How to Decorate With Black Candle Wall Sconces

Wall sconce lights have been around for years now. This is as early as the candles were fastened to the walls. The good thing is that you can still have candle wall sconces in your space, making everything look good. One such example is the use of black candle wall sconces.

There has been an advancement in how candle wall sconces are designed and made. This has made it possible to find different styles of wall sconces to ensure the house looks good.

What Kind Of Light Direction Are You Looking For?

Still, on decorating with black candle wall sconces, you need to understand how the light will be directed.

Remember, sometimes the wall sconces can be for decoration, while other times you want them to be functional. Some options for the direction of light include outward, downward, upward, or several combinations.

A good example is when you want to use it for reading, the wall sconce needs to deliver the light sideways and downwards to where you are.

If you want something just for decoration, go for the wall sconces that direct their light upwards so that it brightens up the room and remains a decorative piece.

8 Ways to Decorate With Black Candle Wall Sconces

Now that you know the availability of black candle wall sconces, there is no doubt you would want to know how best to use them. Below are ideas on how to decorate with such candle wall sconces.

  • Add Wall Sconces Around The Wall Art

Wall art will remain a nice way to decorate your home. So, what can make it better? That is where you can put two black candle wall sconces on each side to finish the look.

add black candle wall sconces around wall art

Candles have a warm glow that makes the wall art look good and also makes it a focal point when you enter the house or living room area.

So, start by installing the wall art then, followed by the wall sconces. Install the wall sconces about 6 inches from the wall art so there is enough space for safe lighting while illuminating it properly.

  • Add To Your Bedroom Space

Bedside tables are some of the best ways to add more functionality to your bedroom. You can even add books to the bedside table that you enjoy reading before bed.

What would you use for reading the book? Of course, you need a light source, and the black candle wall sconces will do the job.

The nightstand lamps can be good, but you will lose the space on the top of the bedside table. Installing the black candle wall sconces should be a great alternative to provide the right reading light.

The good thing about such wall sconces is that many options exist. So, you would still pick one with a great decorating design to furnish the bedroom while providing you with the best light in the room.

  • Hang The Candles With A Mirror

The black candle wall sconces sandwiching a mirror is another good use of such a lighting option. We prefer having two sconces with a mirror in between them to help with lighting the mirror better.

Of course, you should have the candles mounted at an eye level so that the mirror is properly lit. You can still get people mounting a wall sconce on the top of the mirror. Using just one sconce light should be enough in such a case.

The mirror might also already have a decorative frame with it. So, whenever you are choosing the candle wall sconces, make sure they have the best design too to complement the look of your bathroom mirror frame.

  • Brighten Your Hallway

Many people tend to add more black candle wall sconces in their living rooms but might forget their hallways. It should not be challenging when you have the right tips for incorporating low lighting in the hallway.

black candle wall sconces

Considering hallways are often dimly lit, it is the perfect place to add your black candle wall sconces to improve it. The good thing about adding such candle holders is that they will create the best balance between decoration and illumination.

Hallways do not need much lighting, so you can space the candle wall sconces more than normal. About 8 feet of spacing between different sconces should be enough to complete the decoration and lighting. Try to keep them level to ensure the best look also.

  • Add Them Above The Fireplace Mantel

You might often find the fireplace mantel to be too plain. The good thing about decorating such a space is that it is easy. With two black candle wall sconces on each side, you should be good. You have to consider adding a statement pair of candle wall sconces.

Wall sconces for candles come in different shapes, finishes, and more. However, you can never go wrong with black candle wall sconces. They easily blend with the existing colors.

For a fireplace, we recommend oversized wall sconces. This is to add more light to the fireplace and brighten the space considering the fireplace might not do much illuminating.

  • Improve The Look Of Dark Spots

Good examples are the corners of different rooms. The corners might not always get the light, and now you have a chance to change all that. For this reason, we recommend adding black candle wall sconces in such spaces.

Also, the same would be important for balancing the light between the dark and bright spots. Sometimes you do not need too much light but just enough illumination to not sit in the dark. So, candles will do great work of providing good lighting but not overwhelming.

  • Setting The Mood

The lighting of a venue can be quite important in setting the mood. A good example is when you want a relaxed evening, then have the candles lit in the wall sconces rather than having so much light shining from the main light.

Sometimes you also want to concentrate on a movie or read a book. All these scenarios demand proper lighting that suits their user’s needs. Many people find the candle lighting pleasing to their eyes and generally soft. That is why such black candle wall sconces would be good in a bedroom to set a romantic mood too.

black candle wall sconces with tealight cups
  • Layered Lighting

Even if you already have enough lighting, adding the candle wall sconces as part of the layered lighting option is still available. Layered lighting is vital for creating moods in a space and creating a visual contrast depending on which lights are on.

When you get it right, you can enjoy the look of certain accent pieces and structural elements in certain light.

Even with the possibility of adding more lighting options, it does not mean adding them everywhere. You must have a plan and add them tastefully to ensure the best results when switched on.


It could be that you have a dark space that needs lighting or just love using wall sconces to decorate your space. You should know that there are different options available for you to consider.

We have mentioned the different scenarios where you could best use these products and make your home look good. It is vital that you always choose a wall sconce style that complements the existing decor.

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