers have rich colors, and their low-growing habit makes them perfect for indoor arrangements. So, what’s your color scheme? Are you going with orange and black, or are you going all out with green, browns, and yellows? No matter your choice, a floral arrangement is waiting for you! Arranging your bouquet for a Halloween wedding has never been easier. Consider using dahlias as accents – they’re just as beautiful as roses and come in every shade from light yellow to deep purple.

Use gladioli petals to create spider webs, lavender sprigs for Frankenstein stalks, and scabiosa pods. They’re the perfect substitute for pumpkin seeds! They will help make your centerpieces creepy yet pretty. And don’t forget about the food! Pumpkin pie, apple cider doughnuts, and ghostly white marshmallows will delight everyone at your table. If you want some extra fun for dessert, serve an assortment of candy apples. Your guests can choose their favorite flavor before heading off into the night to Trick or Treat!

Make sure your venue is festive enough

festive venue for halloween wedding

Halloween weddings are full of sparkles and glitter, and in the spirit of that holiday, it’s essential to keep your event as festive as possible. So why not have a wedding celebration on All Hallows Eve? It might sound crazy, but with some DIY craftiness and decorating ideas, you’ll have the perfect party of the year! With so many decorations around this time of year, from pumpkins to ghosts, there are plenty of options for your venue.

To ensure guests are comfortable with their costumes and can have fun at the reception hall or at home, they must get dressed up before they arrive. Have someone available at the door who can take their coats or other outerwear. Also, store them away until later so everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about what they will wear next.

Get dressed up

halloween wedding dress

Now that you have a general idea of the theme, start with what you’re going to wear. This is where I typically like to break things up into two categories: Accessories and Outfit. Your accessories should include your veil, tiara, shoes, gloves, and jewelry. For your outfit, it is much easier than deciding on just one dress and makeup style. You can go as many different ways as you want here! The best way to decide is by thinking about which character in history or pop culture you would most like to portray.

Who do you want to be? Are you a witch from Salem? A vampire from Transylvania? A zombie from New Orleans? What about Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts or Bella Swan’s Edward Cullen? There are so many options to choose from! If you aren’t sure yet, pick a few ideas and let your partner help narrow down the decision.

Do something extra with the invitations

invitations for halloween wedding

Instead of traditional invitations, opt for something attractive and practical. You can use things like coasters or mini-jams with personalized labels. Let guests know where the wedding will be, with a date and time range for when you would like them to RSVP. Attaching this information card to other items will also let them know that the item should be handled with care and cannot be thrown away. Guests can return the invitation if they are unable to attend! The best part about this idea is that it’s cost-effective and doesn’t require additional supplies!

Try out something different during the ceremony

Encourage guests, or even the bride and groom, to wear costumes. The guests might enjoy this more than they would be sitting in the pews or standing in a receiving line. The couple might enjoy not having their guests fawning over them but getting the opportunity to see what their loved ones look like. If costuming is not for you, consider decorating your venue, so it feels like a world full of ghouls and goblins just for your celebration!

Have two reception areas

Having two reception areas is a great way to create a fun, lively environment for guests of all ages. Older kids can go off and dance while the adults enjoy drinks and appetizers on the other side of the room. It also ensures everyone has something in common so they can easily mingle. It’s also great for friends or relatives who are expecting! One area can be designated as pregnant-friendly so that guests with due dates know where they’re most welcome at your event. You can decorate each space accordingly with creative props like baby balloons or festive masks for guests to take home after the party. These props will make it easy for anyone feeling out of place to find their little niche within your celebration.

A second option would be to have one traditional sit-down dinner followed by an open bar and dancing later on in the evening. Guests could come dressed in formal attire for the ceremony. Then change into more casual clothing before moving to the cocktail hour. And eventually back into their formal attire again before being announced into the ballroom for dessert. What makes this idea even better is that you’ll be able to have some control over how much people drink during both events. It will give you peace of mind about drunk driving, keeping kids entertained late into the night, or making sure your older guests stay safe too.

