How To Clean Glass Decorative Candle Holders

You must have bought expensive glass decorative candle holders by thinking they gonna be super useful. You’ll use them many times as candle holders and decorative pieces. 

But your dream goes in vain when you’re left with a mess of candle wax in the candle holder. 

Are you in the same situation? We hear you! 

You don’t need to throw your expensive candle holders into the dustbin. Instead, you can use them again just by cleaning them properly. You’ll get a super clean and shiny glass candle holder by cleaning. 

5 Simple Methods To Get Brand New Glass Decorative Candle Holders

Use Hot Water To Clean Glass Decorative Candle Holders

This is a very effective and easy method to remove wax from candle holders. It works best if you have a wide-mouth candle holder. Let’s see how to apply it. 

Step 1:  Boil the water 

Take a bowl of water and boil it. Make sure to take enough water for your candle holder. After boiling water, pour the water into your glass candle holder. 

Make sure to leave some inch of space at the top of it. After putting in the water, leave the candle jar for hours, or you can leave it overnight for a better outcome.

Now you’ll see the wax has been melted and floating on the water’s surface.

Step 2:  Clean the wax

Now it’s time to remove the wax from the candle holder. If you just leave it for a few hours, wait for the candle holder to cool, and if you leave it overnight, you can start immediately.

Now use your hand to take off all the melted wax. Make sure to clean the wax all over. You can save this wax for future use. 

Step 3:  Wash and clean the jar

Now you’ve removed the wax. It’s time to wash the candle holder. Use any soap to remove what is left behind. By following this step, you can make your glass decorative candle holders look super clean. 

Now you’ve to take the fresh towel and clean it off. 

So by following this simple method, you can get a fresh-looking candle holder again. 

It’s free, and you don’t need to spend anything; you just need hot water, and you are done! 

Glass Decorative Candle Holders with Hot Water

Clean Glass Decorative Candle Holders By Using The Oven 

This method is ideal if you have a lot of glass holders to clean in one go. You need to keep your oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit beforehand. By following this method, you can easily maintain glass decorative candle holders. 

Step 1: Collect all the necessary items

In this method, you’ll need a baking sheet with aluminium foil and a candle holder. So keep these items in place. You need to keep your candle holder upside down in the foil. 

Step 2: Melt the wax

Now put your baking sheet in the glass holder in preheated oven. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes, and make sure to stay in that place while doing this method. Now you’ll see wax start coming into the baking sheet from the candle holder. 

Take the baking sheet out of the oven and put it in a safe place. Take the candle holder from the baking sheet with the oven mitt. 

Step 3: Clean the candle holder 

Now, it’s time to clean the glass holder with soap. Take hot water with soap and clean it. Make sure the jar is cool beforehand. 

If you want to use the wax from the baking sheet, then restore it. If you don’t want to use it again, then throw it away with aluminium foil. 

Use The Freezer To Clean Glass Decorative Candle Holders

This method works best for glass decorative candle holders. You don’t have to go overboard and need to follow a long process. Just use of freezer, and you are shorted.

Step 1: Take the glass holder and leave it overnight in the freezer. 

You don’t need to do anything heavy here. Just take the glass decorative candle holders and keep them in the freezer for long hours or overnight. 

Step 2: Remove the wax

Take your candle holders outside from the freezer. And you’ll see the wax get frizzed in the holder. Turn it upside down. The wax will automatically fall off. 

If it doesn’t fall off, don’t worry. Take a spoon and remove it. By using a spoon or knife, you can easily remove the wax from the jar. 

Step 3: Get a clean glass holder 

Now get rid of all remnants by using warm water and soap. Now your clean glass decorative candle holders are ready to reuse. 

Special note

This method doesn’t work well for all decorative glass holders. You can use this for simple candle jars, but if your candle holder has some type of glitter and stickers avoid this method. Instead, use other methods from the list. 

Here are some more methods to keep your candle holders clean. 

Use The Candle Warmer or Coffee Warmer To Melt the Wax

This is an unexpected but effective method. So try it out. 

Step 1: Put the candle holder in the candle warmer

Take the candle or coffee warmer, and put the candle holder in it. You have to leave it for hours so the wax can start melting. 

Step 2: Remove wax

Take a napkin or towel, as the glass candle holder must be hot. Now remove the wax with the towel. 

Step 3: Wash the holder 

It’s time to wash the jar with warm water and soap. Clean the holder effortlessly by using this method. 

Clean Glass Decorative Candle Holders by Coffee Warmer

Use A Hairdryer To Get Rid Of Melted Wax

It might sound cliche, but you can use the hairdryer to clean glass decorative candle holders. You may see that the hairdryer removes candle wax from the carpet. 

So how to use it! 

Step 1: You can use the hairdryer to soften the wax in the glass holder. So first you need to take the dryer and turn it on.

Step 2: Take the candle holder with an oven mitt and blow the warm dryer. 

Step 3: You have to give heat to the side and bottom of the glass candle holder. 

Step 4: The wax will get soft, so use a knife to remove it. 

Here also share a video guide for better understanding.

Source: eHowArtsAndCrafts


You have to reuse glass decorative candle holders, so it is a must to clean them from time to time. If you get bored with using your candle jars just for candles, you can use them in different ways, like you can use them as vases. 

But before using them in different ways, you need to clean them. This write-up gives you some helpful methods to remove wax from a candle holder. 

Hope you find this helpful and apply these tips to your candle holder. Sziqiqi also offers several kinds of glass candle holders if you are interested.

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