Decorating Candle Holders Without Candles

Candle holders are great decorative objects that can adorn any mantel, side table, or shelf. But if you don’t want to use the candle holder to hold candles, what can you put on candle holders without candles? From flowers to votive holders, there are different unexpected things to put on candle holders without candles.

Different Things to Decorate Candle Holders Without Candles


green Plants

One great thing to put in candle holders is plants. Plants can add life and depth to any room. Not only that, but the green foliage gives a nice touch of nature to your interior decorating scheme. If you don’t have space in your home for traditional house plants, you can use succulents or air plants. They require very little maintenance and will do just fine with just some indirect sunlight coming through a window now and then.

Faux Flowers

home decoration

You can also place faux flowers beside candles on your candle holders. These artificial flowers aren’t just for people who are allergic to pollen. The brightly colored blooms can make a room feel more vibrant and cheerful while adding an element of decoration. For example, try putting faux flowers in vases placed on top of bookshelves or between knickknacks on shelves. It is because they’re both displayed and hidden away. 

Decorative Plate

A lot of people think decorative plates don’t work for candle holders. That’s not true, though! They look great when you put them in the middle of a table and add candles around the edges. If you want to do it on a smaller scale, use a coffee mug with high sides instead. Place a candle inside and stick it on your desk or bedside table. 

Flower Pot

Small plants in pots are a great way to display beautiful flower arrangements. If you’re growing herbs, then this could also work. Place your herbs inside a pot with some rocks, cover them with soil, and place them in the holder. 

When it’s time to change out your herbs on candle holders, simply pull out the pot, and replace it with another one of equal size. Then add new soil and fresh basil, rosemary, or thyme. It will stay fresher for longer, while still looking nice.

flower decor

7 Ideas to Decorate Your Home Without Candle Holders 

Let’s take a look at some unique ideas to decorate your home without candle holders.

Stacks of Books

Stacks of Books

First good idea is to use large stacks of books as your candle holders to make this look like a bookcase with plenty of interesting books. You can even attach a ribbon or twine across the back so that it appears to have been created by hand. Keep in mind that taller objects should be farther away from lit candles. 

Be sure to check before placing anything near lit candles. If there are any warning labels indicating flammability, you should refrain from using them at all costs.

Fill Glass Jars

If you have glass jars lying around the house that are too small to use for anything else, fill them with water. Add a touch of greenery or flowers at the top and voila! It’s like floating. Also, just because something is complete doesn’t mean it needs to go into a jar – instead, turn one upside down and pour water into the opening. The best part? These will change depending on what type of mood you want to set.


Figurines don’t have to be used strictly for decoration. Instead, if you are done with your favorite candle scent or want a change, use them as decorative candle holders. Take a figurine of someone you love or represent a holiday and add it to your candle holder collection.

Fill Glass Jars

It doesn’t matter if the figure has arms or not—find one that’s the right size. Then place some pillar candles behind it so that they peek out around the edges and can give off light when lit up.

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers are a great way to display flowers, mementos, and much more. They have a snug fit around the bottle top and can be easily used with any kind of wine or spirit bottle. Like candle holders, they come in many shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that matches your home’s decor.


Bowls candle holder

Bowls are one of the most popular replacements for candle holders, probably because they can be used to hold any type of votive or tea light. Remember that bowls should be more prominent so the flame can get bigger. Lighting a candle before putting it in a bowl will make for a pretty candlelit effect!


This item can also be placed on candle holders beside candles. Terrariums provide an atmosphere of growth and can bring a calming effect to any room. Not only are they easy to make, but they are also very inexpensive.

 All you need is the terrarium, moss, pebbles, or small rocks, potting soil (available at most garden stores), and flowers/plants of your choice. Fill the container with soil as deeply as you want- leaving room for flowers and plants in the center- and decorate! 

Small Vases

Most people just put vases without flowers on candle holders. That’s fine if you want a stark, clean look, but it might not be your style. That’s where small vases come in handy. There are a million and one options for small vases that you can use to dress up any home décor (or office space). 

Small candle holder jar

If you don’t want to buy anything new, try hunting for something glass that’s a little taller than most candles. It could be a votive holder, an old cream pitcher, or even an old-fashioned sippy cup. 


Candle holders are significant decorative objects that can adorn any mantel, side table, or shelf. What can you put on candle holders without candles? There are many options to consider when choosing items to display on your candle holders, and you will want to find things that work well with the theme of your home. Candle holders can be used in many different ways besides displaying candlesticks or other types of burning candles.

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