Try out a photo booth instead of classic photo booth photos

The best part about a photo booth is that guests take their photos home as part of the purchase. What’s more, when combined with other cute ideas, such as skeleton props, it can create a uniquely elegant wedding or party experience. Guests will love being able to wear whatever they want and have fun all night long! For an extra touch, consider adding frames around the booth with inspirational quotes. You can also vintage-style portraits for decoration.

A white photo backdrop would also look great in any booth you create! If you’re trying to add an artistic flair, ask your photographer if they’d be willing to make black and white photos by putting filters on the camera lens. If not, editing programs like Photoshop always allow you to convert color images into black and white.

Warm Tips on Arranging Your Halloween Wedding

Warm Tips on Arranging Your Halloween Wedding

Think about logistics

Think about the timing and your guests. Timing can be tricky with other holiday events happening around the same time. But you want to ensure you give your guests plenty of notice so they can make accommodations to attend. Plus, if they are traveling a distance, they’ll need extra time to get here! It’s always better to avoid scheduling activities during the day. This is because at that time, people will likely be focused on getting ready for their evening event. The best times are pleasant evenings when people won’t feel obligated to put on coats or shawls.

Fall colors are stunning

Fall is the perfect time to get married. The leaves are beautiful and start changing colors, creating a stunning backdrop for photographs. Plus, pumpkin spice lattes abound! The apples, pears, and other colorful fruit will be at their peak in the grocery stores. Don’t forget to eat some of that pie at your reception if you want it for dessert. There are also many apple orchards where you can get fresh pies made on-site for your event. If you’re not big into baking or don’t have any inclination to make anything from scratch, an easy option is to order wedding cakes from a local bakery. They’ll be delicious and professional looking.

Don’t be afraid to use decorations that aren’t necessarily Halloweeny

use halloween decorations for halloween wedding

Many couples think that all the decorations for their wedding must be spooky to fit the theme. That’s not true! There are many options for spooky, elegant, and classy decorating ideas that don’t make everything look like a Haunted House. Use an orange ribbon instead of black; use pumpkins as accents instead of spider webs. And also, place fake spiders in strategic spots around your reception tables instead of using real ones. Don’t be afraid to go with color over quantity. You may have heard that you need tons of black crepe paper streamers or skulls everywhere, but it doesn’t have to be so over-the-top.

It can help if you keep things simple with touches of your favorite colors. If you love purple, pink, green, blue, or any other color, incorporate them into your decorations. Remember that white flowers and candles are great ways to add elegance without going overboard.

Have a candy buffet

We love a good horror film as much as the next person, but sometimes we like to celebrate the season in style with something sweeter. The candy buffet is one of our favorite ideas for a spooky celebration. Here are three more tips for setting up your sweet buffet!

  1. Use pumpkins and gourds as part of the centerpiece.
  2. Ask guests to bring their favorite type of candy and have it ready at each table.
  3. Hand out trick-or-treat bags or boxes filled with treats when guests arrive. You can also send them home with party favors from the event.

Use candles

candle centerpieces

Candles are incredible decorations for any occasion. They can be used in different styles, whether you’re having a spooky Halloween wedding or something more elegant. To achieve a more formal look with candles, consider using holders of varying heights in different areas. You can use them at places like the ceremony or reception. They also work well as table centerpieces.

For something less formal, you can use small pillar candles and layer them in bowls to create large displays. One option is to put some carving in front of the bowl (like a pumpkin) so that when it’s lit, it looks like it’s glowing. Another option is to set up one large display at each end of your long banquet tables. Then alternate between tall and short candles throughout your seating area. Remember that they make excellent decoration pieces after your event – especially if you package them up nicely!

Decorate with fake spider webs

Are they planning to use fake spider webs as a DIY? With a bit of creativity, they can be used in many different ways. For example, they can be draped across the reception area entrance or over chair backs at each table. For guests that don’t want to get their clothes dirty from the dusty webbing, you can create an aisle for them to walk down. Then you have to cover it with more webbing as soon as they pass through! The webbing will also make for a great photo opportunity if one is near the back of your reception area. When people are done eating dinner but still want to enjoy the party, place some bowls filled with candy corn along the length of the table.

Also, provide individual plastic bags for your guests to collect their favorite pieces. You’ll save money by not having to worry about extra desserts. And the setup is simple because all you have to do is place small pumpkins around the edge of each bowl to resemble a pumpkin patch.

Stay warm

Many of your guests may be coming from out of town. Therefore, hosting the event indoors is essential to keep them warm and comfortable. Also, be sure to provide them with hot drinks. Provide at least one station if you can’t offer your guests something hot during the ceremony. At this station, they can grab coffee or tea during cocktail hour! Not only will this help ward off the chill in the air, but it’ll also make for a great photo opportunity. Layering up is essential for the bride and groom, while wearing gloves might not hurt! And don’t forget about your photographer; if they are there all day, it’s best to give them some form of insulation like hand warmers or heated booties.

The budget

For the most part, you can hold your Halloween wedding on a shoestring budget. It is much easier to find reasonably priced costume jewelry pieces in October than any other year. You will want to pick out your attire or buy it as soon as possible so that you know exactly what outfits to buy and that they don’t go out of season. Wear shoes with rubber soles to avoid slipping on the wax-covered floor. Save money by hosting your event at a venue where you are allowed to bring food instead of renting out an expensive caterer.

If you are working with kids, ensure their costumes are flame retardant before letting them near candles! Ensure your guests have lights on their cell phones when they arrive to help them find their way in the dark. Pick up some luminaries from the hardware store to create a festive mood when you greet your guests at the door. And finally, remember to have fun!

Timing is everything

It may seem like an odd time to plan your wedding, but November and October are the perfect months to get married. Holiday and autumnal decorations will be on sale, making it more affordable to throw a fall-themed celebration. Plus, with cooler weather approaching, you can save money by cutting back on heating costs. You’ll also be able to have an outdoor ceremony or reception in November or October without worrying about melting ice sculptures! However, there are some disadvantages to getting married during this time. Hotels might charge higher rates.

This is because they’re preparing for winter holidays instead of summer vacations. Finding catering services could also be problematic. It is because most restaurants prepare their menus for these seasons. And depending on where you live, the first frost could come earlier than usual, making blooming flowers less attractive.

The dress code

halloween dress code

The dress code of a wedding is crucial. It will help you not only find the perfect style for you and your fiancé, but it will also ensure that all guests are dressed appropriately. You want to pay close attention to the color palette for this type of party. You may want to find something in black and orange, which will go nicely with the other decorations at the event. The flowers that decorate tables should match accordingly, too! It would look best if you had an arrangement of black and orange flowers on each table. If not, try incorporating these colors into centerpieces or around the food stations.

Many people think they can get away with just using one color when they throw a party like this, but remember, anything goes in October! So you could use colors from purple to green and make them work beautifully. When looking for decorations for your house, focus on items that can double as decorative pieces. You should also focus on practical items like lighting. It’s important to consider what will make your house safe since trick-or-treaters might stop by later.

Goodies for guests

All your guests will get an assortment of Trick-or-Treat goodies at the wedding. We also have a Honeymoon Hocus Pocus kit that you can fill with goodies, unique cards, spooky lighting for the bedroom, and more! The tablescape is always fun to think about; anything goes from cobwebs and pumpkins to creepy-looking chairs! Lastly, we’ve found that kids enjoy seeing their names on the guest list, so include them in your RSVP card or invite list. If possible, find a suitable area near the venue for little ones to play, so they are happy when waiting for the bride and groom. Another thing is to remember not all children like wearing costumes, especially during the winter. So if your child does not want to wear one, don’t force them into one just because it’s Halloween.

Add an extra touch of fun

For couples looking to add a little flair to their special day, costumes are the perfect way to incorporate the theme into your wedding! You can choose between dressing up as spooky like Dracula and his bride or something fun like pumpkins. Add some extra details to your reception by decorating with Halloween-themed tableware. A votive candle in your guests’ water glasses is an easy trick that looks great without being too expensive. These tips will ensure you don’t have to worry about any last-minute surprises on October 31st. Be proactive and set out what’s expected from your vendors beforehand. With these tips, you’ll need to relax on Halloween night, knowing that everything has been taken care of, and enjoy yourself with your new spouse.

Floral decor, your own or professional?

There are many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day. You can order flowers in advance and have them delivered on your wedding day. You can even ask a friend who is an avid gardener to donate some blooms or pick them up at the market. Keep in mind that silk flowers are common and cheaper than fresh-cut bouquets. Either way, flowers make an excellent addition to any October event! They add life and color to otherwise spooky decorations. If you’re not into the floral theme, you could use pumpkins instead of flowers for table arrangements. You can also use vases on mantels or dining tables, centerpieces on cake stands, and lanterns by the entrance.

Halloween is one of the scariest yet fun and festive days to celebrate the year! However, planning for your wedding can also be one of the most stressful and challenging days. With so many ideas you may want to incorporate into your big day, it’s hard to decide on the best Halloween wedding ideas. With such an important decision at stake, we are here to help you make your Halloween wedding unforgettable in the best way possible! Here are some spooktacular ways to make your Halloween wedding unforgettable!

Halloween Wedding FAQs

What is a Halloween wedding?

A Halloween wedding is a popular choice among couples with October-November wedding dates. This type of ceremony typically takes on a spooky theme, with colors like black and orange. There are also many different ideas for the décor, from skeletons to ghosts and spiders to pumpkins. To make your special day even more memorable, add candles in shades of orange and black for a nice glow. If you want your guests to participate in the celebration:

– Have them dress up as their favorite ghouls or princesses. You can provide fun activities before the reception, such as a costume contest, fortune teller or candy apple station.
– Don’t forget to take photos that will last a lifetime by capturing moments inside and outside the venue.
– Don’t forget to ask your professional photographers friends.

Where can I have my Halloween wedding?

Grave plots can be rented from the cemetery for a set time. So you could have your entire ceremony there and invite guests back to the cemetery for drinks afterward. You’ll need professional assistance to get this done. This is because it requires permits and special arrangements with the cemetery caretaker. So ask for local funeral directors or cemeteries that rent out gravesites. They’ll know what’s available. It may cost a bit more than your average wedding venue. But if you’re committed to hosting an unforgettable Halloween bash, it’ll be worth every penny.

How do I know if my Halloween wedding theme will work for my family?

People expecting a Halloween-themed wedding might wonder if their family will enjoy it as much as they do. You’ll have to research and talk with your extended family about the idea. If you’re getting married in a different country, this might not be an issue for you.

How do I know if my Halloween wedding theme will work for the people attending my wedding?

Weddings should be designed for the people attending. It’s important to remember your guests will be viewing your event through a different lens than you do. No matter how charming or clever you think, if most of your guests don’t share the same opinion, it may not work out so well. For example, just because vampires are all the rage in movies doesn’t mean they’ll feel quite as passionate about them in real life.

The best way to find out if this theme will work for your wedding is by asking those close to you what they think. You might be surprised at your response when you ask them their opinions and see where it leads from there.

What are some additional tips for making your Halloween wedding theme great?

Follow the below tips to make your Halloween wedding theme great.

Consider flowers
What better time to consider fun or funny blooms? In past years, daisies and black-eyed Susans were a big trend.
Rent a costume
If you’re too shy to buy one and not confident enough in your skills, take the easy route and rent one instead. They’re usually cheap, with just as many options as renting an entire outfit for other occasions. You can also add some spooky makeup if you want something different than what’s already on offer at a Halloween party store near you.
Decoration Colors
Try decorating with orange and black items. Even if they don’t match, they will still look great together and create a cohesive theme throughout the wedding reception hall.

How do I plan on making this happen without spending much money or going into debt?

When it comes to the perfect Halloween wedding, there are some ways to save money. You don’t want to spend more, so take a look at these five tips for pulling off a fantastic and cost-effective wedding with your limited funds. Mention which ideas from the tip list might be appropriate.

Put together a costume contest
A contest is one way that you can get guests involved in helping out with some of the costs.
Create DIY projects
Creating things like DIY cake toppers can give your guests more opportunities to be involved in the process.
Share the burden of cooking
Get two large groups together. Then offer them both help cooking food and setting up decorations.
Do all the work yourself
Not everyone has their dream venue within a budget. If this is the case for you, plan on handling everything yourself from beginning to end.

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